The Apprentice E10 -- There was another Witch to Melt? Not any more….

Brandy said she was on guard because of Clint and Steuart tried to remove her. Stephanie and Liza argued with one another over nothing, really. Stephanie just wanted to do more Liza blaming. She planed on putting Liza under the bus no matter what.

Clint went and spoke to someone he was set up to talk to. I can’t be bothered with remembering his name and I’m not being paid to…so I have no motivation to hit rewind. I love this job. The point in mentioning this part that I rarely mention anyway is that Clint wore a purple shirt with a gold tie. It looked like Willy Wonka dressed him and that’s not a complement, not even a little bit. The good thing about the meeting was that Clint got a $5,000 gift card to Pier 1 Imports.

The teams had to create a 30 second TV Commercial for AT&T Mobile viewing with Flo TV or whatever. Again…not being paid…so don’t really care.

Stephanie PM and Steuart PM.

Stephanie took over the entire creative task and shut out Liza by making her secretary. She said that this task was good for HER and didn’t even include Liza at all. Through the entire task, Stephanie is a prick. There’s no nicer way of saying it, there’s only crasser ways to say it. As Stephanie was trying to get the task together, the director she hired looked pissed off over how slow and retarded Stephanie was acting. The first time they ever asked someone working on the task for the teams to speak to the camera in a confessional. I laughed because that was a huge
indicator that Stephanie’s team so lost.

Steuart’s group was ambitious with the scheduling with different scenes to shoot. Brandy wasn’t too concern with the task because she wasn’t as invested. Clint went in and acted as dad for the commercial. The out of loop dad.

Every time Stephanie spoke to the camera, she blamed Liza. Not a single thing was not Liza’s fault. She convinced herself that Liza was the fall girl. She so needs to go. She has over stayed her welcome. That’s a fact.

Side note…lot of purple this episode. This past weekend I saw a lot of purple at an event I went to. I even wore purple. Must be the color of the year.

Don Jr. looked like he was sick in one scene when he spoke to Stephanie. It looked like he had jaundice, really gross like a sick lemon.

In the editing room with Steuart’s team, they tried to make the commercial look good with what they had. They were stressed that they were not making the most of their time. Maybe, based on both of the teams and how they acted, no one won. It almost seemed like they both lost.

Stephanie was not kidding when she said that she wanted to throw Liza under the bus because all she did this episode was keep Liza away from doing anything and blame, blame, blame her for not doing as Stephanie telepathically said. She said she wanted the task all to herself and then she whined to the camera about how she had to do everything. She’s a contradicting hypocrite if ever one was created by a sperm and an egg.

Stephanie and Liza went first with their presentation of their commercial. The commercial bored me. However, Stephanie’s presentation got praise from Trump.

The commercial that Steuart, Clint and Brandy did was fantastic, but their presentation wasn’t as great because Brandy fumbled a bit.

I dislike how they have the judges go “and the winner is…”, because the cutoff is awkward and terrible. Editing on this show lacks sometime.

In the boardroom Trump said that Brandy didn’t do a great job with the presentation and he got Steuart to agree somewhat. Trump said that he enjoyed Stephanie’s presentation the best.

Then he turned his attention to Stephanie’s lackluster concept with the boardroom and the rudeness of watching TV while they are in a business meeting. She admitted, after pushing, that she came up with the concept.

Stueart’s team won. Thank God.

Stephanie wanted her team to be the team of one. However, since that’s what she got she then turned on Liza and said that it was all her fault even though all the major decisions were made by Stephanie without Liza and this is what Liza pointed out. However, the problem with Liza is that she doesn’t push for her ideas as strongly as she pushes in the boardroom and that was their major complaint with her.

Stephanie was fired because she painted herself in the corner by doing so much and not taking in what Liza said. Moreover, she was PM and her concept SUCKED. If Trump had a bucket of water and tossed it on her, I bet Stephanie would of melted in too a snotty, green, gross, mucky pile of womanly disgusting mucus. Maybe. Let me have my fantasy. Thank you.

While they were watching Stephanie on the TV Steuart and Clint shouted, “Mahsa’s hands.” Because Stephanie put her hands up as Mahsa did while in the boardroom and when she was lying…which was 95% of the time.

Finally, all that blaming that Stephanie did caught up with her and landed on her lap and she couldn’t wiggle out from under it. She reaped what she sowed. However, on the good side for her she has to become the spokesperson for Trump’s brand. That’s great. She did like to BS a lot. Perfect job for her.

Trump said he wasn’t too happy with Liza. I wouldn’t be either. She will most certainly be one of the two fired in next week’s episode. No doubt.

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