Amazing Race 18 -- Some Favorites!

Jamie & Cara are the only woman-woman team. It doesn’t matter because one already won last season, but what I did not know that a child-parent team has never won. Three teams are child-parent team.

Before they get their first clue, they have to find something in a field. First 8 get onto the first flight. Last 3 get on second flight and the final of the 3 get an automatic U-Turn.

First Flight
Mel & Mike - I remember whining.
Zev & Justin - Somewhat smart and strong.
Jet & Cord - Funny and strong.
Kent & Vyxsin - do not remember them.
Ron & Christina - Eh, she was good he was bossy.
Flight Time & Big Easy - Fun guys.
Margie & Luke - I really love deaf people. Sign language amazes me.
Jamie & Cara - pushy

Second Flight -- 90 minutes behind
Kisha & Jen - annoying
Gary & Mallory - contagiously awesome.

U-Turn Penalty also on second flight
Amanda & Kris - try way too hard to be smart--just do it.

They essentially U-Turned themselves. It’s funny, because this was why they were eliminated in their season. Ugh, Kris’s hat is way ugly. No one can make that hat look good no matter their cheek structure. That ugly hat is called the UG-hat.

The first flight is full of excitement because they are fighting for first place. That is until someone has a heart attack and the first flight has to land in Honolulu. This steals the amazing lead.

Second flight lands first at 10:20am. They don’t have a clue they’re racing for first until Mallory mentions that she heard that the first flight had a problem. They flip a frown and excitement rages through them.

First flight landed at 10:47am --27mins behind.

Road Block
Surrounded by sharks and a stingray a team member has to find a compass and decipher a sentence from a group of flags.

All teams arrive. The important thing going on here is that Jet & Cord are last. Dead last.

I would have loved to go into that tank. That stingray was amazingly gigantic. Wow, that would have been awesome fun. I so want to go on the Amazing Race.

Mallory gets the compass and goes to the flags where she doesn’t get what’s going on and asks for help from one of the many saints that take time out of their busy schedule of helping other people just to help her. God help her.

Kris states that Amanda is awesome at puzzles. Then they cut to Amanda who has a confused look and asks, “What?” Haha. Greatness.

As Jet is in the water looking for the compass, Cord wears both of their hats. Jet says that he doesn’t do water. He doesn’t even take baths. They say some funny things.

Gary & Mallory are first to arrive to sail. That sailing looks so much fun. I would love this leg of the race.

Kisha and Amanda work together to finish the flag compass code.

Cara work with Margie work together to do the same thing.

Vyxsin has a difficult time with the getting out of the take. She also has a problem with breathing, but calms down thinking about family. I don’t remember them. Must be a season I didn’t watch.

Gary & Mallory made it first. They won the express pass. This was not the end of the leg. The leg continues. Phil tells her to stop talking and go. She’s a talker. Nevertheless, her smiling is contagious.

Amanda & Kris arrive 2nd
Kisha & Jen are 3rd.

Jamie & Cara and Margie & Luke didn’t get the phrase right.

Zev & Justin totally tell the Globetrotters the right phrase. Why would they do that? The Globetrotters are slow witted compared to everyone else, though that is in question due to Cord & Jet.

Margie & Luke run into Ron & Christina and they helped them. Margie in turn helped Kent & Vyxsin because she wants a team to beat in the end.

Globetrotters had trouble with balance on the sailboat and so did Jamie and Cara. Globetrotters almost sink their boat and Jamie & Cara flip theirs. Not to mention Cara & Jamie’s attitude with “get off my foot” comment. As if someone’s butt really hurts a foot. Please, cheerleader. Have a bit of CHEER.

Cord & Jet still cannot figure out the clue and how to work the compass. They continue to get bit by bit of the phrase. Cord says if he doesn’t get it he’ll just pull down all the flags so they didn’t have to come back.

Teams complain about how tired they are, but don’t know they have to keep on going.

Kev & Justin 4th
Globetrotters 5th
Jen & Cara 6th
Margie & Luke 7th
Ron & Christina 8th
Mel & Mike 9th
Kent & Vyxsin 10th


A fun episode. Loved watching all these teams race again. I don’t dislike any of them, but I do remember not really liking Kisha & Jen. I recalled this when they showed them jumping in water in their season. I remembered my “I hope they fail” feeling.

I have to say that it’s difficult to use all their names. I’m not use to being nice from the get go, but I suppose they’ve all earned the use of their names.

I worried that someone would be eliminated this episode, but they didn’t eliminate anyone. Giving more airtime to everyone by extending the leg is more fun for me.

Until next leg…

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