The Apprentice E13 - Brandy's Underwhelming Win

After an eventful beginning in last week’s episode, this episode is the epitome of underwhelming. I normally go through the motions of what happens in an episode, but this one was boring. One, because who cares about Liza Minnelli or Minelli depending on where you look. Her singing is sub par and she’s boring. They made this big deal about getting all the right stuff for her (which I assume was a made up big deal) and they didn’t even address if it was all done to her liking. No thank you from her…which, based on what I’ve seen of her, she most likely said. Two, the tasks were bland to no end. The only shinning light was Kathy Griffin because she was funny and a very good sport in dealing with the contestants.

Stephanie proved to be a total prick again, with her complaining. She can’t even do it right. It’s like listening to a rat squeal when its tale is stepped on.

Liza proved that she’s inept with handing certain tasks like getting gifts. She can’t do what she’s told. She can’t follow through.

Anand showed he could come back with his head held high after being beaten for cheating. Later Trump praises him for returning and redeems him.

Poppy’s just sweet and kind.

Steuart was smart and hardworking.

Masha is the one I want to spend the most time on. She proved to be a very, very hard worker. Though I disagree with her stance on the number issue that got her fired, she didn’t bring it up to try to get Clint back. She did as she was supposed to and asked to and did so because she wanted to and not begrudgingly. Therefore, if I were to give an award t the person that learned a valuable lesson, I’d give it to Masha. However, I saw her on Fox News talking to Huckabee and she was obnoxious, so maybe she didn’t learn jack. Guess she didn’t care that Trump redeemed her too.

Everything went off without a hitch, really. Any baby mound that came up Clint and Brandy handled it all well.

In the boardroom, both teams were there. Trump asked who would they pick to win.

Poppy said that Clint was great and she was pleased with how he handled himself, but she would pick Brandy.

Anand picked Brandy.

Stephanie does what Stephanie does best and that’s complaining without any form of entertainment or fun. Actually, I should state she squeaks. She complained about how Clint pushed himself on the golf course where he wasn’t needed or wanted. Brandy agreed that it was unnecessary.

Steuart would pick Clint.

Masha would pick Clint and stated that he had the charisma.

Liza would pick Brandy. Indicated that she lied about picking Clint as the strong one when she was asked in a previous episode. She said she lied because she would rather go up against Clint than Brandy, knowing Brandy would win against her. Stick to golf, stay out of business.

They touched on Clint’s Y’all use. I think this worked against him a lot. Southern accent is apparently thought of as stupid and unpolished by those that are wordy and overtly arrogant. I’m sorry but if polished is to talk as you’ve sucked on a lemon all day, Trump, then no thanks.

The Prizes came up and Brandy was bashed. There was nothing wrong with Clint’s Team.

Trump said that both tasked were handled well.

Ivonka said that Clint handled himself well feeding 500 people little under 40 minutes. She liked how he engaged the golfers and the way the room decorations looked.

Donald Jr. said that Brandy’s team did a good job and that the golfers had a great time. The prizes were the only downfall.

Notice no downfall for Clint.

There’s a lot of purple in the room. Everyone left, but Clint and Brandy. Trump congratulates them both and said that there is no loser.

Trump asked both of them why they should win and where would they work?

Clint reiterated his entire schooling and business resume and then said the entire CEO in a box thing AGAIN. If boring could kill…I’d have died. Twice. He said he’d work in Scotland on the golf course there.

Brandy said that she wanted to keep it short. I noticed she didn’t want to punch Clint in the gut, but she did. She said they knew here history, but she had to toss in that she too was a valedictorian. She proceeded with the answer that so was the reason she won. She said that Ivonka and Donald Jr. were the next Generation of Trump and she would love to work with them. Then she praised Trump. Only funny that she would do that when she mocked Clint for doing it earlier in the day.

Trump liked her answer a lot. She really thought that answer out ahead of time. Clint didn’t.

Trump said that Clint over came weaknesses and that Brandy was amazing and outstanding. Clint fired. Brandy hired. Not a lot of fun in that exchange.

No applause or cheering because this was only an hour show and they were not doing it live. No money? No one cares? Why?

Brandy patted Clint on the back and then she skips back to the room where the others were waiting to cheer and drink. Where did Clint go? He’s not invited to this party? Why? Because he says “Y’all” a lot? Lame. He doesn’t get a final say or anything? Why did they let Stephanie talk? They should have duct taped her mouth shut. She’s so unnecessary in life and in business.

I felt it was a waste of my time to watch the entire hour. They should have just told me the winner. Bleh.

They need to get homeless people. I’m telling you…that would rock and get great ratings so they can have that live show again.

The Apprentice: Homeless Edition. Great shirt ideas and other products. Promotional awesomeness.

Don’t steal my idea lemon sucker.


Anonymous said...

I think Clint should have won, he clearly has more skills. Brandy made mistakes but was coy and Trump likes young women. I think Trump liked the comment about working with the next generation and even though Clint performed much better Trump most like picked Brandy due to her being an attractive female, younger, and someone who isn't a leader but will fit into some legal role at Trump Intl.

Anonymous said...

Brandy only won "ya'll" because she's got a vagina between her LEGS!

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