Survivor E12 - If You Quit, You’re a Quitter /story

I almost think I hate quitters more than Jeff does. Jeff hates quitters. I can see it in his eyes. They talk and they say, “I hate quitters.” I speak eye.

Anyway…let me get through this annoying episode (but I love Survivor SOOOOOO much….how much? Enough to withstand the rain, cold and never ever quit…that’s how much).

Kelly (I hate saying purple, to differentiate her from the other one that’s no longer there) goes into the weird woe is me I don’t know what the hell is going on phrase. She’s smart enough to figure that she’s on the bottom of a totem pole her imagination created. That’s the smartest thing I think she’s uttered in a long while.

Neigh goes into her reason for voting out Brenda. She didn’t like her because she tired to make her look bad. Uh, sorry, but you do look bad and no amount of Holly Air is going to alter that…ever. Neigh is such a huge talker. What is she defending herself against? Apparently not stupid.

Chase wonders about Sash and his immunity idol. Neigh says that they should vote out Sash via blindside to get rid of him and the idol. Shocking she’s so into the game when later she’s just not.

Rain, rain, rain happens a lot this episode or they focus a lot of time on it. Jane mentions how miserable it is. Neigh cries over the pain in her joints. Awww feel sorry for her and her pain. I can’t. I don’t understand how anyone would. She’s so mean like an angry lion with a gigantic nail up her bum that her pain is probably best for everyone because it keeps her from being mean.

Kelly starts mumbling about how she doesn’t know if she can put up with this rain and cold much longer. She says that a lot. Surfer tries to comfort Kelly…sort of. He says that it’s best to put yourself in a happy place. It’s only a temporary condition. Withstand it to get through the rest of the eleven days.

Benry predicted that there are two people that sound like they’ll quit: Neigh and Kelly. He doesn’t care if they do. It’s better for him.

Neigh says that she’s going to give up and hands over the HI to Chase. Chase ain’t smart enough to use that idol correctly. At least the HI isn’t wasted, right?

Jane and Holly talk about their alliance with Chase and Sash and how they need to stick together. Funny is that Sash doesn’t trust them. He trusts Neigh and Kelly the most and is in an awkward position if they quit.

So much crap being talked about. No wonder these people are confused on what’s going on some of the time.

Reward Challenge had to do with two teams tether together carrying a big dummy called Gulliver without dropping him through obstacles. Winning team gets to see Gulliver’s Travel staring Jack Black and get movie food.

Neigh says she won’t let her team down.

Schoolyard pick.

Yellow - Sash, Surfer, Kelly and Jane.
Blue - Benry, Chase, Neigh and Holly.

Dan not picked. He can’t do what a kangaroo can, that’s why. He picked blue to win.

Jeff encourages them not to quit. The challenge is silly, but fun to watch. Jeff yells at the teams to do their best and pull from within.

Blue team wins. Dan was right.

Sash whispers about eating the chicken. Jane says that it doesn’t matter; they’re going to eat it. Thought that was funny.

Neigh says that she put in a lot of percentages that doesn’t really matter into wining the challenge, but she wants to quit. Jeff asks if anyone else wants to quit and like stupid is as stupid does, Kelly raises her hand and says she’s sick of it as well. Neigh says that she’s not a quitter (actions are louder than words) but she’s quitting. Jeff says that he’ll give them time to think about it and they’ll come to tribal council to state what they have decided.

Jeff continues with the Reward Challenge and says that one person from the winning team (not Dan) could decide to give up their spot in order to get more rice and a tarp. There is silence because everyone expects the quitter and loser to give up her spot. What the hell were these people thinking that a selfish woman by the name of Neigh would do such a thing. She didn’t. Who steps up to be the honorable person? Holly. Benry grumbles about how stupid Neigh is and selfish she is for not doing it. He couldn’t believe the quitter couldn’t sacrifice. Holly gave Benry a thumbs up, says enjoy, and gave Neigh a mother look. No matter what Neigh says, her look is of embarrassment. She feels guilty for not being the sacrificial lamb.

Kelly and Surfer were both happy that Holly did something human like that. The game doesn’t affect her so much that she doesn’t see what is needed for all. Thought more than herself. A great winner move.

Holly and Kelly go get firewood and Holly gave Kelly motherly advice. She says to suck it up and play the game. If she quits she’ll always be remembered as the quitter. Kelly says that she’s sick of freezing. I really, really like Holly this episode. Her stock in how awesome she is went up a lot.

