American Idol E4 Results

I like this result’s show. They put the contestants together to sing before they were told if they were safe or not.

Harmonicly Good
Good Job Children
Decent Good
Okay Fun

Lauren and Scotty - Good Job Children
I Told You So - Randy Travis
And of course I love Carrie Underwood’s better, but they did a very good job, the both of them.

Then they’re pulled over for results and they PASS. Neither in the Bottom 3.

Naima and Jacob - Decent Good
Solid - Ashford and Simpson
They did a good job as well. First time I liked Jacob’s singing. I don’t like his stage presence, but he sings well.

Jacob looks really scared and he shouldn’t. I don’t think he’s going home for a while. Though he returned to breathing when Niama’s name was said instead of his. Ha. Everyone’s selfish sometimes.

Niama is in the bottom 3.

Fantasia sings. It’s like coming back to high school or an old job and not seeing many people you remember and therefore feel OLD. Haha. Oh. She held my attention. I didn’t FF at all. I love cornbread. Yeaaaaah.

Jacob loves her. It’s almost like Jacob loves via race.

Teenage Dream - Katy Perry
Enjoyable, to a point. Two I don’t really like and one (Thia) I can stand.

Nice shout out to Kris Allen who needs a massive haircut. Too long.

Video of their week. They fly on a plane and Paul said it was like Presidential and I would have said it’s like I’m on “Criminal Minds” and they’d bleep it because that’s a show on another station. “Like many houses in L.A., they leak.” The mansion leaks. WHAT? MANY houses? Come on, that’s ridiculous. They have the most illegals. Shouldn’t they work harder?

Casey was upset because he was safe. He couldn’t look at anyone in the face. Felt guilty. He’ll be even more guilt ridden if he’s safe tonight.

Casey, James, Paul and Stefano - Harmonicly Good.
Band on the Run - Paul McCartney
Guitars and one Stefano piano. They were entertaining four band.

Casey safe. James safe. Stefano safe.

Paul, Thia and Naima bottom 3.

Then some colorful mess that I don’t want to talk about because I didn’t really like it. I’m going to see the film, but I’m not going to enjoy the music if it sounds like trashcan bashing.

Thia and Naima go home. I’m sad, but glad it’s two girls and not who I voted for.

VFTW Crapped Out Another Craptastic Post
That was a close one, but you all listened to us last night and voted like you've never voted before. The bottom 3 tonight was Paul, Naima, and Thia. And although it looked like it was over, Paul was declared safe while the 2 ladies went home. We are sad to lose Naima because she was awesome, we'll miss ya! But saving Paul was a major accomplishment. Clearly the VFTW votes were what saved him from going home since he was this close and we voted our asses off. We did this, Worsters. This is an awesome moment, so let's celebrate! Keep up the great work, Paul, you're a phenomenal pick.
You can't deny that this result was 100% courtesy of Vote for the Worst votes. Amen!


With their line of thought I guess because I didn’t vote for him he was put in the Bottom 3. I like this. I endorse my power. Thank you.

No mention of Taio Cruz and Coke. That’s because they’re trying to win. Suckers.

What does a bully say?
We’ll see how it all ends up. At least tomorrow we get a performance from the lovely Mantasia. But once she sees Jacob Lusk, she’ll spontaneously combust after getting a glimpse of her former self before the operation.

VFTW = Bullies.

If the world was like this website, it would suck worse than it does now. Just sayin’.

Oh and if Mobbed is a showcase of how great humanity can be (and it pretty much is), then VFTW is a showcase of how gutter trash humanity can be.


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