The Apprentice E9 -- Just Do Not Lie to Trump…He Hates That

While everyone waited to see who’d return, they discussed who would be fired. Clint expected to see Stephanie gone, but others thought David the loon. Egos explode and Anand stated how awesome he is and how he’ll be in the finals. He gloats about greatness and creativity that orbits him like a tiny moon around Jupiter. Clint is confused how someone who was on the losing team could be so cocky at that moment. Anand expected to go to the finals. Clint thinks he’ll get there as well. Of course, who doesn’t think they’ll get there? You need to think that or why even try?

While Googling for pictures to put up on this blog, I came across someone that actually listened to the preview for this week and figured it would be Anand that would be fired for the cheating. They figured that because of the mention of $50 bucks as well as the location…in front of Trump Tower. Meaning, as it was mentioned during the show, the Petty Cab task.

Trump looked at Anand and asked him directly if he sent a text message. Anand LIES, because he stutters as well as stumbles over his words, to Trump’s face. Trump read the text aloud and asked him again. Anand finally came clean after denying a lot and started making excuses. Clint was flabbergasted that he cheated. He thought more of him.

What I found amazing was that when Stephanie lied about the musical task Anand was right there listening to how Trump hates being lied to, and yet he lied. Stupid. He got what he deserved…fired. Idiot.
So Anand mumbled thank you and walked out of the boardroom, down the elevator and out the front of Trump Tower into a cab…NO…he had to walk the shame of a cheater. Where did he go? I don’t know, don’t care. Cheater. He didn’t get an update. Just flat out gone. Though he apologized, I don’t think that much matters.

That left Stephanie and Poppy alone. Stephanie was adamant about not wanting to work with Liza again. Funny, she was adamant about not wanting to work with Anand and low and behold, she had to. Therefore, it happened again. Trump transplants Liza with Fortitude again. I laughed. Stephanie should stop stating who she doesn’t want to work with. It tends to happen.

PMs for the task were Poppy and Clint. Who’s going to win? The task was that they have to make a perfume display for Kim Kardashian’s new smell. I can’t imagine that smelling too good. Maybe like a cheap date, I don’t know. It doesn’t appeal to my senses no matter if others think of her as beautiful. I do not.

Poppy vs. Clint….what’ll happen?

Stephanie does what Stephanie does best and that’s complain about who she was working with. She called Liza and Poppy dumb and dumber. She’s a total lost cause because she continues to say and do stupid things. It just so happens it hasn’t been enough to be fired. I don’t see her, still, being in the top two.

Clint’s group went to look at the location and talk about how they’ll fill it up. Steuart came up with an awesome vanity idea. They kept turning to Brandy to ask her woman perspective, but she didn’t have much to add because she’s not as woman like as the other three. She was afraid that she’d get the blame for being the only woman with two buddy-buddy men. They did seem to be laying the groundwork to blame her.

Poppy and Stephanie wanted to do this entire bedazzled look. Liza gagged because it’s too much, and wow, she ended up being right. Stephanie did come up with the idea of standing next to the photo so that people could take a picture with Kim. I wouldn’t want to, but there apparently are those that would. Unfortunately, just as Stephanie and Poppy stated, Liza misremembers and said, in the boardroom, that Poppy came up with that idea when she didn’t. It was Stephanie. However, to be fair Stephanie claimed she’d take responsibility for the ideas no matter if they failed and she didn’t, so she shouldn’t get credit. That’s how I see it.
This episode screamed for the entire Fortitude team to be fired. All three women GONE like that….if only. They’re not good enough at all.

Steuart’s idea is so freaking fantastic with the Vanity and Clint added a few ideas. They made it where the perfume would sit in little slots where bulbs would have gone if it were a real vanity. Anand was so wrong about the creativity of that team.

Stephanie said one funny line this episode and that was when Donald Jr. came to check on them she said that he was hot and then said that they need to edit that out. Amusingly great.

And Liza’s funny line was that the feather boas look liked malnourished ostriches. These women are so not Trump material. Liza said that the idea of Poppy’s and Stephanie’s was cheap looking. That’s exactly what Kim and the Exec said. While Poppy glued the sequence onto crappy material I was dumbfounded that these people are supposed to be highly intelligent or bright or anything that resembled creative. You wouldn’t believe it unless you saw it. It was that bad.

Poppy went way overboard with the kissing Kim’s butt. It made me roll my eyes super fast and punch a small child. Their finish product made me want to punch a small child twice.

I was simply amazed with what Clint’s looked like. I would have flipped out if the children’s creation that Poppy’s team made won. It looked like something a kindergartner’s craft project threw up. Clint’s looked good. It looked awesome. If they didn’t win, I would have thrown nothing at the TV, but felt like throwing a big chunk of disgust.
In the boardroom, I disliked how Clint attacked Brandy. Loved how Ivanka stood up for Brandy asking what did they expect of her. Clint was too hard on her. He doesn’t need to act like that to win. Don’t make someone feel as if they’re not part of the team.
WOOHOO I was so happy when Clint won because there’s looked so good. It wasn’t good because Poppy’s looked bad, it was good because it was good and that was what made it worth woohooing.

I wish Trump fired more than just two people. I wished he fired Poppy and Stephanie instead of just Poppy. Especially because Stephanie was all about taking credit of many things, so that Liza would take credit of NOTHING. However, since they lost Stephanie was really tight lipped about what she helped do outside of the one thing that Kim and the exec liked, the interactive picture where the customer could stand next to it and take a photo with Kim.

It turned into the Liza vs. Stephanie battle for a while. I think Trump really dislikes the both of them. They are obnoxious.

Poppy brought up Stephanie bad mouthing Liza in the van. Stephanie tried to defend herself but didn’t do a great job.

Poppy was fired because of the poor way the entire thing looked and because she had final say. She walked out of the boardroom to get on the elevator and neither Stephanie nor Liza go over and say goodbye. Proving that they are douchebags of the highest order.

I almost fell out of my chair when Poppy mentioned that she was interested in dentistry. Why so interesting? Because it’s so random a thing, that someone would want to do. Ha…this show is shrinking in people size, but for some reason stupid speaking is running rampant.

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