I was motivated to write this because the STAGE MOMS were like a bad STD. Obnoxious trolls of the stage. Their children cannot continue singing if their lips are attached to their breast. I disagree with the judges, they were not the best harmonized group. They turned that Queen song into a trash church song and that one guy couldn't hit the right high note if someone kicked him in the balls really hard.

Oh and the lyrics on the hand...come on...seriously? That guy blatantly looked at his hand. He didn't even bother being subtle. This is the BIGGEST audition EVER and some people just screw it up. I don't understand.

Lots of personality for those that didn't have their mommies directing them. For those that personality.

JC's mommy and daddy didn't have to help him get through being kicked out of a group by finding him another group. He found one on his own.

I don't have a favorite person. I have people I like, but no favorites. I have never repeated my love for Carrie Underwood. From the second she sang in her audition to the last note, I knew she was a winner. No one has made an impression like her, and I don't think anyone ever will. Especially no one that has a mommy breast feeding them on stage. David Archuleta did need a boob to get second place.

I'm enjoying the three judges.

This was a rough blog. Those mommies really irked me.

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