Stupid Products Update: The Better Marriage Blanket

One of the things I love about the Christmas season is the unbelievably ridiculous products that one sees advertised.

Adding to our growing collection of "The Stupidest Products Being Sold Today" which includes the Snuggie, the Shakeweight and the Hug-E-gram, comes the new front-runner in the race for the seriously stupid:

Dubbed simply, "The Better Marriage Blanket," it's a rather thin, cheaply-made looking bedspread lined with a layer of "activated carbon fabric" (better known to most people as charcoal.)  The commercial states that its "the same type of fabric used by the military to protect against chemical weapons." Which is like saying that cotton is the same type of fabric used by firemen to protect them from extreme heat.

What does the Better Marriage Blanket do? Well it's supposed to filter out nighttime gas emissions. In other words, its a fart blanket.  A poorly made fart blanket.

You're supposed to simply cover your bed with it and it will absorb the offending odors. Right. Those nasty ass-gasses would never dream of drifting up and out from under the sheets like normal. They will go right up and THROUGH all your sheets and blankets and be absorbed by the fart blanket, offending no one and letting your partner sleep soundly regardless of that big Mexican dish you had at dinner.

Im almost at a loss for words just how astoundingly terrible this product looks. But dont just take my word for it, watch the commercial and decide for yourself:

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