"127 Hours" Franco and a Rock

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama and Sports
Running Time: 1 hr. 33 min.
Release Date: November 5th, 2010 (limited)
MPAA Rating: R for language and some disturbing violent content/bloody images.
Distributors: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Director: Danny Boyle

JJ Rating: A-

See it again: Maybe on the yes side.
Own it: Maybe-yes. It depends on my money situation at the time it comes out.
Recommend it to: those who enjoy a good storyline and acting. A single person is the main character and the only character for huge chunks of this film and it’s like a one man show…a very good one man show.

Aron Ralston (James Franco) is a loner who loves going outside by himself without telling a single soul where he’s going. Then one day he missteps, falls with a rock and ends up pinned in a gulch. His right arm wedged in with a rock unable to escape. With limited resources and no way of communicating with anyone, Aron tries everything to get out alive. 127 Hours.

Way back when, (this story took place in 2003) I got magazines. A lot of them. That’s because someone convinced me I needed five sets of magazines for an entire year for a really cheap price. I accepted because it was someone that went door to door asking and I have this kindness for someone that puts themselves out there like that. One of the magazines was “Rolling Stone” and they wrote a piece on Aron Ralston. I read it first and foremost. As I read it, my mind kept saying repeatedly that there’s no way I could do what that. No way. Therefore, when the trailer played on the screen I knew exactly what story it was and how it ended and I still wanted to see it.

Danny Boyle and James Franco created a film that could have been every bit as dry as the desert it was filmed in, but they didn’t allow it to fail. Not even a single second of boring trounced its way across the screen. The visual aspects of this film made a boring story vibrant with visuals that helped heighten the senses of the moviegoer. The story wasn’t boring when I read it, but a movie out of that story would be boring. It’s one man stuck in a gulch with a rock. No interaction but his own self. That screams more than pain, it screams boring. It’s not the story that’s interesting; it’s how it’s told. They told this story with such a punch that I am dry mouth right now thinking about it.

Franco’s acting made me thirsty. Every time he touched his lips or they showed how dry they were, I wanted water. I’m thirsty imagining it. I wear contacts and I’ve worn them for two days straight. They get dry. His eyes turn red because of the dryness as well as sticking the contacts in his mouth to moisten them were great touches. A moviegoer’s review talked about how selfish he seemed, but to me he wasn’t selfish. He was misguided, free spirited and didn’t understand the importance of telling people where he went off to. I connect to him on that level understanding that alone time is awesome, but I get that someone has to know where you are in case something bad happens. However, I would argue he wasn’t a selfish prick, just a fun person who knew what he wanted to do and did it.

Franco deserves a Best Actor nod for sure. I can’t see how he doesn’t get one. The movie works because of his acting. If he didn’t do well, the film would suck.

Seeing the beautiful cinematography awed me. I would love to see that, but I would most defiantly go with someone and tell people where I am. I enjoyed the underwater cavern seen. So fantastic that places like that exist. I don’t know how I’d feel going that direction without any idea where I was headed, like those girls, but the idea is thrilling. It gives me chills and I feel flutters in my stomach…the same kind I feel when I’m too high up. I’ve lived in the city so long that I am use to all this “stuff”. I think that I could live without all of it for what Aron enjoyed. Nevertheless, I don’t think I’d ever be as proficient as he was or probably still is.

There were a few old people around me and for some reason they’re worse than younger people with the talking during the film. I don’t understand the need to speak during a film like this. What’s so hard to get? The guy a few seats down wondered why he didn’t use a cell phone. Uh, if he were paying attention he’d get that Aron didn’t want to be found. There’s a whole scene at the beginning showing him ignoring a phone call at home from his mom. Therefore, he wouldn’t bring a cell phone. He didn’t want to be bothered by someone calling him. It’s a moment without technology except the cameras. This is based on a TRUE STORY….so he didn’t have the phone because he didn’t have it. Ok? Ok.

127 Hours is a fantastic display of talent by director and actor as well as visual simplification of things we normally do without thinking. The drinking of water, the filming, the sleeping, the peeing…everything was more important because of the context of the story and the way it was visually displayed. It was all handled with perfection. If 127 Hours isn’t nominated for a few awards as well as win some…there’s terrible political crap going on. Franco chooses the oddest roles that make him look far uglier (or tries to) than he is in reality. It’s what Zac Efron and Johnny Depp do. They want their talent to outshine their looks. If only women and gay men would give them room from their drooling the talents that they want to display would be seen. 127 Hours made me feel, think and appreciate many things, but the most important thing it did (and with how high ticket prices are…this is crucial) was entertain me. Thank-you Franco and Boyle for showing that a film can stand on talent and story and maintain interest from start to finish. By the way, I always thought Franco could act when people doubted him in Spider-Man. Yes, I’m awesome for noticing.

I write like: David Foster Wallace

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