The Apprentice E12 - Can’t Spell Clint without “N”

They are all asked to come back into the boardroom where Trump asks them why they should be picked. Trump’s scowl is weird. Like he smells a poopy diaper or something.

Brandy lays out all her credentials that span from working in high school to pay for education and still getting great grades to becoming a lawyer working in corporate reconstructing. She says that she thinks that Clint is the stronger player after Trump asks her who is the weakest.

Taking up on her rewording he turns to Clint and listens to him spill out all his talent such as CEO in a box, and then asks him who is the stronger woman. He says Brandy.

Liza is left in the cold. She proceeds to explain how she came from Kenya and such and the turns to praising Trump and his wonderment. She says that Clint is the strongest.

Trump praises them all for getting this far but turns to Liza and says she’s fired. He does praise her and her talents. She cried when she said that she felt hurt by the firing. She got so close.

When Liza was fired, Clint looked like a crab pinched his privates. He seems to look like that when he’s scared or in a vulnerable position. He needs a better stone face.

Clint vs. Brandy.

Clint thinks that he has Rocky heart and is going to win, of course. He says that she‘s smart, but apparently not smart enough to beat him.

Brandy says that Clint’s a strong player, but she’s going to be a woman that won’t back down.

Then they end up at a wonderful Trump Golf Course out in a wonderfully beautiful place that looks like it cost a ridiculous amount of money to keep everything looking wonderful.

There are two tasks. First one is a dinner gala and a concert. The second one is a VIP Golf Tournament.

Two teams are presented of past contestants. Two of the worst women to ever be on the show are back. Nevertheless, all slates are clean; we’ll see how great they’ll be now that they get a second chance. Not to even mention the CHEATER….Anand.

Anand, Stephanie and Liza are one team.
Masha, Steuart and Poppy are another team.

Trump turns to Brandy and asks her to pick between team or task. She decides to pick team Anand, Stephanie and Liza because that team didn’t have Masha. Clint got Masha, but is happy that he got Steuart, I’m sure. Clint decides to pick the Dinner Gala with Liza Minnelli only to prove that he can do a task that one wouldn’t think he’d pick. Leaving Brandy with golf, something she’s unfamiliar with.

Liza is asked to hit a golf ball. She shows that she has skills. She hasn’t played in two years since she played for Kenya’s golf team. Brandy’s glad that she’s on her team.

Masha, because she has a huge mouth to fit not only her feet but also anyone else’s feet that are around, decides to comment on why she was fired and says that Clint lied and he knows he lied. Even if Clint lied and said a number, it doesn’t make what she did better or right. She is still wrong and the best part is she can’t admit it.

Team Brandy

Brandy doesn’t understand how a golf tournament works. She turns to Liza to help a lot during the task. Then who decides to share her unnecessary opinion that doesn’t do much but make her look like a complete and utter whiner…Stephanie. Stephanie first has to hit Liza in the boob and then say, “Well finally something she knows, Golf.”

Brandy goes off and tours the golf area to understand the layout of what’s what.

Brandy says that she has to pick the prizes for the event. Then during the dinner, Clint’s team would hand them out. She discusses the prizes with her team and the idea that they’d get golf clubs didn’t work for her. She wants them to get $1,000 gift cards.

Donald Jr. walks in to check on Brandy’s team. He sees that they are not really got a solid plan, but does see them trying. He makes a joke about how Anand should probably moderate the cheaters. Pretty funny. Nice stinging comment that wasn’t mean or spiteful. Anand took the ribbing well.

Anand and Liza are at the golf store deciding on the prizes. The prizes were supposed to be gift cards. Liza, being the expert on these types of events, decides to go with golf clubs suggesting that the golfers would rather leave with something tangible than a small little card. I think that if they created something unique to the event and the gift card that would have worked better. Something that would have the event title on it. A creative thing unique to that specific event…their prize seems a little boring to me even if Liza did as Brandy wanted. Anand didn’t interrupt her line of thought because she’s the expert.

When they got back and Brandy hears about the prizes they got and didn’t hear the gift cards she was fuming. She can’t send them back because it is a two-hour drive. So she swears a little at the camera and gets over it. Of course Stephanie speaks about how that’s just stupid. Nevertheless, anything and everything that doesn’t go according to how Stephanie wants is stupid. She’s not really lenient or flexible. I feel sorry for her boyfriend.

Brandy and Stephanie call Kathy Griffin who is to speak before the event. They were going to be able to use her throughout, but they were specifically calling about before the start of the tournament. She says that she’ll speak, but not for very long. When Brandy says that she’ll be meeting with Stephanie, Kathy asks if Stephanie was fired and bitter. The laughter that came after that joke looked uncomfortable and forced. HAHAHA.

Brady then calls Trump to ask who he wants to be teamed up with on the tournament. What could go wrong with this simple question? A lot. Trump decides that he wants to play with Liza. This throws Brandy for a loop, but while she speaks to him she says, sure that can happen and she’ll make sure it does. Afterward she’s scared over the loss of a person on her team. Liza comes into the room and Brandy informs her that she’ll be playing with Trump. She is flabbergasted and asks if she’s really playing with him.

