Amazing Race 17 - 4 Teams - E11 - Almost Don’t Care Who Wins

Hong Kong to South Korea….

Nat and Kat think that they can make it all the way to the end. They are so strong to do it. So strong they didn’t even have to use the U-Turn…oh, well oops. I don’t know if they’re strong enough any more, for one there’s no more U-Turns to save them.

When they arrive in S. Korea, they have to go toward the border of N. Korea and they are taken aback by that.

Thomas is sure they can win, but is afraid of the women teams.

Brooke and Claire leave the mat at 5:26pm go to a hotel to find tickets for their flight then sit down and drink tea waiting for their 12:25am to come around.

Kat & Nat and Jill & Thomas are at the airport getting the exact same ticket for 12:25am. Six hours after Brooke and Claire left would be 11:26pm for Nick and Vicki to leave to go to the airport. That’s cutting it really close, but if they make it on the plane that will be crazy.

Nat and Kat flirt to get a man to buy them a travel book. He does as they flirted and even signs it. They giggle like little schoolgirls.

As they show the past how Nick picks and yells at Vicki, Nick states that he promised to never do that and realizes that he’s treated her like scum. That, good man, is an understatement. They didn’t state the time that Nick and Vicki left, they’re trying to give a bit of hope. However, disappointment hits when the woman at the ticket counter states that the plane had just left and the next flight out is 9 hours later at 9:30am. That really sucks, because there’s NO way they can catch up. Nick says they’ll need a miracle…again, an understatement.

The three teams arrive in Seoul at about 4:30am because the flight to Seoul, S. Korea is roughly 4 hours and 8 minutes. Meaning by the time Nick and Vicki arrive it’ll be around 1:30pm. There’s no way in the world they’ll catch up. Someone would really have to fail bit time.

Of the three teams that arrived and are in their cars heading out Jill and Thomas as well as Brooke and Claire are arguing amongst themselves. It’s ridiculous. Come on, suck it up.

Brooke and Claire drive toward the S. Korean border with N. Korea and Brooke jokes about having N. Korea put the other teams in time out. All three teams seem a little on edge about accidentally crossing over to N. Korea.

Nick and Vicki are upset that they didn’t make it on that plane, but decide that this leg they’re going to stay positive and that they’ll do the best they can. They’ve stopped showing the time for the teams. A great indication that Nick and Vicki won’t ever catch up. Not to mention they still have a speed bump to contend with.

All three teams arrive one after another to the bridge and go rafting. Nat and Kat get a little lost making them third behind Brooke and Claire and first place Jill and Thomas.

All teams raft down the rapids. Screaming from the girls and nothing but saying “Paddle” from Thomas. At least it’s not deadly screaming, just fun squeals.

I think it’s Claire that shouts KELLY CLARKSON as they hit a rapid. Totally mocking a wonderful character in 40-Year-Old Virgin.

There are three army trucks waiting for the teams. Each of the teams gets in their own truck, put on helmets, and apparently changes while they drive over to the base to do the Road Block.

Road Block -- Tae kwon do is practiced on the field and one person from each team has to take a headband and go out and find the match. Once they find the match, the person with the matching headband will break a board and they’ll get their next clue.

Brooke went about her searching by over talking and got it wrong. She had to go and get another. Allowing Thomas to take first place and off him and Jill go to the World Cup Stadium. Brooke finds hers and then Kat finds hers. Each time the soldier went up to break the board they each broke the board in a different manner. Kat’s broke the board by doing a back flip. Totally the coolest of the three.

Jill and Thomas leave without seeing another team and that’s the way they like to roll. They don’t want to see another team. Keeps them thinking they’re still in first and if they arrive somewhere where there’s another team they didn’t see them pass…well…that’ll happen later.

Brooke and Claire arrive a little late, miss the subway, and are there when Kat and Nat show up who playfully wonder why they’re still there. It’s noticeable that Brooke and Claire were not happy about missing that subway. I am amused.

Jill and Thomas arrive at the stadium and the field is roped off, but there’s an opening. Thomas takes the opening and Jill risks busting her face jumping over it. She trips a bit. I laugh a bit. It’s all good.

Detour -- Full Throttle where they do speed skating or full bottle where they carry six bottles and drink tonic. Nobody wants to do the tonic. Awww…

Jill and Thomas chose to speed skate. As they leave Thomas states that they suck at delivering things. Jill’s like, “We do?” And I’m like…that’s random and laugh again. They read the clue stating no taking a cab. Either by foot or through subway to get to the next destination. Why have that read? Because someone will break the rule again…

Nat and Kat decide to do the speed skate. Brooke and Claire argue over which one they want to do. It’s not really yelling, but the “if you want to” kind of argument and the “well I’ll do it if you like”.

Jill and Thomas are again happy that they’ve still yet to see anyone. I laugh again. Since I’ve laughed at them the last few times what makes me laugh this time? Thomas’s eye twitches. He must be under a lot of stress to have a twitch like that. It’s as if he winks at the camera.

