Survivor E13 - Sash the Selfish & Chase the Stupid

I have disliked Chase since the moment he liked Brenda. He’s hardly ever tried to be more than that person and even with the hidden immunity idol (he could never find if he had a hundred years) he’s still the same. He just doesn’t get any smarter. It’s unbelievable how terrible he’s playing this game and how far he’s making it. He continues to make mistakes and yet finds himself further in the game than those that actually tried. He’s aligned himself with people that will beat him senseless in the final tribal. WHAT THE HELL IS HE THINKING? He doesn’t want to win. Because if he did want to win he’d actually be putting forth effort and thinking. The only two people who don’t deserve to win are Dan and Sash…if we’re talking about hardworking and good. One isn’t a hard worker but is good. The other is a hard worker but bad. Figure it out.

Holly talked about how terrible it is to quit when many want to play the game.

Dan decides that the last chicken’s name is Kelly-Nay to show the true nature of Kelly and Neigh. Benry and Surfer both enjoy it.

Sash figures he’s screwed. He then decides to lie and talk to Benry and Chase about how he’ll get rid of the idol. I think he believes if he scares them, they won’t toss a vote toward him. Everyone should vote him out. He’s not a good person and has the crappiest background in this game. He should be gone just like the rest of his alliance. There’s no reason to keep him…at all.

Chase says he plays with those that he trusts. This coming from the man that still has only one ball because Brenda has the other one. Same man that put his trust into three of the people who are now on the jury. He doesn’t know how to pick a great alliance unless the alliance reminds him of his mommy or a pretty girl that might give him some love and attention. In addition, Brenda and Sash are like Devil One and Devil Two. Sash makes a comment about Jane not needing to be in the final three. Chase promises to take Sash to the end.

Sash says that he needs a reward. He also believes that Holly should get an award for giving up the last one. Chase says that he promises to bring him should he win the next reward challenge.

Reward Challenge is a mix of past challenges.

First four to make it to the mat get to go to the next round.

Ball off shield in barrel.
Chase first. He moved so fast it’s ridiculous.
Jane next.
Benry next.
Holly to next round.

Key off spiral, open chest and then sandbag the barrel

Who moves on?
Chase first. He landed those sandbags on that barrel as if he finally knows what he’s doing in this show. He’s actually playing to win.
Benry second.

Dig for rings and then hook ‘em.

First to do it wins reward.
Chase ends the challenge so fast, at this point, one has to wonder where’s that fighter in the actual social game? Benry couldn’t even get the rings out of the sand because Chase finished quickly. Chase stood next to Jeff and offers him a hug. Jeff declines.

Jeff says he can bring two people. Sash? No. First Holly. Second Sash? Nope. Jane. Sash is right there staring at him in the face and he doesn’t even remember his promise. Why does Sash trust him? Just add that to the endless mistakes Chase makes.

Chase is an idiot and by proxy so is Jane and Holly. Vote ‘em all off. I don’t care.

Surfer says that Chase did a dumb move taking those two and leaving the four of them to speak about the vote. Sash asks them for their plan. They didn’t offer much. They should have mentioned that voting out Jane would be a great idea. The only way she cannot be on the final three is if she’s sitting with the jury as a member. Sash, though, calculated he’s fourth man out of both alliances.

No one trusts Sash. Chase, Holly, Jane, Dan, Surfer, and Benry all find Sash untrustworthy. He’s liar. He stutters. He can’t stay loyal. He totally and utterly sucks.

Holly thanks Chase for picking them to go on the reward. They get to eat, shower, get a massage and a good night’s sleep. They see themselves in the mirror and gasp about their weight and how they look. Chase tells Holly he knows he screwed up not bringing Sash. Holly agrees. Chase thinks he’s smart enough to do damage control. He was never the brains in any alliance he was in. What makes him think that’s changed?

He flat out lied to Sash. There’s no two ways around that.

Surfer says that he wants Sash to know that he can’t go to the final three with Chase. That they’ll vote him off the moment Dan, Benry and Surfer are gone.

Benry decides that they’ll kill the chicken and eat it. Someone is worried about Jane’s view. It’s not her chicken.

When they return from the reward, Jane cries over the loss of the chicken as if the chicken was hers alone. She says that if she had stayed she would have taken the chicken into the woods with her to release it into the wild. What is wrong with her? She got to go and eat a great meal. If she really cared about the chicken, she would have declined going. However, she didn’t. She went. She didn’t care about that chicken enough. So no cross or beautiful memorial can make up for her leaving the chicken alone with four hungry men. Idiot.

