Survivor E10 - End of a Villainess’s Reign

Brenda opened with the idea that she is the Queen and Sash is the King, but then restates it because she’s sure the King is worth more. Therefore, she’s the King and Sash is the Queen. Another blow to Sash’s masculinity, she just punches him in the nuts with a laugh. There have been several attacks on where he stands sexually. Meant or not, Brenda knocked him down. She would love, it seems, to have Sash’s mind inside of Chase’s body and that would be the perfect man for her.

Holly and Jane talked about changing up the game. Brenda’s name came up as someone just sitting pretty and how she doesn’t deserve to be there any longer. FINALLY.

The weather made it difficult to keep a fire going. Therefore, in all their infinite wisdom they decided they would take their wooden chest and few wooden planks to enclose the fire in a protection of wood. Now if you caught that it was not a mistake, they used wood to protect the fire from being snuffed out by the rain. I know what you’re thinking that the fire would be respectful and stay in its little spot and not lick the wood at all. That’s what I thought about fire until this episode.

Holly talked to Benry to get his view on getting rid of Sash and Brenda. Neigh weighs in and wants to get rid of Brenda because she’s a bigger threat and now would be the best time to remove her from her self-made throne.

Chase shocks no one with his stupid talk and his incessant need to show off his umbilical cord tethering him to Brenda.

Reward challenge with barrels and planks. They were split into two teams and they had to cross over a span of sand without touching the ground. It reminded me of when I was little and we’d jump all over the living room stating that the floor was lava, can’t touch the floor.
Surfer, Chase, Jane, Kelly and Neigh win because they did not have Dan on their team.

For their reward, they rode on a helicopter over a volcano, land and then go volcano surfing. It’s crazy. They slide down on a wood like sled similar to sliding down a grass hill on cardboard.

The camera flashes back to camp and shows a fire. The fire did lick the wooden chest and it liked it…a lot. So much so, that it ate all the chests and part of the tarp. As the losers for the reward challenge came back, they were shocked that the fire liked wood enough to eat it all up. These people try so hard to impress me with their stupidity. It’s not going to work any more. I don’t think they have much more to prove on how not smart they are.

Back to the reward winners…they eat pizza, banana bread, chocolate and drink lots of soda. They had a lot of fun eating, eating and eating some more.

Neigh decided to pull Surfer aside and talk to him. This shocked Kelly and Chase but didn’t really shock Jane. She told Surfer that they were going to vote off Brenda. Surfer agreed that voting her out was the right course. This action proved that Neigh was dead serious on voting out Brenda and blindsiding her. Neigh decided to do a power move and this is very important that this move is made because power moves make people go further in the game. She understood that and wanted this to be the move that pushed her closer to the final three.

On the topic of Chase, Neigh said that he was a scatterbrain. That’s being far too nice. Chase is an idiot and there’s not much left to say about how incredibly dumb he is. Benry said that he uses his heart too much and that he needs to grow a pair. Chase decided to tell Brenda all about the plan. Stupid, stupid and stupid. In reality, he’s a great, great guy. However, he didn’t go on this show to lose, so why is he playing like a loser?

Jane said that if Chase goes back on his word then he’ll get hell when he goes back home. Amusing.

Immunity was over the water, holding a rope, leaning back and not falling.
Sash fell first in water.
Kelly second.
Holly third.
Brenda fourth.
Dan out fifth.
Surfer out sixth.
Neigh out seventh.
Benry out eighth.

Chase turned to Jane and said that she should let go because he’s got this. Jane said that she might drop out. Jeff said don’t quit. Don’t fall. Keep going and it looked like Jane was losing her grip due to her hands hurting, but Chase kept fidgeting and fell himself.

Chase out ninth.

Jane won immunity. I went all out on her last episode because of her being aligned with Brenda and Sash. This episode she showed that she doesn’t like any villain no matter who it is and wanted Brenda out because she just took Marty’s place. She regained that awesome place I had for her before she went all Marty crazy every episode.

Benry called Jane a superwoman. The funny thing about the immunity challenge was that it wasn’t about strength. It was about great grip and balance. She works with dogs and cutting their nails, so she gained a great grip. It’s not about strength, because if it were about strength then Jane would have not looked so weak during that reward challenge where the women lost.

The idea was still in play. Brenda had to be voted out. Jane reminded me about the hidden immunity idol. Holly wondered about the possibility that Sash would give Brenda the HI. Neigh said that he wouldn’t do it. Let’s not forget that he also said he wouldn’t do it when he told Jeff he wanted to keep it for himself only.

Chase opened his big mouth stating that Benry is the biggest threat. Benry wasn’t one of the top two at the last challenge. Jane and you were the top. Meaning that Jane is the bigger threat and then you. He went on to state that Benry should go because he doesn’t trust him. That’s a much better reason than threat.

Neigh talked to Sash about voting out Brenda. She planted the seed that Brenda is in a vulnerable position and she’s strong and needed to be removed.

Chase ran around confused on should he play with his heart or what’s left of his brain? He talked to Brenda about Neigh voting her out. She couldn’t believe that Neigh would do such a thing. Sash and Chase had to convince her of that possibility.

Neigh and Holly saw that Chase was talking to Brenda and Sash. They were annoyed that he couldn’t just leave well enough alone. He’s not subtle about where he stands. It almost seemed like they were going to vote out Chase.
Brenda tried to make a move and state that they should vote out Neigh for what she had done.

At Tribal Brenda called out Neigh. Her entire plan was to act as if she was unphased by anything that was going on. She wanted to show off her coolness. Neigh speaks up and blames Chase for Brenda thinking that she wanted to vote Brenda out. Chase said, uh no that’s not how it went down. He’s a little weak with his rebuttal.

Jeff turned to Kelly and asked her if she had anything to say. Kelly said she was out of the loop in a loopy manner. She’s freakin’ weird and not doing much but being the vote that people use if they need help. She’s less useful than Dan and that’s sad.

Jeff turned back to Brenda and asked her if she’s too proud to say scrambling. Brenda said that she was and he suggested that it was beneath her. She couldn’t disagree, making her look arrogant and above everyone else.

They vote and Jeff asked anyone who has a hidden immunity idol bring it out. It seemed like everyone looked at Sash to see if he’d give over the HI, and he doesn’t. Brenda’s smile was wiped from her face.

Three people were voted for tonight: Brenda, Neigh and Benry. Brenda got the bulk of the votes, though, and her fire was snuffed with her whispering ouch.

Sash and Chase voted for Brenda. Chase got one ball back. Kelly voted for Benry. She really is out of the loop.

After this episode I believe that maybe, just maybe, Neigh deserves to win the game if she makes it to the end. This power move was perfectly executed. That was until I saw previews for next week showing the aftermath of Neigh doing something selfish, crazy and stupid. I’m not surprised at all that she’d ruin a good thing. Seems like a theme with her.

The caustic Survivor Fan has spoken. Until next time…


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