Amazing Race 17 - 3 Teams - E12 - History was made in the most BORINGEST WAY POSSIBLE!

Soul S. Korea -- LA, California

Bleh, what can I say? “The Apprentice” went out in a puff of smoke and “The Amazing Race” decided it would snuff out its fun flame in the same manner. No fun this episode. No tension of possibility. The moment Jill and Thomas got in that taxi and talked to that blubbering fool, I knew they lost. They had an easier time, as they stated, dealing with other cabbies in foreign countries than here in America. Go figure.

It was funny when they were at the airport and Thomas was the last guy standing. I hate that they were all on the same flight on the last leg home. They should have been staggered, but of course if one arrived an hour before the others they would have won due to the simplicity of the leg. That’s why they were all on the same flight to LA.

The most proud moment is seeing Nat walk out on the crane over the Port of Long Beach and bungee jump with Kat. It was great to see her do it. She is deathly afraid of heights. So much so, she cried when they were on the gondola in one of those countries. Therefore, this was a feat worth praising.

From the onset of the show, I thought that Kat and Nat would win. I saw how strong they were and how great they worked together.

I like that the last challenge is figuring out where the teams went each leg. It’s a fun way to end it. Kat and Nat were prepared with their journal. They went through that task quick. They hugged Bob Eubanks who handed them their final clue. I wonder if they get to keep those clues? That’s something to frame. They didn’t molest him like Brooke and Claire did. What did Jill and Thomas do? Who knows, they were so far behind they weren’t worth showing.

Kat and Nat are the first women team to EVER win the Amazing Race and probably will be the LAST women team to ever win the Amazing Race. No women team (including Brooke and Claire who argued more than Kat and Nat) has ever played the game like Kat and Nat. They didn’t argue ONE time…or they didn’t show them arguing. Based on how they treated one another and understood each other’s strengths and weaknesses they were the perfect team this season---outside of placement at each mat. Proving I was right when I stated that they should have been u-turned by Jill and Thomas. They made a STUPID mistake. I told them so.

So did Kat and Nat. They shouldn’t have used the u-turned. That u-turn they didn’t have to use, since it didn’t help them in the least, ruined what should have been a perfect race. Based on how this leg went, they would have won by a bigger margin. Chad and Stephanie would have had no clue how to solve those questions. Add that to the difficulty with talking to the cabbie, Chad would have been roar all the way.

I enjoyed what Brooke said about strong women and that they don’t have to be butch and a meanie head to win. She’s right.

This was one of the best Amazing Races I’ve seen because of the fun teams. None were terrible like in some seasons. It was also one of the most underwhelming endings. This is why “The Apprentice” and “The Amazing Race” are not my favorite reality show. “Survivor” wins because they actually know how to edit and make the drama linger in the most obnoxious but fun way. I didn’t have a favorite team this season, but I can say that I called it from the onset that Kat and Nat would win.

Congratulations Kat and Nat---you’ll feel that regret, I know. I see it in your kind personalities. Can’t do what’s against your code without feeling regret.

Can’t wait until next time.

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Sean Grey Hanson said...

Amazing Race became boring right after Kevin and his dad were eliminated.

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