The Apprentice E11 - Lack of Empire State of Mind vs. Middle School Mentality

As Clint, Steaurt and Brandy sat on the couch, they spoke about how awesome it was to win three in a row. Brandy commented on how the men were about to pull out a ruler and see who was bigger based on their back and forth.

Steaurt likes Clint, but his problem with Clint is that he’s not New York enough. He doesn’t have that Empire personality that would make for a great Trump CEO.

Liza returns and they all hug like they be buddies. Liza said she had to step it up and be a PM.

Then Trump entered their living quarters and split the teams up men vs. women. Their task was to work at QVC. Whoever gets the most money wins the task.

PMs were Liza and Clint.

Steaurt meet with Cathy Black and they talked business.

On helicopter ride with Clint and Steuart, Steuart mentioned how Clint reminds him of his dad. They spoke about their strategy. Clint stated that he thought Steuart was too immature to be a CEO.

Brandy and Liza didn’t talk at all. Brandy thought they should have talked strategy, as she knew the men were, but allowed Liza to be in control to dictate what needed done to see if she had leadership skills. So far, Liza has sucky leadership skills.

They saw the products that they cold sell. Then they split up into their teams to discuss how they’ll negotiate to get what they wanted.

Liza wanted the belt or the watch. Brandy didn’t offer much because it was Liza’s and she had to show leadership no using Brandy as a crutch. Clint wanted the purse and the later timeslot.

In their negotiating, the men used the trick of wanting what the women want only to give it up to get something better. It worked. The women wanted the watches. The men agree to give up that choice if they got the timeslot they wanted. The women agreed. Only to find out afterward that the men had fooled them because Clint said that they wanted the purse. It hit Brandy and wide eyed for a moment she burned with the urge to knock the cocky out of the both of them. I don’t blame her.

How Clint handled the negotiation was awesome.

Liza did a lot of suggesting about price, Brandy gave some advice on the price, but didn’t give too much, and the price they settled on was $69.50. That was because Liza wanted to go higher, but didn’t want to go too high.

Steuart laughed over how Clint held the purse proving that he was immature while at the same time giving Steuart another opportunity to state how Clint’s not Empire State enough. Clint did not want to go over $200 and settled on $194.97 after he stated that he didn’t want to make it high in this economic environment.

Gabriella was the host for Stueart and Clint. The guest host would be Steuart. Steuart still stuck on the entire Empire State lacking in Clint. When Clint said to show the zipper and push with finger, Steuart said fingering only to laugh and make Gabriella not laugh and look completely uncomfortable. Showing what? How there’s nothing different between him and a middle schooler when it comes to a word ending in “ing” and starting with finger. I would have laughed, but I know when not to laugh and while Gabriella, who is there to work, is in the room it’s time not to laugh.

Albany was the host. Liza decided on Brandy as the co-host because Brandy’s white. This seemingly created an uncomfortable air in the room that Liza didn’t notice at all. Then they go into the room to practice and Liza doesn’t allow much time to practice what they’ll say because of a sign. She didn’t like where it was in one spot or the next spot and even when it was moved again it had to move again because Liza couldn’t decide. Showing her lack of leadership as well as not knowing what she ultimately wanted done.

Liza started making comments in Brandy’s ear about what to say. First, she said what Liza said but then she and Albany decided to talk as they wanted because they lacked a plan. Liza didn’t map that out beforehand. The wrap up was quick and they didn’t end on time. It ended up being abrupt.

Clint and Steuart practiced. Steuart did good and seemed to be in his element according to Clint. Stueart talked about the purse and used the words that Clint feed him in his ear. Then Steuart mocked Clint’s word choices such as warm, supple, tight and Steuart said Clint might as well have said moist. God, so immature…but funny. Clint finished on time. Fantastic job.

Isaac talked about how Brandy had a natural flow and that the purse was too high and that watch was too low.

In the Boardroom…

Liza said that she chose Brandy to co-host because she’s white. Something about research and friendly faces would do better. Liza was honest and Trump appreciated that, even though he found what she said to be weird. I found it to be stupid. She could have just said that Brandy would do better because she is a better speaker based on previous tasks instead of taking the race rout. Liza also has never spoke in front of people and this would have been a great opportunity for her to do that, but she didn’t take it.

Clint said that he thought they did a good job and couldn’t think of what he would have been done differently. His shining moment was the negotiation and they went over what he decided to do and handle it so that he could get what he wanted from the women. He said that he knew about the purses and the prices because his wife has so many. Now that he was unemployed, she was selling them. Trump told him that he wouldn’t have to do that any more. Very telling in who he decided to keep and not fire right there.

Steuart mentioned some of the words Clint chose for him to say and people laughed. Trump liked the choice of words. Dirty moment in the boardroom.

Woman sold 77 watches $2,998
Men sold 25 hand bags and made $2,174

Men lost. Women leave to wait in the lobby.

Clint vs. Steuart

Clint claimed to be a CEO out of the box.
Steuart said he handled his business and that he’d be able to handle anything given to him.
Steuart said that Clint wouldn’t do well in New York because he lacked the Empire state of mind, but said that Clint was a great guy.

It was like a break up and neither wants to harm the other.

Clint did what I thought he should have done and that was mention he decided the price, but that Steuart wanted to go higher. Then the woman in the boardroom (don’t’ remember he name and again…not getting paid to) stated that the price was similar to paying $40 for a six-pack. No guy would want to do that. Very valid point, no comment from Clint.

The price might have been the problem, but Trump hinted at how it could have been the co-host’s fault as well. Indicating that Steuart’s nervous sounding self could have made people buy less. Plus his Clint is like my father comment came back to bite him because Clint used it to further push he was a better man for the job by hinting at his maturity and lack thereof with Steuart.

Clint pointed out that he’s done this and that at this school and done this at this age. He did impress Trump and of course Steuart tried to impress Trump with the ages he did things at. Trump agreed that Clint could work anywhere else in the country where he had a business. Not everything he owned was in New York.

Nevertheless, just as I predicted, Steuart was fired. As Stueart walked out Clint patted his back and walked him to the elevator where they shook hands. First time I’ve seen that sort of treatment of anyone. Classy for both Clint and Steuart.

Lack of Empire State of Mind wins…

In the car, Steuart said he didn’t think that Trump made the right decision. I do because middle school mentality is fun when you keep it in check.

I think that next week Liza is gone, because Brandy will trump her with many things that she just did wrong like her inability to lead, her indecisiveness and lack of speaking in front of large crowds. Brandy gave her the rope and Liza hung herself.

Until next time…

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