“TRON: Legacy” Visually Mesmerizing and Musically Geeky

Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Sequel
Running Time: 2 hr. 7 min.
Release Date: December 17th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG for sequences of sci-fi action violence and brief mild language.

Director: Joseph Kosinski

JJ Rating: B+

See it again: Yes
Own it: Yes.
Recommend it to: Those that saw the first, they’ll enjoy it. Those that love music and visuals. It’s like a seeing moving artwork with great music.

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) disappears and Sam (Garrett Hedlund), his son, misses him greatly. Then years pass and Sam ends up at his father’s old office. He sits down, fiddles with technology and is sucked into an online world that ain’t got no fat guys in underwear. He battles gladiator style with disk and motorcycles of 80’s past. His plan, though, get his daddy and leave. TRON: Legacy.

A recap for those interested.

I did see the original and I would have seen it again prior to TRON: Legacy but Netflix doesn’t have it yet. Ugh. Therefore, I really cannot compare the two, because I saw it when I was a wee little boy and can’t remember too much, other than how fascinated I was by the gear.
I suck at reading other people’s reviews because they make me gag. I can’t read what other people like without making a comment. I watch these two guys that review movies on YouTube and I use to watch them when I visited Current (crap site and channel…now, instead of Pods, they show movies. Lame). I made comments that agreed or disagreed, but I have to make a comment. Therefore, I refuse to read other people’s reviews unless I get to tell them they are wrong or how awesome right they are. I have an app on my phone that I get movie times from and they have critic snippets. I read some of them. One of the main comments was that the film was poorly written. I disagree. It’s not the greatest story. Some people don’t have the smartest things to say, but they sometimes hit the mark while at the same time show up stylin’ at the parties where they are the center of a good time. That’s TRON: Legacy. It’s not the smartest script, but it’s a freaking good time.
Normally I can pull out a great quote from a film and enjoy it, but there are those films that I just love because they’re visually wonderful and the script is only so-so. TRON: Legacy is just that. Visually it’s one of the best films of the year. I would even say far better than Avatar. It’s because I love lights. Lights are like eyes. I love eyes. It causes emotional ties as well as sets the mood for so many movies, but in TRON, it’s paramount. I picked all these screen shots because I couldn’t just pick one. They’re all awesome to me. I would love to have a suit like that. I don’t know if I could ride a motorcycle with my head so far down, but they’re awesome looking as well.
Visually TRON mesmerized me and didn’t let me leave the world it pulled me into until the credits ran. Amazing visual jungle of computer geekism that I loved every second of. Daft Punk created their own digital universe with their electronic beats that swoon and drove the story in ways the script tripped on. The fusion of the visual wonderment and the score of electronic strings and rumblings made TRON a masterpiece in all ways but the script.

Acting in this film is good. No one did anything spectacular. I did really enjoy the movements of certain characters. When Sam arrives, they take him to the “games” and three women redressed him. How the women dressed him was fascinating, but my favorite part (because of my dance class with the waltz and understanding how exact movement matters) happened when they were finished. They walked backwards in a very particular way that I imagined took a while to nail. Maybe it didn’t, but it’s not as easy as it looked…or so I think. I loved it. I also enjoy jackets/coats (but vest more) so Kevin Flynn’s jacket at the end with the tails was something I really, really want. I loved the contrast of the black with the white undercoat. Oh and Daft Punk looked awesome in the film. Loved the helmets. I want one, of course. I don’t know where I’d wear it. Maybe just because or by myself. Good times.

TRON: Legacy is worth seeing in the theater because the eye has never been worth more than with a movie like this. Go and see it with the visuals in mind, more than the script and enjoy the talented Daft Punk with their great electronic tinkerings. And if you can tell me that their music and those visuals don’t give you a few goosebumps…then you have no MOVIEGOER SOUL! Truth!

I write like: Gertrude Stein

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