Amazing Race 18 -- EP3 -- NEVER give up.

Teams go to Tokyo, Japan

Zev & Justin are one of my favorite teams on the Amazing Race because they have great sense of humors. They talked about the Cowboys and the Globetrotters nicknames and how they felt left out. So their name was something and the crazy and it sucks I erased the episode off the DVR before I could clear up what their nickname was. I’m annoyed, but they are funny. I’m glad they don’t quit. They motivate one another to do better and push to be number one each leg.

Margie & Luke are amazing as well. I am stunned to watch Luke drive. They work hard to stay in the race. Luke did the Roadblock. It had to do with following a technique and shooting a bow and arrow. He had t pay attention to movement, and I’m sure that was easier for him than the other teams.

Seeing Big Easy in a small Japanese car was funny. Terrible was that the Globetrotters took Christina’s fanny pack with all their stuff in it and realized they took it, but didn’t bring it back to her. Therefore, Christina & Ron looked for something they weren’t going to find, until Ron saw it in the Men’s changing room.

The teams that got on the flight that was to get to Tokyo fifteen minutes before the second flight got stuck being an hour and half late due to a problem with an engine. Connections are bad luck, apparently. It didn’t matter too much seeing how all teams had a difficult time with directions.

Jamie & Cara fell behind almost right away. They were left in the dust when the teams they were following left them to fend for themselves. They stayed behind and thought they were out of the race, but didn’t give up. While driving they hit a man’s car mirror with their car. He wanted a cop to come and that took a huge chunk of time for them to resolve. Nevertheless, they finished everything, went to the end, stood on that mat, and expected to be kicked off.

The Cowboys got lost big time. They went the wrong way for a while. They got back on track and sped their way to the end. They found the frog in the mud quicker than any team. It’s almost as if they jumped in and they found it and jumped back out.

Kisha & Jen had funny moments. Jen said that she looked like she had penguin feet (the Penguin from Batman) when she did the Roadblock and Kisha said that she had dirty where dirty shouldn’t be when they were looking for the frog in the mud. They avoid water at all cost (the other task had to do with water) and have turned into less uptight and more fun than their first go around.

Kent & Vyxsin searched for the frog in the mud and got very dirty. Everyone ended up hugging the guy that handed over the clue. Silly Amazing Racers. When they were finished Kent was amazed that his makeup was still in place.

Mel & Mike have had a difficult time with health and Mike felt that his dad needed to stop the roadblock because he looked like he was in danger. They were searching for the frog in the mud and just couldn’t find it. It was cold and Mike finally said that they need to stop because he didn’t want his dad to put himself in health danger. They got into an ambulance to warm up.

Zev & Justin. Yay.
Garry & Mallory - second.
Globetrotters - third they are so silly, but made it anyway.
Christina & Ron - Team number four. -- moved up to third because Globetrotters got a 30-minute penalty for taking the wrong fanny pack (I hate those fanny packs).
Kisha & Jen team number five.
Jet & Cord team number six.
Kent & Vyxsin team number seven.
Margie & Luke team number eight.
Jamie and Cara felt they were eliminated…but they were team number nine. Showing that it was good they didn’t quit.

Mel & Mike were the last team to arrive and were eliminated. Mike is happy for the experience. Of course…they look like they were happy together.

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