At the reward, there is lots of candy, hot dogs and popcorn as well as soda. They got to sit downin nice comfortable chairs and watch the movie. Chase comments about how selfish Neigh is for not giving up her spot to give rice to everyone. I’m surprised no one saw how selfish she was from the onset. I did. What more do you need? Actually, I shouldn’t feel surprised that it took Chase this long. He is blind to reality.

Neigh says she’s not a fool for taking advantage of the reward. Yes you is, woman. Yes you is. If you can’t think for more than yourself, then you won’t make it far in this life at all.

Benry says what I’m thinking and that’s leave Neigh leave.

Neigh had the nerve to state that if she stays yadda, yadda, yadda. She also has the nerve to state that she gave her all why wouldn’t she take the reward. Who you trying to convince big mouth? Yourself. Cause you sure the hell ain’t trying to convince anyone else.

To tribal no Immunity Challenge…

Holly talks about what Jimmy said to her to get her to stay. Jane says hangs on with drive and determination.

Neigh complains and whines about how she wants to quit. Nothing really awe-inspiring fell out of that spew of vile nastiness. She’s so proud she’s the last black person. Ok, how many were there? Whatever loser. Kelly is sick of the rain and cold. She says she’s finished. Benry smiles over the whole thing. He says that winners never quit and quitters never win. That’s something Neigh never learned. That and how to be humble. Pride seems to be stuck so far up her anus she can’t seem to taste anything else in that mouth of hers. Dan’s still there and tries even though his knees hurt. Come on.

Neigh answers Jeff saying that she thinks she could have won the entire game. What? You’re quitting. How can you think you could win if you had this quitter in you? The jury laughs AT her, as they should. She’s a laughingstock. She’s too stupid to realize how dumb she is.

Neigh didn’t want to give up her spot and could have cared less if it’s seen as selfish. She does care that it’s seen as that or she wouldn’t have mentioned the selfishness at all. She would have just let it go. Chase, shockingly, spoke up and disagrees with what Neigh did and says that she should have done what Holly did. She thinks she didn’t make a mistake. As far as I can see, her existence is a mistake.

Jane comments about how life is not a cakewalk it’s full of rock roads. The economy is terrible and people have it difficult finding a job, and they have a chance of making a lot of money to deal with a situation that might be difficult, but only for a little while.

All this sage advice and what happens? Neigh the moron and Kelly the nobody quit. Two on the Jury could have still been playing if these two were voted out instead of them.

Jeff asks them what should happen to their torches. Neigh says Smuffed. Surfer laughs at her. Smuffed. What is that? Does that mean smothering a Smurf? Snuffed, you dimwitted twit.

Jeff says that their torches would stick around to remind them when they come in with the Jury that they’re quitters. I think it would be awesome if someone who wants to play the game from the jury replaces quitters. How do you compensate for the food and relaxation? By them not being able to win immunity.

I have never seen the jury so disgusted by any event that’s occurred on Survivor as these three were disgusted by the two quitters. I have not watched the Ponderosa in a while; I might watch just to see how they are accepted.

In final words, Kelly says that she felt bad for the jury. That’s a nice thing to feel. Not perfect, but better than stupid Neigh.

Neigh states that she, the selfish one, has no regrets. That’s the comment of a selfish person. If you can’t think of a regret, you are not smart enough to live.

Quitters suck. SUCK! I hate quitters on Survivor. I would play the game no matter the complaining that fell out of my mouth and on deaf ears. I would FINISH the game. I’m so glad that quitters are never invited back. They shouldn’t be. They are worse than any Brian (previous winner of a long ago Survivor) Survivor could ever muster again.

Oh, and instead of Neigh and Kelly mentioned in the Jury it’ll be Quitter N and Quitter K.

The caustic Survivor Fan has spoken. Until next time…

Quitter N
Quitter K


The Judge said...

That has to be one of the most memorable episodes in Survivor history. The whole episode dealt with overcoming obstacles, right down to the huge marketing tie-in with the new Jack Black flick. EVERYTHING was about toughing it out, surviving the harsh conditions, going the extra distance.

And without even so much as a pause to take a breath, the two players wuss out.

You would think people would be willing to handle a little bad weather for a chance to win a million dollars. I mean, its not like the producers are going to let you starve to death or die of exposure (its one of the reasons why you will never see "Survivor: Antarctica") so really these people quit because they were uncomfortable.

I agree with Jeff. If you decide that you want to quit, you should be treated like dirt. You should be kicked out as quickly and as embarrassingly as possible.

J_Jammer said...


My family and I think they shouldn't even be on the jury. That's a privileged they forgo when they quit. They should pull from previously kicked out.

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Survivor is the game for non-quitters and quitters don't have a place in this competition. End of story.

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