Amazing Race 17 - 7 Teams - E6 -- Play by Ear

The most frustrating thing to happen on Amazing Race is when you are in first place and you find out that all the teams will catch up. That’s what happened when they all end up on the train together. I would be irritated that everyone would catch up…but only for a split second. I’m like the sun. I have solar flares and move on. Of course that states I’m disruptive to people million of miles away. I like that suggestion.

Brook and Claire were spend time with Nat and Kat in the same bunk area on the train. They start smelling test with each other’s shoes and socks…no, really. The sound effect that they use when someone does the wrong thing while doing a Road Block or Detour played while Brook and Claire smelled stuff. It’s a nerdy Amazing Race thing, loved it.

Chad rears his ugly head at Stephanie, again, because they end up in one of the last cabs to get to the airport only to catch up with everyone. Therefore, there was no real reason to be mad. Chad stated that there are moments in the race where he’s learning to be a better person. That’s one of the smartest things he’s said this entire season, most likely…ever.

They end up in Russia.

Almost every single member of each team appreciated the beauty of the buildings but Kevin. Why? He was worried about the next Clue Box. I could understand that. Gotta get to that clue box so you’re not the last to the mat. Don’t want to stop and smell the roses if you’re going to hear Phil say, “You’re the last to check-in. Sorry, you’ve been eliminated.”

Detour was either Music or Cinema. Music they’d have to match what the gramophone played to what a piano player played. This was in an entire room full of piano players all playing at the same time. Cinema they had to find the right clip of film on the screen in a mountain of film.

Michael and Kevin do the movie clip. They were the first to arrive, but they are not the first to leave. I couldn’t imagine doing that task. The movie film is everywhere and in mountains and mountains.

I don’t know which one I’d do. Whichever one I picked, I’d stick with it until I finished and amazingly, that’s what ends up happening with Chad and Stephanie. They ended up being one of the last groups that stuck with the music task. They got frustrated and pissy over staying or to going, but they kept with it and finished and they were very proud. I could see it and I was proud of them. That was an amazing task to finish. Shows you’ve got a good ear and great determination to win the race.

Brook and Claire end up getting a cabbie that has no idea where he’s going. That’s one of the staples of The Amazing Race. Cabbies that just drive but have no clue where they’re going. If that doesn’t happen at least once an episode, then it can’t be the Amazing Race.

Jill and Thomas finished first at the movie task. They are also one of the only teams that are so bland and not interesting.

I agree with Vicki said that the music task was mentally exhausting and Nick and Vicki are the non-mental team. They are not stupid; they’re a physical team and proved last episode that they shine when it’s physical. The movie task annoyed them too much; they left and went back to the music task. It seemed like they were finished, but they finished the music task proudly. They should be proud. That music task is a kick butt task.

Michael and Kevin see two teams leave before them and those two teams arrived after them. It’s annoying to work hard at a task that seems to be based on luck, only to be left in the dust twice.

The Road Block is where one of the team members have to dress up like a Babushka (woman) and work in the filed by burying potatoes with cow poo. Fun times.

Kevin and Michael are the only team left that is two men. Therefore, with this Road Block, one had to dress as a woman and Kevin stepped up to dress, so to speak. He did the task and looked like he had fun. He even fell in love with one of the babushkas who encouraged him to dig, plop and cover.

Brook screams over touching poo with her hands. When she gets back with Claire, she asked if she gets to shower first. Claire nods that she can certainly shower first because she smelled ripe. Haha.

Michael and Kevin head to the pit stop first, but because Kevin thought it was around a building they walked around that before going to where Phil was--the park. Because they did that Jill and Thomas ended up being number one. Michael and Kevin ended up being third because Brook and Claire ran up to be second.

Hahaha….Stephanie tossed the shovel into the manure so that the next person, Mallory, had to jump into the poo to get it out. Mallory did have to do that and she did say everything that Stephanie said she would. She playfully mocked her to the camera. I laughed, because she did say OH GOD, just like Stephanie mocked in a southern accent.

Chad and Stephanie beat Mallory and Gary to the mat, but they both end up on it at the same time. Disgusting is that I swear Mallory’s hands still had poo stains on it and she put her hands over the shoulder of Stephanie and Gary, her dad. Gross Mallory. Every time I say her name, I want to say Mallory Gallery.

Nick and Vicki did not give up. They pushed through the music task, through the babushka roadblock and made it to the mat in front of Phil past sundown. They were ready to be eliminated but…IT WAS A NON-ELIMINATION ROUND…woohoo. I’m so happy. I know someone has to go home next week, but it’s so hard to watch anyone on this show go home. They’re all so great. Love this season.

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