Survivor E9 - They’re a Bunch of Liberatards

I sit in my chair comfortable and ready to watch Survivor. Every week I am shocked at how incredibly dumb they all are and I don’t know why I would be shocked. It should be expected, right? I have this need to think that people learn and become smarter as things progress. Survivor is really, really testing the limits of that thought.

And without disappointing the show starts with Neigh saying how mean Marty is to Jane as she is mean to everyone else like Surfer and Marty. She says the most bullish things about anyone that doesn’t agree with her. She is the BIGGEST bully on the entire show and she’s complaining about someone else doing what she’s doing? Please.

Then Jane goes into a whine-ade about how Marty attacked her at tribal council. He didn’t attack her. He said that she is strong and likeable…why keep her? That’s not attacking, that’s stirring the pot and if she were smart enough, she would have caught on to that. Guess she’s not as smart as she thought she was. She whined about it being an attack, but an attack can be the truth as much as a lie. Which is it, Jane…a truth or a lie? You avoided that.

Marty and Sash get water and Marty talks about wanting to know something about what Chase said. Then he proceeded to state that it doesn’t matter if he’s told or not. Uh…if it doesn’t matter then don’t ask. Moron.

Marty brews a great plan to stir up animosity with everyone in the tribe…sort of. What he wanted to do was get Neigh to think she’s being voted for so she uses the idol and then vote out Jane. He tells this plan to Dan and Chase.

Jane sat nearby and whined about what Marty was doing. Apparently, she wanted him to just sit and do nothing and be voted off. She hates that he plays the game better than she does. All she does is target one person. What good will she be when Marty’s gone? Really…what good? Marty never said she was dumb, but that she’s a threat. Something she was proud of being all last episode and now it’s all the sudden bad? Come on….

At the Reward Challenge, they were put on two random teams and funny enough it ended up being Men vs. Women. Chase was left out. Jeff told Chase that he could pick the winning team and he’ll go with them on the reward. Does he pick the men on this strength challenge? Nope. He picks the women. Why? Because he’s an emo retard.

The women can’t bust through the bamboo or the brick like the men do. This calls into question that entire need for women to state that they’re equal on every single aspect with men. It looked like the men were fueled to win despite Chase’s backing of the women. Then the men get to a net where they have to crawl around on and Dan slowed them down. I forgot about him and for a split second I would back the women…that is until Jane slug things up with her weakness. I can do anything those young people can do Jane fell behind so far that the men went ahead and totally beat the women.

Stupid, stupid, stupid Chase backed the women. The men scoffed at that when they stood the winners. Jeff gave them a chance to give up their spot to someone else and they didn’t give up a single spot to any of those selfish women. In addition, they are all selfish no matter what they profess to be to each other. The bad thing that will linger in Brenda’s head is that Sash wouldn’t give up his spot at all for anyone. He’s the only one that lost out on going instead of giving up a spot. Wrong as that might be, that’s so what happened.
Chase could have gone, but instead he pretended to have standards about how great he is and likes great people, but he can’t explain away Neigh or Brenda who are two of the worse people on the show. Sorry, that smashes those high standards into shards of painful stupid.

Kelly says it says a lot about Chase for picking the women. Yeah…he’s an idiot.

On the reward, they went down a zip-line. Dan said that there are no zip-lines in Brooklyn unless it’s the burglars. That was pretty darn funny. Still shouldn’t be there. They got to eat BBQ and drink, drink, drink.

Therefore, Marty restates his idea of getting Neigh to think they’re voting her out while voting out Jane. The odd thing is I don’t get why he told Sash. Sash is a girl spy for sure…I mean just a Brenda spy.

Brenda’s view of Chase’s choice was that he’s too emo and doesn’t make smart moves. I knew that from the moment he picked to align with you. Only an idiot would do that.

The girls talk about wanting Marty out. Chase has doubt about Brenda and annoys her after Neigh told him not to. He’s an idiot. They are all idiots. I can’t see where the smart people went. Brenda talked about Sash and it looked like there was a small crack there. She gets all mad that Chase might be getting too close to Jane. She didn’t want to lose that stupid charm grip she has on him. That’s why she might want Jane gone.

Brenda has second thoughts about Chase. Chase is an idiot and should have never, ever trusted her, but he did. Why? Because he’s a moron.
Memory immunity challenge. Remember what items Jeff shows in the right order.

Good lord Jane talked about keeping the good in…there is NO ONE GOOD ON THAT ENTIRE TRIBE…woman. I wanted Marty to win so it would trip up all these morons into a frenzy and they’d have to vote someone else out…which would be Jane, for sure. It seemed like it.

Wow Surfer stayed in the challenge longer than most. He left and then there were four. Chase leaves and then there were three. Benry leaves and then there’s Marty vs. Brenda. Marty leaves and Brenda wins.

Marty did what I would do and that’s cause a lot of trouble all the way through tribal council.

Benry and Surfer talking about playing dumb to do as Marty said…fool them into Neigh and vote out Jane. They went up as two of the smarter players, not hard in this filed of zombies.

Neigh claimed that she had street smarts. Sure you do. You have a street mouth, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the same things as smart.
Brenda and Sash talk about how they’re prom king and queen and that Marty has a great point about Jane. Her days are certainly numbered.

Marty said his comment about Jane was a complement. Jane rolls her angry eye around and surprisingly they stay in their sockets.
Neigh doesn’t want to talk about stealing food and Marty rubs it in with a laugh. Neigh says she can’t be intimidated and yet she is, as Surfer states. Neigh is the poster child for The lady DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH. She says, “I’m not putting on a show”…no you are putting on a big fat lie and everyone (even the idiots on your tribe) see right through you and see the scared little coco nut.

When voting Jane’s comment was angry and stupid. He’s not a great father because he tells the truth about you? Marty’s was angry, stupid and totally not witty as he thought.

Marty is gone leaves and the scared Neigh claps.

I should have made a list of dumb players every single episode. That would have been fun. I think that Jane and Neigh are two of the stupidest players right now with Chase dragging behind on their bikini strings.

The caustic Survivor Fan has spoken. Until next time…

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