Amazing Race 18: EP.6 Drink Tea Until You Explode

Jet & Cord are in the race for their families. That is why they push themselves to succeed. They don’t want it all to be for nothing.

Everyone is sick of China. Their first clue normally informs them to head to the airport, but they were told to go taste tea. They had no idea that the tea tasting would have to do with something further in the leg. Zev says the tea drinking was pointless. Christina found out that the tea was papaya and mango.

All teams fly to India.

They land and head to the town hall. Taxis speed, run red lights and it’s funny because they reach the town hall and it doesn’t open until tomorrow morning. Big Easy teases three teams (Cowboys, Mallory & Gary, Margie & Luke) to run further to find a place where they have to sign up. There was no place. Very funny.

Road Block
Indian tea to China. China tea to India. Must find the tea they tasted in China.

A long table with at least 500 cups of tea waits to be drunk by people performing the Road Block. They had to find the tea they drank in China. Not so pointless after all, huh Zev? Ron finds it first and got a Snapple bottle. The clue is on the lid.

The rest of the teams have a harder time finishing. Justin shouts to Zev telling him to think of it as Tea Pong because he likes Beer Pong. Cord is 2nd finding the right tea. Luke shows signs of tiring. Kisha is 3rd, but her problem is she didn’t know the clue was on the lid. They took the bottle around asking everyone if they knew where a bottling plant was. Kent is 4th. They find the clue on the lid. Mallory is 5th. They drink this tea and it spills out of their mouths they are so tired. Zev breaks a cup out of frustration. He ends up being 6th. Big Easy encourages Flight Time as well as Luke to finish. I want so bad for Luke to beat Flight Time.

Hindu Art - paint and fix up a statue of a god.
Bengali Literature - get schoolbooks and take it to a school.

Kent & Vxysin decide to do Hindu Art. Kent says that it’s similar to them getting ready in the morning. I enjoy watching them race when they’re positive.

Gary & Mallory deliver Bengali Literature to a school. Gary said felt like a monkey in that school van that looks similar to riding in a kennel for a dog. Very small.

Ron & Christina do Hindu Art. Ron complains about the music, Christina tells him to concentrate on the task at hand. He complains a lot.

Flight Time says that it’s hard task, but he didn’t want to take a penalty like the last time they did when they were eliminated from the race. He finishes 7th. Luke signs he’s upset and that it’s hard. Margie encourages him to finish, but says to the camera she’s not sure he can. I want them to stay in the race so bad.

The Pit Stop is at Fountain of Joy.

Luke finally finishes and the entire group of men that are there at the Road Block clap and even hug them. They’re 8th. They decide to do the Hindu Art.

Globetrotters are already doing the Hindu Art, but screw up because they got paint dripping in the wrong areas. They had to fix it and it seems that they might not make it.

When the Cowboys deliver the books the kids crowd around them while they read the clue. When they leave, the kids wave goodbye.

1st Gary & Mallory get to taste new Snapples. They get 1 million rupees and a Bollywood dance.
2nd Jet & Cord
3rd Ron & Christina
4th Zev & Justin all in a row. They drink some Snapple.
5th Kent & Vyxsin
Phil allows Cord to tell Kent & Vyxsin what number they are. Cord tells them four instead of five. Phil laughs and asks him if he even paid attention to the numbers a second ago.
The Globetrotters finish before Margie & Luke. Flight Time gives them a hug because they didn’t give up and he’s happy that they kept fighting through the difficult leg.
6th Kisha & Jen
7th Flight Time & Big Easy
8th Margie & Luke -- they are eliminated from the race.
Luke says that he never thought he could be on the Amazing Race in a million years. Margie says she’s really proud of him. First time I’m sad over someone going home. Very sad. I teared up. They are one of my favorite teams. I really love sign language. I need to learn more of it. I’m fascinated by it and deaf people.

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