Nick and Vicki appear to arrive in S. Korea while everyone’s almost to the mat. Yeah right. I highly doubt it. They are so gone.

Brooke and Claire get into a cab. REALLY. They’ve already made this kind of mistake. What’s wrong with READING THE CLUE RIGHT? Nothing, they just don’t do it.

Nat and Kat must have read the clue because they go straight for the subway where they step down the last step to hear the subway zoom away.

Brooke and Claire arrive at the stadium first. They put on the suits and complain that they are really, really tight. Just as I thought, Jill and Thomas arrive and start complaining that someone had the audacity to arrive before them. OMG. NOWAY. Jill’s all how did that happen. I don’t know…think about it. Duh. Then she decides it’s best to rush Thomas. Thomas decides it’s best to tell her he’s going as fast as he can. They have one more leg after this. Could they not possibly hold it together without the unnecessary bickering that’s not even funny.

Nick and Vicki end up finding a really nice man that says he’ll escort them to where they want to go. He stops to pee, as do they. He bought Vicki some food. They have this really polite affection for the man. It’s adorable.

The teams have to skate around the rink and tag their partner and then their partner has to do a lap. They have to do 24 laps. Brooke laughs about how Thomas looks like he’s walking in his skates instead of actually skating. It is pretty funny. He waddles and Jill falls down over and over again. I don’t think I could even do this, but maybe, just maybe, I could actually move a bit faster than them.

It’s odd because there’s a bit of fog that lifts up off the ice. Must be really cold ice or something is going on with the air in there. I’ve never seen something like that and I’ve been ice-skating. Nat and Kat arrive and get out on the ice. Nat says that she grew up in Arizona and has a lot of experience with ice. Haha, that’s good one.

Jill and Thomas finish first. They get in a Taxi to head to find an airplane in a park. While in the taxi, they gripe about how Brooke and Claire caught up so fast. They either need to understand how it happened or shut up. Brooke and Claire are close behind in their taxi, which they can now ride in without a penalty.

Kat states that she’s channeling Apollo Ohno, but I really think she said Aton Ohno. Not sure.

Jill and Thomas arrive at the park. Jill tries to ask someone where the plane is and Thomas says she can’t ask old people. Jill finds someone else and asks Thomas, “Is he within your age range?” Haha…that’s great. Brooke and Claire zoom by, find the plane, and get the clue to the mat.

Loud and clear Phil states, “Last team WILL be eliminated.”

Nat and Kat finally finish. Jill and Thomas finally find the plane and get all flustered because people don’t know the word plane in English or their retarded hand gestures.

Brooke and Claire make it to the mat in front of Phil who has a wonderful pause after telling them that they are the first team to arrive…and then states they have a thirty-minute penalty for being stupid and not reading the clue.

Jill and Thomas trot up and are TEAM NUMBER ONE. There’s something wrong with them. I don’t really like them that much. That and if they win they’ll be the most boringest team to ever win the game. They are happy and it finally clicks why Brooke and Claire were ahead of them. Geez…took them long enough.

Brooke and Claire team number two.
Nat and Kat team number three.

I almost think that’s how the final leg will go too.

Nick and Vicki didn’t have to do the rapids. They ride a jeep straight to the base where they performed their speed bump of washing a tank. I don’t know what else they had to do, when they finally arrived at the mat Phil tells them they were eliminated from the race. Nick states that he learned that things aren’t worth getting angry over because it doesn’t alter their outcome or make things better. Vicki says that they’ve learned a lot and it can only get better. I think Nick slightly redeemed himself this episode.

Jill and Thomas have the greatest chance of winning because they have not made as many mistakes as the other two teams. If I’m not mistaken they have not been lost (Brooke & Claire as well as Kat and Nat have been) and they’ve never read the clue wrong and taken transportation when they shouldn’t have (Brook & Claire). I think that Nat and Kat shot themselves in the foot and have the least chance of winning of the three because the third team would be someone they could have easily beaten had they not used the U-Turn. That would have removed the threat of Brooke and Claire. Brooke and Claire will arrive in second place. Barely missing that taste of being the first women team to ever win the race…barely because I think it just might come down to a footrace.

This is the first time in a long time that I don’t have a favorite team in the finally three. I didn’t even really have a favorite team throughout the race anyway. I enjoyed all the teams because they were having a good time, but no favorite. Even coming into this final leg, I don’t think I have a favorite. I like “curses”. In “Survivor it was the Car Curse and in “The Amazing Race” it’s Women Teams Never Win Curse…but there’s a really strong chance it’ll be broken and quite frankly it might be (if it is broken) the only time it ever will be. That’s the slight excitement for the final episode. Two women teams in the finale. One might shatter the curse with their piercing cheers of joy.

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Sean Grey Hanson said...

When Kevin and his dad were disqualified, I didn't care about who wins Amazing Race anymore. They were such good guys and the relationship between him and his dad was really a great watch in every episode.

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