Survivor E11 - Unseen Scenes

An hour of things not seen on the earlier episodes. Things that hit the editing floor. Thing they save for Thanksgiving week.

I gained a lot of appreciation for different people. I didn’t gain much appreciation for Brenda. The more they show of her the less I like her as a person. Something is wrong with someone that thinks they are smarter than everyone else along with everyone else is far too stupid to exist. It’s one thing to think you’re smart, a whole another thing to think people are plain dumb. I think Chase is stupid because he aligned himself with a pretty face. I do not think he’s stupid period. Brenda talked about him as if he was the dumbest person on the planet and it’s annoying. People are not that stupid.

I dislike Neigh because she’s a bully of a human being 97% of the time, but the other 3% she is a human that is probably suffocating in that stagnant air of superiority that she breathes too much of. She connected with Holly as if Holly was her mommy. A touching moment was shown where she confided in Holly about stealing the flour and other food. Those moments with Neigh are so rare that they are almost negated by her horrible attitude and bullying actions against everyone else.

The stealing of the food sort of took up a huge chunk of this unseen stuff. For the first time Chase said someone was stupid. He called Neigh dumb for stealing the food and ruining the comfortable feeling he had about his alliance with her. It was a great moment to see him actually vent about someone’s stupid behavior. It showed he could do it, despite my shock. Chase also sang a song about his dad that he wrote. That’s more proof that he’s not stupid like Brenda said. I liked seeing and hearing that. Maybe after the show is all done someone will help him put those songs to music and I’ll by it. I know I am harsh on him talking about his dad, but I agree that his emotional side is too much during the game. Amazingly, the hollow woman, Brenda, cried over the song. Her emotions should have been shown a bit more and maybe she would have stayed. Maybe.

But then she goes and says that nice people don’t win and then hinted at non-emotional people winning the game. Except for the blatant fact that she is no longer in the game and “stupid” Chase is. So the nice person is sticking around. Goes hand in hand with what Jane wants. She said she doesn’t want to see evil win and that’s why Brenda went and most likely why more evil people will go leaving the good people such as (I’m going to assume) her, Holly, Chase, Surfer and Benry.

Surfer wanted to fly under the radar by looking harmless and goofy. So far, that’s working and so far, that seems like the best way of playing. I’d adopt that method for sure. I would like to end on the funniest line in the entire episode. When talking about Neigh and her food stealing Surfer said that she needed to go and go soon. He followed with the idea that he didn‘t hate her by saying, “Uhm I like her, well I don’t want to say that.” Ha. Ha.

The caustic Survivor Fan has spoken. Until next time…

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