The Apprentice E8 -- When Goliath slays David

Stephanie decided that she’d like to start the return from the boardroom with being angry. Anand called her a liar about what she said she didn’t do in the boardroom. Stephanie, who does this to other people, gets mad over his judging her. She went off on him yakking up a storm, but not defending herself well. At. All.

Stephanie, in confessional, called Anand classless in a classless way. She only did so because Anand called her classless in a classy way--to her face. It’s that simple. She got so mad that she said she could never work with him, and yet Trump shuffles the teams and she is on the same team as Anand. Sweet karma…or whatever.

Their task was to use Trump’s clothes for Macy’s in a photo shoot and make a great ad.

On team Fortitude David, Anand, Poppy and Stephanie. David stepped up to be PM.

On Octane Brandy, Liza (before I spelled it Lisa, sorry…eek), Clint and Steuart. Brandy stepped up to be PM.

Both teams had to hire models, but Octane had issue with models arriving on time. Therefore, Brandy and Steuart decided to be the models. On Fortitude, David fawns over one of the male models so much that he said the word dapper. Yes, a word that is older than your great, great grandparents.

He gushes over this male model who is dapper the entire time. David might as well have taken a picture, put it in a frame and placed it next to his bed so the model was the last thing he saw at night. David meant to say (or maybe he did) that he was photogenic. Anand pointed out his obsessed thinking and eventually hurt their team for a number of reasons.

Poppy and Anand were in charge of getting photos taken at a Trump bar somewhere. They were also in charge of getting the models lunch, but they didn’t have time or forgot or whatever. Therefore, when they came back David goes nuts and then Stephanie talks to the camera and sates that they should have just done it. DO IT, she said. Uh, who had the job of dealing with the printing on the previous task and didn’t get the names and numbers put on the brochure? Oh, wait…that was YOU. Just do it, psh, you couldn’t just do it unless someone was talking about blame, because then your crooked finger would shoot up just to point and judge.

David is like Jekyll and Hyde. He flips like a switch, from crazy to psycho. He so got hit in the head and jostled whatever’s in there. I don’t know if it could be called a brain. He treats everyone like he doesn’t like to be treated. He talked to Poppy and Anand as if they were naughty little puppies and he was an abusive dog owner. Then Stephanie would stand next to him and not say anything, she’s just a terrible judge of character. Come on…David and Wicked Witch Liar last week…she’s just 0 for infinity.

David is a very, very creative person. His idea to put the items that were to be highlighted for Trump’s collection in color while putting the rest of the photo in black and white was very smart. However, when he was told that the model (the dapper one -- yes, that ancient word) had a small neck that didn’t fit the shirt he was in, he failed to listen. He didn’t listen because his way of being PM is his ideas or no ideas.

Liza was uncomfortable over the photo of Brandy in just a shirt and on the bed. It was a little racy, but they tried to do it in a classy way. She was the voice of dissent, but didn’t speak up. She’s been better the last two tasks. Good for her. Clint stated that Steuart most likely didn’t put up a fight to be a model in the ad. Yeah, Steuart is a little into himself, but it’s not overbearing.

Brandy did Octane’s presentation. She stumbled a bit, but over all they seemed very pleased with what she showed them. Liza was right about the bedroom scene being a little racy. That concerned the judges. David didn’t prepare anything to speak. He just spoke what he thought. The very first thing they noticed about David’s ad was that the model had a small neck.

I liked David’s idea, but his execution sucked. Brandy took in everyone’s thoughts and worked with them to produce a great ad idea. It is a bit generic, but still looked good. David’s just a terrible person and it’s no wonder that his wife up and left him. I say that a lot, but the proof is there. Telling Anand that he wants to dropkick him and he hates him is stupid. Just totally and utterly ridiculous.

In the boardroom David tries to put some blame on Anand and Poppy by stating that they were supposed to “Entertain the models”…meaning he wanted them to be babysitters. Trump didn’t buy it. David took most of the blame from the task because it was his idea. Anand brought up David liking the model and it being a bit homoerotic. Clint and Stueart laughed, great moment.

They look at each other’s brochures and stated what they liked and didn’t like. Trump talked about the racy photo of Brandy, but Brandy defended it quite well. He asked if she had a crush on Steuart and she said, “I like older men, sir.” That made Trump laugh. At this moment, I can see her being the apprentice. Then Trump pointed out the small neck model that David really, really liked. He went on about how that was just silly to not fit him right. Anand and Poppy pointed out that they did try to get David to change his mind on the model and the shirt, but he wouldn’t because he’s not only stubborn, he’s stupid.

Octane won and Brandy got to meet with the head of Macy’s.

This task rested heavily on the shoulders of the PM. Brandy stated that if they lost she was sure she was going to go home. She knew the risk. It looked like David understood that he was going to be fired as well for his risk and how he treated the rest of the team. He didn’t really put up a huge fight.

Stephanie learned a great lesson last week and she still applied it this week with not speaking unless spoken too. My respect for her went up a notch. She also got more respect when she said that Trump should fire David and not Poppy. That said a lot considering what she has said about Poppy in the past.

David decided to send Anand back and keep Poppy and Stephanie with him. David then got hit in the forehead with one stone and was FIRED. Reverse David and Goliath. The Goliath in this situation squashed David. He looked like a total douchebag in his trench coat as he walked out to the cab.

Stephanie and Poppy both were gracious enough to shake David’s hand. However, as they walk back to the suit, Poppy looked like she was grinning. I think she’s glad the crazy of crazies was gone.

Next week Trump states someone cheated…another first. God, there is no limit to how stupid people can be.

Until next week…

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