Amazing Race 18 -- EP2 -- SHUT UP RON!

Jet & Cord took a while on those flags. I didn’t realize how far behind they were, because I totally forgot about the sailing part, which they were not that great with. The charm with Jet & Cord is not only their “Son of a Bucks” and other terms that they use, it’s their determination to do the race. They may have never sailed before, but they go out and they do it, even if they look ridiculous doing it. They shouldn’t have allowed those brothers to cut in front of them last game (because they would have won, no doubt) but still…it’s their character.

Speaking of great character Amanda & Kris had a great attitude this go around. They found humor in them U-Turning their own selves. I liked that there were two episodes instead of just one. Giving the teams a bit more face time than if it were just a normal race. It’s funny that being out in Amazing Race first isn’t nearly as terrible (or so it seems) as being out first on Survivor. However, now that Survivor has changed it’s not that bad being out first there either.

Ron & Christina were the semi-stars of this episode because Ron just went on and on about everything little thing. He’s like an anchor that just drops for no good reason making the ship act retarded. He complained about messing up the art they created in the detour. He dropped his stuff all over the ground so that he could use his jacket to carry the rocks, but when they were finished with the detour Christina had to pick up his junk. Everything he does is very counterproductive. It’s a race and he is a drag. He’s the parachute that pops open stopping the car before it crosses the line. Come on, RACE!

Mel & Mike have health issues to contend with. Mel is the elder of the two and he had a bit of a breathing problem or something. Mike was very worried, as he should be, he’s his dad, but this is stressful on a race.

The Cowboys make up a lot of time with getting to the airport and on the second flight at 6:30 am with Amanda & Kris and others. It sucks for Amanda & Kris because they have to do both detours, being on the first flight would have been much better for their game.

Luke drives a car. He’s deaf. I love deaf people; I just was ignorant on them being able to drive. Maybe I’m missing something, I am sure I am missing something.

At the detour, everyone does the Spirit World where they build a mosaic and then dance ON IT. That’s the key to finishing, the dancing on it.

Funniest thing said about the detour was by Zev who said he’s artistic and autistic.

Kent & Vyxsin had a shining moment and a not so shinning moment. This is not their shinning moment. Kent was adamant about getting children to dance around their work. They got a big fat no for not doing it right. They finally figure out that they have to dance ON IT. However, Kent makes up for this not so brilliant move with knowing what two elements on the periodic table were on the following task.

When the Cowboys finish they follow the Globetrotters in how they dance, the weird snake arms way. These are the two simplest teams on the entire game. I think the Cowboys are smarter, but what they both are is a lot of fun. They do baffle me on what they don’t know, but that’s not why I watch them. They’re fun, that’s why I like watching them.

Amanda & Kris take too long on the Spirit World and are one of the last teams to finish and they still had to go and do the other one where they had to spit paint to make a drawing. It takes Amanda a moment to get how to spit (there’s a joke in there somewhere), but they finish that task faster than the other one. I wondered why no one did that one instead.

All the teams had to dress up like a kangaroo and find two cross streets that are on the periodic table.

When Jet & Cord arrive, Jet hits the curb and says, “Curb check” ha. They’re so much fun. I was so mad they lost last time. They should have won.

It’s amusing watching the locals see the contestants dressed in kangaroo suits.

When the found the cross streets they get the clue and drive to the next pit stop in their kangaroo suits.

Zev & Justin were team number one. Haha…Phil asked if they had their passports still.
The Globetrotters were team number 2. Wow…didn’t see that coming.

I’m going to have to nickname Ron break because he whined about Christina following Mallory. He called Mallory hysterical. He’s so independent, but can’t do things right. It’s amusing in an annoying way. He acts as if he knows where he’s going, but he doesn’t know any better than the next person.

Jet & Cord were dead last for a lot of the race, but they come in as team number 3.

Kisha & Jen were team number 4.

Ron goes on a sever-year-old question spree. He can’t shut it.

Gary & Mallory and Ron & Christina found the clue right before Amanda & Kris.

Margie & Luke were team number 5
Mel & Mike were team 6
Kent & Vyxsin were team 7
Jamie & Cara were number 8
Gary & Mallory were team number 9 -- after Ron said she had no idea where they are going. Oops, she did.
Ron & Christina were team number 10. Ron called Phil Bill. Haha.

Amanda & Kris were team number 11---last to arrive. Aww, I liked them more this go around. Bye-bye. He loves the race, he’d do it again. That’s good to know. They like people that put their heart into the race.

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