Chase knows that Sash is untrustworthy but states they need to get him to trust them. It’s best he votes with them instead of the three guys. Sash is overly nice upon seeing Holly and Jane. It’s gross. He just oozes liar. I can’t believe they gobble it up. That smile is a liar’s smile. If anyone remembers Silas from Africa’s season they know what that smile looks like.

Benry talks to Chase and asks him if he would vote out Jane. Chase says he would in the most liars’ way. Why can’t people see how terrible he is at this game? Chase asks Benry if he would vote out Surfer. Benry says he would, as long as it’s not him.

Chase speaks to Sash and BSes him so hard that I can’t believe Sash eats it up. Sash also plays up his side saying he understands and that Jane deserves it as well. The key to understanding Chase is knowing when he says, “I’m not stupid” he’s lying. That’s his tell. Sash made Chase promise that he would not vote him out and take him to the end. Chase did. Idiot. Holly jumps in and tries to continue to convince Sash. Benry walks over and talks with them. He thinks he has Holly and Chase in his pocket, sure.

They ask Benry to vote out Surfer. Benry says that he will vote out whomever just to stay. A smart way of playing, but you have to play that way without saying you’re playing that way. Benry’s sure that if Surfer wins immunity he’ll go home. Chase asks, “Why?” That’s another clear indication of Chase lying. He’s flustered that his lie isn’t catching on, so he wants to know why Benry didn’t buy it. Proving that he wants to vote out Benry MORE than Surfer. I would have asked Chase to vote out Jane, to make it clear that she has zero chance of being in the final three.

Immunity Challenge: attached to a rope, unwrap it off a rail to get enough slack to pick up a bag of coins. First three get to move on and put a puzzle together. First one to do that wins.

Surfer is the first one to move on to next round. Sash and Benry run out at the same time only to come up short. Jane tries next and comes up short. Benry and Sash try again and they move on.

Puzzle time. Jeff makes mention that he’s not good with puzzles. Benry is floundering and ends up stopping because he just doesn’t get it. Surfer looks at what Sash is doing and seemingly catches on. It becomes a race between Sash and Surfer. Sash wins immunity.

Sash starts the episode off as a crybaby and then ends it as a craze power fiend. He thinks he’s a triple threat. I don’t know what three things he thinks he’s got, but apparently, he’s hiding them somewhere in plain sight. Then he proceeds to state that he has sandbagged many of the challenges while, of course, everyone else puts in all they can. Uh, exactly how do you know that? Ugh…

Surfer asks Sash if his name comes up to tell him. Sash halfheartedly agrees. Surfer wants to sit back and act cool instead of running around like a chicken without its head. He does think he’s going. Benry decides that it’s best to tell Surfer that they’re going to vote off Holly.

Benry is a moron. He should have stuck with his alliance. It isn’t wise to ruin that at this moment. Where is he going to be later? Now’s the time to think about the future. He tells Surfer that Holly’s the vote. Surfer is fine with Holly because he’s sick of her.

Sash talks to Jane and they have a disgusting mushy moment. They make me gag. Lies. I want to puke. This BS love fest is just pathetic. “You’re like my second mom” if showing my love is like selling you down the river to make a mill, then sure you’re my second mom.

Sash is guaranteed a final four spot no matter what. According to Jane, he’s guaranteed that with them. Makes zero sense.

At tribal when the jury walks in Jeff names them. When he names Neigh and Kelly, he calls them quitters.

Jeff starts with a question about the reward challenge and asks Chase about his picks. Chase makes a political comment about feeling bad over leaving some out. Whatever. Jeff mentions him as a physical threat. He is a physical threat, but according to logic, they’re ALL threats. Dan is even a threat. He’s skating by because why? Because he’s funny? Worrying about only a few people based on how many abs they have isn’t really a bright thing to do.

Look who won immunity? Chase? Nope. Surfer? Nope. Benry? Nope. Sash. Does he look threatening without a shirt on? No.

Surfer comments and says he trusts people to be open and honest. Guilty looks from Sash, Chase and Holly. That’s funny. When Sash gives a comment, all he does is talk and talk and talk and says nothing.

They show none of the votes.

There are two votes for Surfer from Dan and Benry.
One vote for Holly from Surfer.
Four votes for Benry from the idiot alliance of Jane, Holly, Chase and Sash.

The jury gasps at the stupidness in voting out Benry and NOT Jane or Chase. Stupid Benry is gone because of stupid Sash. They should have voted out Surfer. Why? Because he figures Dan and Benry voted him and that the rest voted out Benry. Meaning that Sash lied to him and didn’t inform him about his name coming up. He’s not dumb. He’s going to cause a big problem next episode and hopefully…make it to the final three. He hasn’t had a single alliance as strong as Jane has. Meaning he is probably the only one that could beat her out and win.

The Caustic Survivor Fan has spoken…

Quitter N
Quitter K

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