“The Green Hornet” is not Seth Rogen

Genres: Action/Adventure, Crime/Gangster and Adaptation
Running Time: 1 hr. 48 min.
Release Date: January 14th, 2011 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for sequences of violent action, language, sensuality and drug content.
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing

Director: Michel Gondry

JJ Rating: B

See it again: Maybe.
Own it: Nah.
Recommend it to: Anyone that likes Jay Chou or Chrstoph Waltz and can stand Seth Rogen being Seth Rogen again.

Newspaper mogul James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) dies and leaves his wonderful newspaper to his son Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) who is a party whore. He decides that he doesn’t want much to do with the paper, but does want to help the city out by being a hero. He enlists the help of his driver Kato (Jay Chou). They go into the night to weasel themselves into evil to destroy it from within. The Green Hornet.

Seth Rogen has become that guy that only plays that guy. I like him and I’m tired of him. This film made me not want to see him any more. The Green Hornet isn’t a cussing hero. It’s really weird to hear him swear. A few times for updated purposes, okay, but to say the s-word over and over and over again just beats the dead horse’s body into mash glue potatoes. Rogen’s next film he had better not be that guy. He best break out of that shell and be a moth or a butterfly, but no more caterpillar, please.

The two actors that stood out to me were Jay Chou and Chrstoph Waltz (who played Chudnofsky…ha, Chud). Waltz is slowly becoming that guy I like to see, because he doesn’t mess around. He’s on the screen, he’s in character and that’s worth seeing. Chou is new to me. I found him to be a great comedic actor with moves that are needed since the American favorites that do those kinds of things are aging and need to be replaced.

Storywise The Green Hornet is mediocre. It didn’t have a lot of punch and kick to it. Great sequences with the creation of the car and a few of the fights, in addition a few comedic moments. However, not a lot of awesome story. One of the best parts is Britt Reid vs. Kato. That fight is a funny fight and one of the best fights in the whole film. That sequence is full of humor and action. I think Chou is funny with his line delivery. Waltz’s scene with James Franco about being scary is second best scene and worth seeing.

The Green Hornet is an ok superhero film. I didn’t have an expectation. I wanted to be entertained and I was, so that’s that. Nothing more to say than I’m glad I got to “meet” Jay Chou.

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