Amazing Race 17 - 6 Teams - E7 -- READ THE CLUE

The theme for this episode is rightfully read the clue. So many mistakes this leg because teams didn’t read the clue correctly. The clue isn’t a book. It’s not like they have to read seven thousand words in five seconds. There’s a few sentences. Don’t rush, read the WHOLE clue and then give it to your teammate and let them read it. There’s really no reason to screw up on reading and understanding the clue.

All the teams end up at the same location, the circus. Detour: Circus Band where they
have to play a Russian folk song on an accordion or Circus Clown where they have to spin ten plates for at least 9 seconds.

Inside where they have to spin the plates was crazy. Clowns ran around doing tricks and things making Nick tell them not touch him because ever since he was a wee little one he disliked clowns. Then he decided it was the right time to call Vicki a dumba…yeah, that.

Outside they learn the song on the accordion. While learning the song many teams were surprised that there was three sections: a beginning, a middle and an end. Apparently a song has only a beginning. I know, I know…they didn’t expect it to be so long.

Kat and Nat turned on the smart and decided that they’d put numbers on their fingers and learn the song that way. Their smarts worked, because they were one of the first teams to leave.

Stephanie and Chad go back to bickering about how to do the spinning of the plates. They rawr at each other and then give up and go outside to play the accordions.

Michael and Kevin got 9 plates spinning and while they were getting the tenth one ready, all of them fell like dominos. Instead of tossing up their hands and calling each other names (like Nick does, often) they went right back and tried again until they succeeded.

Mallory had an ear for the song and knew when she was pressing the wrong key. She loved playing with her dad and exclaimed that they should make a band.

Brook and Claire were the first team done overall and they spun those plates like pros.

Jill and Thomas got frustrated with the plate spinning acting as if it was impossible only to find out that the accordion was worse. After “wasting” time with the song they went back to the plate spinning. By the time they were done they were the last team to leave. Going from first to last didn’t make for a happy couple. They were so frustrated the show decided that this was a perfect time to have a clown laugh before going to commercial.

Stephanie and Chad got frustrated with the plate spinning and went and did the accordion. Chad said it reminded him of guitar hero. Stephanie had a great ear for music and Chad, as she said in the taxi, was tone deaf. Chad gets back at her when they ended up being last to arrive at a tower where they had to find a location. She went up in the tower and didn’t see anything. When he went up there he saw the little building sitting on the brick and picked at her wondering how could she be so blind? She didn’t appreciate it at all.

I loved watching the teams get all excited when they finished the spinning plates or the accordion playing. The giddy nature from accomplishing a task is as awesome as the guy who saw the double rainbow, just not as dirty sounding.

One of the locations that they have to go to is the Church on Spilled Blood. That’s inviting. Please come to our church. What’s it called? Church on Spilled Blood. You mean Kool-Aid right? Nope, blood. Vampire drinking blood. Comforting.

Michael shouts at Kevin, as they run, that he should read the clue carefully. Why would they show that part? Because Kevin DID NOT read the clue carefully. It specifically told them to walk to the next destination NOT to follow a cab to the next destination and that’s exactly what Kevin decided to do.

Nick and Vickie and Kat and Nat get to the tower first. Nick and Nat go up and take a while to realize that there’s a small little building and that’s where they’re going. When they come down Nick tells Kevin that it has something to do with DS13. Kevin thought that he wouldn’t lie. He goes up with Brooke. They look and end up finding the building. Kevin got a little mad that he was lied to.

Again the clue said walk, but Kevin and Michael use the cab. So do Brook and Claire. The clue states to WALK to the next destination. I don’t get why that’s so hard to read and understand?

While in the cab following Kevin and Michael, Brook and Claire realize that they need to walk. So they get the cab to drive them all the way back so they can walk to the Church to avoid being penalized.

The Road Block is to play a Russian game that’s similar to bowling, but with sticks. It looks dangerous should someone stand too close to what you’re throwing the stick at.

Ha, that actually looks like the same place they were at in this episode. The only difference is that there was no one standing like that. Because if there was, these Americans would have shattered a lot of ankles.

I love the Amazing Race because it’s really great couple’s therapy. It shows who has a great relationship and what a couple needs to work on. In this episode Nick really needs to work on his name calling. He called Vicki all kinds of names, no doubt, but the show only had a few times in there. He called her dumb because she made, according to him, a 3rd grader mistake for going off the main road to look for a cab. He was not supportive this entire episode, but Vicki was for him while he played the Russian stick game (Gorodki).

Nat does a great job of doing the stick bowling. She had great support. Even though Michael and Kevin made it there first, but Nat and Kat leave due to Kat finishing the task quickly. Michael was having a hard time hitting the mark.

Nat and Kat arrive first and they win $5,000 a piece.

Michael continued to try, but got nowhere for an entire hour. Then he started getting it, but by then it was starting to get down to the nitty gritty.

Brooke and Claire ended up in second place.

Nick and Vicki team number three.

Gary and Mallory team number four.

Jill and Thomas had to pay their cabbie as did Michael and Kevin. The cabbie demands money. Both teams pull out American dollars to pay the demanding cabbies. They had them wait because they thought they would need them to get to the mat, oops they didn’t.

Jill and Thomas team number five.

Michael and Kevin had to wait out a penalty of an hour for breaking the rules. One 30 minute penalty for following a cab to a destination and the other for taking a cab to a destination instead of walking. The problem with this waiting was that Chad and Stephanie were only a few paces behind. They come up, but have to go and pay their cabbie and get their stuff before they’re checked in. Therefore they get their stuff and paid the cabbie, come back and have a penalty as well for taking a cab instead of walking. However, since it was only one 30 minute penalty they were checked in as team number six.

Michael and Kevin were eliminated. Kevin kicked himself over and over again, no doubt, for all the dumb mistakes they made this leg that just accumulated into a huge mess. Even with their mistakes they would have been checked in if Michael had gotten how to play the Russian game quicker or if they had walked instead of taken cab after following the cab. Meaning they’d only incur a single 30 minute penalty which would be short enough to beat out Chad and Stephanie. Actually if they walked then Michael would have been too tired to do the task, leaving Kevin to do it and then they’d have made it quicker.

Amazing Race is hard, but the easiest part is reading the clue. I don’t get why, for a million dollars, you don’t read the clue carefully. Come on….

I’m going to miss Kevin and Michael. I would miss any of the teams that left…even the boring team that no one knows much about (Jill and Thomas). It’s hard to watch someone go when all the teams are so fun when they get excited for accomplishing a hard task. I thought Kevin would have a YouTube Video up by now, but he doesn’t. You can check out his YouTube channel. He’s very amusing.

Until next time…


Charaze said...

I'm so sad that Kev and his dad got eliminated. :-( Most people on YouTube were rooting for him, but still we love Team Jumba.

You're kidding, right? said...

What you don't understand is the pressure that they are under when they have to read the clues. Often, they are in a bustling city making sure that the driver knows where to go (which doesn't always happen) or making mental landmarks to help them later. And the fact that there is one million dollars on the line doesn't make it easier. As the contestants have said, even though the legs last an entire day, people finish within minutes of each other. You should consider the kinds of stresses that the contestants are under before making your derogatory and ignorant questions.

J_Jammer said...

Reading the clue is part of the game. If reading is difficult for anyone then they should either not play the game at all...or understand why people would say reading the clue is important and agree. Clue reading is what happens in every leg. Understanding what you are to do is part of the game and getting ahead. Making excuses doesn't make what they did ok or right.

If they are into the game as much as I would assume, they'd agree...reading the clue is important. Just like wanting to play is important.

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