Brandy decides to show that she can accommodate whatever Trump wants, no matter what it is he wants such as taking a teammate. She’ll make do with what she has.

Morning of the event Anand gets a call from the photographer who was supposed to come and take photos throughout the day. He says he was told the wrong location and he’s at another golf course two hours away. He is gong to try to make it, but isn’t sure he’ll get there on time. This is questionable to me, because it seems like just because Clint has a booboo that Brandy has to have one to lead into the last episode. I don’t see how this one happened. It’s as if they purposely tossed this one on her. In addition, this mistake isn’t as costly as Clint’s. It’s bad, but she decided on this idea, so if he doesn’t show up on time it’s not like a major failure, just a disappointment on making the event that much better for those participating.

Based on what I saw with Brandy I think she is going to do very well. Her team is working harder than they did when they were actually working to become the apprentice.

Team Clint

Clint met with Liza Minnelli’s manager and discusses this rider crap. I hear about riders and I think they are ridiculous. If you want all those things, why the hell can’t you bring them? I understand food and perishables things, but all that other stuff…please. If someone on YouTube can clear their throat and sing, why the hell can’t you without getting golden sheets and a pet donkey? Seriously… I liked her on “Arrested Development” but acting and who a person is apparently are two VERY different things and certainly doesn’t indicate that she’s a great person to be around.

Her manger is all, “Well she likes attention to detail” or she’s mentally crazy and loves to nitpick. How about dem apples? Riders distinguish between the self-centered pricks and those that are in it for their love of singing. She certainly is far more self centered than her plastic surgery and de-graying her hair shows. Ick.

Then again, she could be picky just for the task and making it difficult. Moreover, if that’s the case then maybe I should be told that before I go off on someone who’s famous. I’m not taking it back, it’s in my rider that I get to make snarky comments about people no matter if they go off and cry in the corner. Deal with it.

What is up with pronouncing her name as LIIIza instead of Lisa like Liza on Brandy’s team? More self-important crap going on. I’m pretty sure she was called Lisa for a long time and then she realized that was far too boring for the stage. Please. Oh, sorry…I got caught up in the snark.

Anyway, Clint promises that everything on the rider will be in her dressing room. He will not miss a dot above the I or crossing his T’s.

Donald Jr. says that there can be no flaws because the people that come to the golf course expect perfection. That ain’t happening.

Masha understood that Steuart and Clint spent a lot of time together so she got over how the tasks were being handed out. Good, she actually can learn.

Clint and Steuart discuss how the buffet would be handled. Clint wants the food in another room and doesn’t want people’s butts in other people’s faces. Steuart, who’s worked with foodstuffs, pushes for the food to be in the same room as the guest. Clint bows to Steuart’s knowledge.

Masha and Poppy leave to go and get the rest of the things that are on the rider for Liza not Lisa but Lie-zaaa.

Steuart gets a call about the food for Lie-zaa and how it won’t be ready because they can’t do it. So Clint and Steuart do a little freaking out. Steuart dials and dials until he finds a company willing to take on this last minute task and get it done. He does end up finding someone. I did hold my breath. That would suck hardcore if they didn’t get that done.

Morning of the event Masha and Poppy receive the prints and find that Lie-zaa’s name is spelled wrong. Instead of Minnelli, it is spelled Minelli missing an “N”. If you say her last name, can you even hear the double N? No you can’t, don’t you even start to lie. Masha can’t believe it and instead of calling Clint, she decides to call the printer and ask if it could be fixed. He says it could be. They have enough money to cover the cost. But then Poppy finds that the mistake of misspelled name also happens to be on the cards that each guest will receive. That isn’t covered in the budget and so Clint has to be called in.

I give MAJOR PROPS to Masha. She tries to fix the problem before calling in Clint. When Poppy tells her about the other spelling mistake she had no choice but to call in Clint because they didn’t have enough money in the budget to fix both mistakes.

Eh, name misspelling seems to create a pretentious person. I mean come on. My name is difficult, it has been misspelled a lot, and I don’t blow a gasket. If she really gets all pissed off over a misspelling she’s even a worse person than my snarkiness attacked her for before. It would be worse if someone left off the “N” in Clint’s name. That totally alters the meaning. However, losing a single “N” in her last name that sounds like an off brand vanilla ice cream isn’t that big of deal. Not to me. It also sounds like a dollar store brand of Manila paper.

“Children pull out your manila paper and start cutting.” She looks out over the classroom and sees Billy’s hand. “Yes, Billy, what is it?”

“I have Minnelli paper?”

“That’s okay, no one will mock you for your frequent trips to the dollar store.”

“Okay, thanks.”

An entire week until the finale. This season it seems like the teams are even. I have a weird feeling that Brandy wins. I don’t know. I have had the feeling that Clint would win for the longest time, but after watching this episode, it seems that Brandy might have the stronger nerves and the upper hand. Moreover, if you leave off the N in her name it just changes sex instead of changing about sex. Brady.

Until next time….


rejo said...

By the way it is Kathy Griffin not Griffith. I'm just sayin'.

R. Griffin
(Yes, that's my real name)

J_Jammer said...

Thanks, changed.

I wanted to make sure I spelled Liza's name right more than her's.

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