Genres: Drama, Adaptation, Biopic and Sports
Running Time: 1 hr. 54 min.
Release Date: December 10th, 2010 (limited); December 17th (wide)
MPAA Rating: R for Language throughout, drug content, some violence and sexuality.
Distributors: Paramount Pictures

Director: David O. Russell

JJ Rating: B

See it again: No.
Own it: No.
Recommend it to: Anyone that felt a need to see it based on the trailer.

Micky (without an “e”) Ward (Mark Wahlberg) loves to fight, but needs a comeback. A switch up in a fight gets him maimed in the ring. His family may or may not have his best interest at heart. He has to decide if it’s worth putting up with his brother Dicky’s (Christian Bale) antics or go forward with others who want him to succeed. The Fighter.

I don’t understand what makes a great film that everyone loves. Because all this love for certain films at the end of this year, have me baffled. Is it a rut that award shows are stuck in where they have to nominate films that fit a certain boring structure? Come ON.

I dislike, almost, every single character in this film. I know that it’s based on a true story, but I would most likely not like the people it’s based on either. I liked that Micky wanted to be loyal to his family. I did not like his family. His girlfriend was ok, but she was a little much as well. I guess I don’t like Boston people if they are like this. They are crass and not great family people, who rob banks and have terrible cops. Sick of Boston.

Memo to Hollywood: Lay off Boston. They are obnoxious people. I don’t care if that city got A-bombed. Move on.

Yeah, I know that’s probably not truly Boston, but if they don’t start making positive Boston movies (or just stop making movies about Boston) that’s going to be the image the world gets. Not great for visitors. John Adams would roll his eyes at such stupidness.

Mark Wahlberg did a great job. He is a good actor. I just don’t feel like saying something fancy about it, because there’s nothing fancy about it that I need to say. Christian Bale did a good job being fidgety and appearing dimwitted. Just as a blond appears to be stupid if they laugh a certain way, so does someone that has a drug problem as Dicky had. Nevertheless, he’s smart in certain things and it’s one of the reasons I appreciate The Fighter. I appreciate that family was sort of made important. That Micky wanted to have his brother be a part of his group if he could act right. Amy Adams played the girlfriend Charlene and she played a great trailer trash like character that I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it. Strong woman Charlene is and it’s great to see someone stand up against a mob of angry sisters and tell them what they need to hear.

Storywise The Fighter was bland and overdone by other “true” stories. It doesn’t stand out as awesome. If it’s nominated for Best Picture, it’ll be forgotten as a nominee. It’s just not powerful enough. Neither is Black Swan…in case you’re wondering.

I’m just so sick of Boston. I can’t think of anything else to say other than The Fighter is a decent movie. It’ll inspire someone, but it didn’t inspire me. I think the climax wasn’t as climactic as I would have liked it. If I felt a bit teary eyed, it might have washed away my annoyance with this lovey-dovey Boston crap. However, nothing got stuck in my eye.

The Fighter is as good as one might expect from the trailer. I was not disappointed, I was just not inspired as I had thought I might be by a story that is about someone’s come back.

Ugh, I hate this movie year. HATE IT.

I write like: David Foster Wallace

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