American Idol EP3 Result Show Surprise

I was way off on the bottom three. I didn’t think of Casey being there or Stefano. I did have a feeling Thia might fall in there, but not a strong one. After looking at Itunes, hearing the songs and seeing the ratings--I realized that maybe Stefano might be there, but it doesn’t matter. I was wrong. WAY wrong. Of those three -- Casey, Stefano and Thia -- I wouldn’t even think Casey would go home.

I do not watch the entire episode in order. I start with the end. I don’t like the drawn out process. Just tell me.

Marc Anthony told them what the earpiece was for and while Jennifer gave advice, he disagreed with her in a teasing way. Haha. He was amusing.

The wonderful Stevie Wonder sang happy Birthday to Steven. Very catchy way of singing it. I wanted some of that cake.

They showed a video package of the Idols wrestling and that James is obsessed with it. “I’m Crazy James and I’m Awesome.” ha. He’s amusing. They be an entertaining bunch. With Paul and James on stage waiting to hear if they are in the bottom, Hulk Hogan comes out and tells them they’re safe. Watching James fall in a bow and look genuinely excited was awesome. I don’t know who’d I fall over for, but I’d guess Sandra Bullock and Carrie Underwood. I can’t think of any other famous person (not even the President--I would be honored to meet any President. Disagree or not, I can’t see myself doing anything but shaking his -- one day her -- hand and being awed. I don’t know why. I wouldn’t feel that way for a mayor or a senator). When Houston had the Super Bowl and I went downtown and saw so many famous people, I didn’t freak out as some people did. I was like...ooh look who is over there. Look who is over there. And there. Nothing jaw dropping.

Ryan states that Casey is in the bottom and Stefano whispers something to him. It seemed like Stefano thought it should have been him. Casey sings a song and the judges stop him to say they saved him. Casey freaks and rambles about the number that is left and so forth. The save was created for contestants like him.

VFTW Stupid Corner

Casey Abrams had the lowest votes of the season, and we were really happy about that! Why? Well we do love him and he's one of the 4 Horsemen of the Idolpocalypse. But, this means the judges wasted their one and only judges's save so now they can't use it later on. Awesome! So we get to keep growling Casey AND there's no more judges' save. Also, all 11 of the contestants are going on tour. Spectacular week. Let's just hope Paul can survive a double elimination next week. Great work, everyone. Let's get Paul to that winner's circle.

They’re not even trying any more. What a waste of words. I bolded what they tend to say. It’s like public masturbation, their blog. Who knew so many loved to watch others manipulate their thoughts. What a mess. Gross.

Until Next Week…

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