Lohan Out in Lovelace Biopic

Its official: Lindsay Lohan has destroyed her career so badly that she cant even get a job as a porn star with substance abuse issues.

Director Matthew Wilder has told E! News that they have withdrawn their offer to Lohan to star as famed adult film star Linda Lovelace in the biopic "Inferno."

"We have stuck by Lindsay very patiently for a long time with a lot of love and support," Wilder says. "Ultimately, the impossibility of insuring her—and some other issues—have made it impossible for us to go forward."
The "other issues" Im assuming are the fact that because of her probation, Lindsay is currently residing in a court-appointed rehab facility somewhere in the desert near Palm Springs until at least January 3rd.  Which makes shooting a movie rather difficult.

E! News says they will exclusively announce which actress is taking Lohan's place in "Inferno" some time tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: So much for being exclusive. Nikki Finke says its Malin Akerman from Watchmen.

I guess we'll find out officially tomorrow.

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