“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt. 1” The Drama Before the Deaths

Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Adaptation and Sequel
Running Time: 2 hr. 30 min.
Release Date: November 19th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for some sequences of intense action violence and frightening images.
Distributors: Warner Bros. Pictures

Director: David Yates

JJ Rating: A

See it again: Yes.
Own it: Nah, I don’t own the others. I wouldn’t scoff if I was given them as a gift, but not going to rush out and get them all, or this one.
Recommend it to: Those that love the books and the movies. Of course when I say love the books, I mean those reasonable ones that are not BM Nazis (book to movie). You know who you are…demons.

Lots and lots of drama, but very little death and destruction. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Pt. 1.

As I copied and pasted the information about HP7, I was taken aback by the running time. I had no idea it was 2+ hours. I knew it was long, but had no clue that much time marched on. I normally look at running time before I go see the film. However, this time I didn’t and I just enjoyed it because excitement overpowered me. I sat there wanting more and more not even looking at my cell to email someone or to see how much time was left before I could pee. Funny because it isn’t a fast paced film. It’s evenly paced for me and probably very slow for others. There’s a lot of down time without a lot of action. It is, as some reviews have stated, a set up for the second part. It’s important no matter how slow it might seem. David Yates did an awesome job and deserves as much praise as one can muster. Maybe he needs to invite Oprah over to use her juicer teeth to juice more praise for his ability. It wouldn’t hurt.

There were several great scenes. At the beginning there’s a scene where a few different Harrys are created to protect him before they go to a secret location. It was funny watching the different Harrys react to their transformation and great acting by Daniel Radcliffe. I know he was the one acting in all those different roles in character, but he did so well that it seemed natural as if the scene really happened. At the time I didn’t even think of it as Radcliffe, but as the characters transforming into the real Harry Potter. The wedding scene gave a sense of relief only to be disrupted by danger. Fantastically set up with the beautiful purple, the lighting and the mood. Apparently purple is an important color this year. For the past few weeks I’ve seen many purple people, but no eaters, it’s very odd to me.

The scene when Harry slowly dances with Hermione, who goes through an emotional moment created a beautiful display of character and stress, was total greatness. I could seriously watch that scene over and over and over again and never get bored. Actually, I could watch that scene repeatedly before I see most of the movies that were released this year, especially during the summer. I was well aware that the danger and death would be more in the second part than this part, so I prepared myself for the methodical set up. There are many characters I’ve grown to like and to see them drop one by one is difficult. Sometimes I didn’t even realize someone died. I’m in a state of ‘they can’t die’ and forget that it’s the end and that they can. There’s no coming back. This is the start of a sad finale; many bodies will litter the floor like a cutting room of film.

A knife flips through the air in slow motion and now it makes me laugh, but at the time, I argued with the screen silently in my head. Don’t make it, was the thing I said. In my gut, I knew what would transpire, nevertheless I still argued. That scene had an emotional build up from the first movie that character showed up in and a lot of film history. The slow motion wasn’t to hold anticipation as it was to give that character the just due of a brief remembrance, like a silent eulogy. I’m sad thinking about it.

Helena Bonham Carter, who played the crazy hair Bellatrix, is in the film for a split second at the beginning and several seconds at the end. She pissed me off as she did at the tale end of a previous Potter film. Her knack for being obnoxious and evil gets to me in a good way. Imelda Staunton, who played Dolores Umbridge the lover of pink but attitude of black, also displayed a knack for being uptight, haughty and totally unbearable. Making these two evil ladies deliciously devious.

Daniel Radcliffe showed someone under tremendous stress as if the weight of the world sat upon his shoulders and his name was Atlas. I believed he felt burdened and blamed himself for the deaths of many people not realizing that he’s needed to save them all. Radcliffe’s acting shaped this character from the onset of the very first film pre-puberty and he plays Harry Potter so well that it’s hard to believe Potter is only a made up character. The same could be said about Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. Watson played Hermione like I type, without much effort…as if it’s second nature. Grint had to go through a cold and hot emotional range with Ron that he hasn’t had to show before. They’re the trinity of the book and the movie, both as the iconic characters as well as their own personal fame because of said characters.

Evanna Lynch played Luna Lovegood and I must give her a paragraph unto herself, because she plays that roll with such sweet, charming truthfulness I can’t stop myself from wanting to just listen to her say her lines over and over again. It’s as if she’s a really well seasoned carrot and tastes so good that no one argument could be presented that it’s a healthy carrot. She’s not wholesome; she’s pleasantly perky in an unobtuse manner.

It amazes me, for some reason, how smart Hermione is. There’s a scene where she does something that I am totally confused on until it dawns on me that she’s trying to protect them. She’s a quick thinker and selfless in that one act. An amazing character that I will miss come the end of the second film. Ron is an emotional rollercoaster that would annoy me if he were some whiney teen on a WB show, but because he’s Ron, it’s understandable. I didn’t grow up with these books like some people. I chose to only watch the films and I feel oddly close to them in ways I’m not close to other characters in other movies. I cannot imagine how those that read the book feel about the movies as well as this being one-step closer to no more Potter.

I read a review of a person that read every single book and was sadden by the last book, but happy because there were still movies to wait for. Now, he said that he was sad because this was the beginning of the end and that the second film will be the last. It’s hard for him to accept the end of something that’s been constant. I understand that with the Lord of the Ring Trilogy that popped out a movie three years in a row every December. I worked one job during the first and a very different job at the end of the third. It was an era for me. Sad time, actually. Harry Potter films have lasted eight years or so…almost a decade of Harry Potter. I guess it could be a decade if the books are also included. I should, that way it sounds cooler. The Decade of Harry Potter.

Things have come to ahead in HP7 and everything that people have worked for comes to fruition. What kind of hand have they been dealt is what gets partly answered this movie and answered more so, of course, in the second part.

Harry Potter is nostalgic for some, but make no mistake this film is well done. It might drag for some (like during the camping), but for me it was paced so well that I think many films would learn a thing or two from mimicking how to handle pacing. There is no real reason to end this review since the second film is really the end. Therefore, I end this with the dreaded phrase that excited some audiences (Back to the Future) and frustrated many (Dallas)…


Sorry for the 80’s references. Thanks for the forgiveness. You so awesome.

I write like: J. K. Rowling

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