“Unstoppable” No Sandra Bullock?

Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama and Thriller
Running Time: 1 hr. 38 min.
Release Date: November 12th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG 13 for sequences of action and peril and some language.
Distributors: 20th Century Fox Distribution

Director: Tony Scott

JJ Rating: B+

See it again: Not really.
Own it: No.
Recommend it to: Anyone that knows my father, because Denzel’s character reminds me of him and those that enjoy a mainly fast paced story that’ll, for the most part, keep you engaged.

Chris Pine (Will Colson) and Frank Barnes (Denzel Washington) work on a train together for the first time. On the other end of the same tracks, a runaway train zooms toward them destroying everything in its path. Once they remove themselves from danger of the oncoming train, Frank wants to go after the runaway to slow it down. Unstoppable.

I had a fun time watching Unstoppable because it ran quick and the acting was decent enough to not overshadow the story. I see trailers that highlight different critic’s words about how great this movie is and I have no idea what film they saw. I gave it a B+ because I thought it was that good, but all these thesaurus words on how amazed they were and thrilled and naming their first baby after it, I just don’t see it.

It’s odd because Unstoppable has that stench of made-for-TV-movie spewing from its pores. The only star aspect the film has that makes it worth being on the big screen are the actors--okay so only Denzel Washington is a really big star that would not necessarily be seen on a TV movie like Chris Pine or Rosario Dawson. There’s not a lot of movie magic going on here. No fancy camera work or cool angels, it’s very by the book. The film is fun. The story itself is swift but not meaty. Feeling for the safety of the characters isn’t priority as the GO GO GO speed of the movie.

Unstoppable could have been 8 minutes shorter and then it would be a speed demon of a movie that took you on a ride. Instead of it being like Transformers and all about the action, it would be a film that’s all about the speed. I would have liked it a little more if it did shave off those 8 minutes.

Unstoppable does not have a lot of hook in it to make it memorable or a film I’d ever want to see again. Washington reminded me of my father and I told him he should see it because of that. That was how I promoted the film for him. I’m often asked what people should see and as this year trots along I don’t have many suggestions other than rent something. Most likely, you wouldn’t be disappointed by going to a Red Box or online to Netflix. The box office is disappointing for the most part this year. Though I seem to have enjoyed this one, I think it’s only because I don’t live in New York and I didn’t have to pay $15 to see it. I think had I paid that much, I would have not seen this movie at all. I’d have dismissed it as a film about a runaway train that could have been named Speed III.

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