Amazing Race 17 - 6 Teams - E8 Will You Be Number One With Me

They run their little tails to Muscat, Oman

Five teams are at the ticket office requesting the earliest flights out. Where’s Chad and Stephanie? The wondering begins. The teams were split between two flights. No Chad and Stephanie and it’s already ten minutes into the show.

The camera goes back to the hotel where there’s snoring. By the time Chad and Stephanie wake up and get ready, they’re 2 hours late. They fall upon the beautiful wonder of chance and get a flight that ends up arriving in Muscat ten minutes after the second flight. Chad said that they are the reason they keep getting beat more than the other teams. They make it hard on themselves. Maybe something will change…?

Upon arrival, Chad and Stephanie are shocked to see the other teams, but not as shocked as the other teams are to see them. Haha, awesomeness. I love disappointment like that.

As the teams leave the airport and arrive at the next location, they received a token with a time on it. 7:45am was for the first few. The team that slept in 2 hours was one of the few. That team that snatch a token after them got 8am.

The teams rested until their time to leave. Before they were to leave Chad asked Stephanie to go on a walk. He said he wanted to do this on the race and realized that she’s the one as the race progressed. He got down on his knee and proposed and before she answered, they went to commercial. EVIL! Of course, she said yes. He gave her his mom’s ring. She passed away and it meant a lot for him to do that. Many happy cheers from the other teams.

Many teams got lost on the way to their next location. Stop and ask directions or use a map, it didn’t matter…they felt as if they were in the middle of nowhere.

Once they drove to a stopping point, a driver was there to drive the rest of the way up the precarious mountain. Then it was a roadblock. One person had to repel down the side of a jagged mountain and then look for a ring that was in one of the many lamps placed in the rockery terrain.

Chad did the repelling. Thomas and Jill arrived next and Jill repelled.

Chad found the ring and left and then Jill finds it five minutes later. They were on each other’s heels for the rest of the episode.

Nick and Vicki were lost and stopped for directions. They asked someone and Vicki told Brooke and Claire that they were going the right direction. Oh, no Vicki was nice to someone and helped them only buy seconds because I’m sure Brooke would have asked someone had Vicki not told her. Nevertheless, Nick had to bring back that trite and tired comment of does she have any common sense in her body. Come on Nick. Can’t you be nice? Polite? Considerate? Supportive? A combination of any of that? Why so negative? They arrived at the repel third. Vickie decided to do it because she’s only scared of bugs. Nick didn’t want to do it because he isn’t too keen on heights.

Funny when Nick and Vicki read their clue, before the repel, a goat pestered them and started eating the clue. Apparently, it tasted very good, because he came back for seconds.

Brooke and Claire arrive fourth and Claire (who had difficulty the last repel off the bridge) said she’d do it and she did.

Mallory and Gary remained lost.

Chad and Stephanie start to exude positiveness. Could be because of the change in title below their names from dating to engaged.

Detour. Deliver water or make marriage soup.

Chad and Stephanie the newly engaged team decided on the water, as did the followers Jill and Thomas.

Nick and Vicki return to their car to leave and hear leaking out of their back tire. Nick has a conniption fit because it’s so difficult to change a tire. It’s as if he had a tantrum. Change it and move on without becoming and overly dramatic man-child.

Kat and Nat arrive at the repel. Nat afraid of the heights enough to not be afraid to cry on TV over it. Therefore, Kat is the repel person. She bounded down and looked for the ring feeling tired from searching and searching and searching, but not finding.

Jill and Thomas beat Chad and Stephanie in finishing delivering the water. Stephanie frustrated over how Jill and Thomas swoop in and take first, but they are not far behind.

Nick and Vicki also do the water.

Brooke and Claire also do the water.

Kat still had difficulty looking for the ring and gave hope that Gary and Mallory had a chance at beating them.

Mallory and Gary took eight hours to get to the destination with the lamps. They get there when Kat and Nat are leaving.

One of the many things I love about the Amazing Race is that the countries they go to that most of us rarely hear great things about are so, so nice to everyone. They’re polite. They want to help and they go out of their way to show where a location is and do it out of wanting to help. It’s a sharp contrast to how people are here in America. It feels like it is. Maybe it’s not as bad as I seem to think. I would help a racer if they came up to me if I knew where the location was. I love seeing people go, Sure, I’ll help. Then they led the team. It’s nice and as the saying goes, it’s the one percent that ruins it for the rest of us. Meaning that most people on the planet are nice and only a small fraction are terrible and scare people into thinking otherwise.

I get excited for Gary and Mallory because I don’t want them to go and a small part of me would like to see Kat and Nat leave. Small part wants to keep that woman teams never win Amazing Race alive. However, Kat and Nat are amazing and I truly don’t want to see them go. They work so hard. I still cheered for Gary and Mallory because they were so excited when they saw a glimmer of hope that they might still be in the race.

Jill and Thomas make it to a mall like area where they have to find frankincense, deliver it to another man, and get a clue. The mall was full of people. They finish quickly and head to the mat. When they arrive they find out they incurred a penalty because they paid a taxi to follow. They had to wait 30 minutes before they could be checked in.

Meaning what? That Chad and Stephanie march up and became team number one. They were uber-uber excited. Stephanie especially since she was engaged and they woke up late only to push through the day and make it to the number one spot and win something. I’m really excited for them because Chad was a douche at the beginning. He was so wound tight about how things had to go. As the race progressed he’s loosened up and realized that he doesn’t need to be that way and it’s awesome to see him transform.

Jill and Thomas walk to the mat like little kids that didn’t get their way. They looked like someone spit and peed in their cereal. They were viably upset. They only have themselves to blame. They are the only team to arrive without being happy of their position. Heh, heh, heh.

Brooke and Claire have a blond moment and go down a wrong way street and almost got into trouble with the popo. I don’t think they really took time out of their quick racing lives to kiss anyone this leg. They did seem a bit stressed by the race more so than normal.

Nick and Vicki team number three. They almost jump out of their skin on how excited they were.

Brooke and Claire are team number four and they were uber excited as well.

It was a race between Nat and Kat against Gary and Mallory. When they arrive at the mall it’s empty, so technically a little easier to finish and get the next clue.

With the trickery of editing it was too obvious who’d be team number five: Nat and Kat.

Leaving Gary and Mallory as team number six. They were eliminated. Sad to see them go. A mixture of sad and happy creating a perfect blend of bittersweet. Mallory was excited to do the race with her dad, as he was to do it with her. It only gets sadder as the race continues to lose great teams that made this season so much fun.

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