“Skyline” Should have been Sidelined

Director: Colin Strause, Greg Strause

JJ Rating: D

See it again: NO.
Own it: hahahahano.
Recommend it to: No one.

If Cloverfield and Independence Day had sex, regretted their drunken escapade, found out that one of them was pregnant and then aborted the baby…that would be Skyline.

The alien mouths looked like lady bits. In one scene, an alien attacks someone and the mouth just opens up to devour only to make the actress look like a victim in a terrible practical joke. I cannot take seriously a mouth that looks like something that’s in terrible need of a bikini wax.

Not to mention the acting was worse than an after-school special about drugs and yes even worse than the “Save by the Bell” episode with speed.

Skyline had one redeeming quality, though. It was the CGI in the awesome look the characters would have when they’d peered into the light. I wish I had a make-up artist that would do that for me. I would wear it everyday and be an awesome rocking raccoon. Nothing like looking as if your bloods turned black and eyes into marble. That’s worth making others moving to the other side of the sidewalk and then shout at them, “Speciesist!”

Skyline lacked everything to make it a good movie, excluding make-up and some CGI. They should have sidelined this project the moment the thought sparked in whoever’s mind. It wanted to destroy itself the moment it started. Why would it be so self-destructive? Because it knew how crappy it was. Committing suicide in public is so cool for movies. Too early? Oh well.

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