Amazing Race 17 - 4 Teams - E10 - 30 Min. Behind is Worth Angry Spit more than 6 hours behind

Wow, Dhaka, Bangladesh has 100,000 people per square mile….uh no….I’d so move and if I didn‘t have money to move, I’d walk to somewhere far less people filled.

Teams huff and puff to Hong Kong. Huff and puff because of running and bad attitudes.

After getting a great flight into Dhaka, Jill and Thomas had not seen a single team, they didn’t want to see a single team, and they were happy to not see anyone. So happy that they were depressed when they got their tickets and realized that they were all going to be on the same flight into Hong Kong.

Vicki stated that she tries to calm down Nick and Nick said that Vicki does call him down. Nick also added a sweet cherry on top stating that he appreciated her. That doesn’t last too long. This episode totally tests that.

Brooke and Claire couldn’t wait to see Jill and Thomas who U-Turned them last leg. Normally a U-Turned victim doesn’t get to see the U-Turn user. This was awesome. When Jill and Thomas see them at the airport they walk over slowly (because it wasn’t personal at all that’s the reason for the slow walking) and proceed to try to smooth over the bad feelings (because it’s personal and smoothing only happens when you try to sooth over the personal harm you caused). Brooke and Claire take the high road and accepted the prattling Jill and Thomas’s apology. When they walk off, Jill said she felt bad, making what they did personal. Then Thomas added he didn’t feel bad, making it personal because he felt the need to actually mention his NOT feeling making it a feeling. Again, if it’s not personal you don’t talk about it…at all…ever. It’s a logical move. You don’t go back in chess to explain why you take a Queen; the other player just knows it.

I did a bit of research and found out that there have been 8 times that the U-Turn has been used since the initiation on the 12th season. Only one out of those eight won the million dollars. Meaning that if you use the U-Turn you are less likely to win the entire race. Moreover, winners don’t have to weigh anyone down to win.

This makes it difficult because that means (if it’s true and it’s not as solid as the old Survivor car curse) that Brooke and Claire have to win or Nick and Vicki have to win. The problem with that is that Brooke and Claire would break the woman team not winning tradition of Amazing Race. Nick and Vicki aren’t the greatest team because of Nick’s mouth. However, if Thomas and Jill win (the bland team still) that would break the U-Turn fun of those that use, don’t win most of the time. I didn’t mention the doctors…because I don’t want them to win any more.

Three teams make it on the ferry to get to an island where they huff and puff to get the next clue and head back. Claire had trouble because she’s not a runner like Brooke.

Nick badgered Vicki to run faster and Vicki gives a valid excuse as to why she couldn’t run faster…she has asthma and it was difficult. Nick didn’t want to accept her excuses. They miss the ferry and had to wait an entire thirty minutes to get on the next one. Which eventually doesn’t matter because he forces them to quit a task later taking on a massive penalty if they’re not eliminated. Therefore, he whined about the wait of 30 minutes but would gladly take the 6-hour penalty. Idiot.

Vicki cried. Nick whined about how she cries and cannot keep up. This coming from the man that just pouts at the end and quits.

The Road Block happened in a full restaurant where they listened to karaoke. A long spread of Chinese food sat with five items that were fake. The teams had to find the fake items. The problem with this is there was only five pieces, one for each team to find. In addition, anything they pick they have to eat it. Making one full person if they keep picking the wrong piece.

Nat and Kat arrived first. Jill and Thomas second. Brook and Claire third. Nat does it, Thomas does it and Claire does it. Claire laughed because every time she decided to do a Road Block she completely misunderstood what it was going to be about. This time she thought it was karaoke.

Nat and Kat finished first and were off to find a Bruce Lee statue and, of course, they find it. The Detour was to either ride a trolley and look for signs or transport a bird to a boat. They decided to transport a bird.

Jill and Thomas finished, find the statue and decided to do the trolley.

When Nick and Vicki made it to the restaurant Brooke and Claire were still there.

Nat and Kat were on the boat looking for the matching registration number. The difficult part, to them, was that the numbers were never in the same place. They had a whistle to keep the birds entertained as they delivered them.

Claire was on a diet and she just ate and ate until she ran and threw up in the restroom a lot. A LOT. Brooke went in and encouraged her to keep going. When she came back Vicki asked if she was fine a caring thing to do. Only to the annoyance of Nick who said she shouldn’t care about how she’s doing. Then moments later Claire found one leaving Vicki alone with a thinning crowd and an annoyed Nick.

Jill and Thomas missed the signs as they pass each one that said Pit Stop, Statue and something else. They finished and got annoyed with their lack of finding anything. Therefore, they decided to switch to the birds and ended up finishing the moment they floated out there…or so it seemed. Leaving Nat and Kat alone with the boats.

Brooke and Claire found the statue and decide to do birds.

Jill and Thomas went off and didn’t find a taxi. Nat and Kat found one first. Therefore, Jill came up with the toeing idea of follow that taxi.

Vicki still looked for the fake food and the restaurant continued to shut down. She even went and threw up with Nick stating that maybe, just maybe, they should quit this task. She didn’t want to. Good she didn’t. She ended up finding the fake food.

Nat and Kat arrive first.
Jill and Thomas second.

Brooke and Claire scare the birds with their whistle. They take a while to find their number. Nick and Vicki decided to do the birds. Brooke and Claire find their bird’s home and leave to go to the checkpoint.

As the boat floats around Vicki uses the light to try to find the number. Nick doesn’t even bother to help find the number, he complains about how tired he is like a two year old not getting his way. He goes to sleep and says he gives up. Vicki tries to find it by herself. Nick wanted to quit and take the penalty. Vicki didn’t.

Brooke and Claire make it to the pit stop third.

Nick and Vicki quit because Nick is a quitter. He whines about 30 minute wait only to settle on a 6-hour penalty. Moron. They’re still in the race, though. Non-elimination round. They are 6 hours behind and they have to do a speed bump. In one of the last interviews for the show they both looked exhausted, but Vicki looked pissed that Nick is a quitter, as she should. He has a lot of personality to grow in the last episode if he’s to be liked at all by anyone.

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Anonymous said...

This is the first season since I've watched The Amazing Race that I've taken an interest to everything that goes on behind the scenes and also everything that people write up on the show. But our conflict about what happened last episode is more than I bargained for. I have to admit I kind of like it though. If only for the sake of having someone to argue with.

Now when Thomas and Jill got to the airport, they didn't want to see Brook and Claire because that is usually the way things go on The Amazing Race. You never see the team you U-Turn. If you do, as in this case, it's a situation that couldn't be avoided. However, Brook and Claire asked Thomas and Jill why they U-Turned them. They figured if anything the doctors should have gotten U-Turned because they won more. Jill and Thomas said they saw Brook and Claire as the more competitive team of the three to choose from. Now mind you that Brook and Claire never said, you shouldn't have used the U-Turn, they implied that the U-Turn shouldn't have been used on them. Brook and Claire wanted to U-Turn Chad and Stephanie. I'm guessing for the same reason Nat and Kat did. So just because they didn't get a chance to U-Turn someone, it doesn't mean that they wouldn't have. Jill and Thomas just took the option away from them. They weren't going to U-Turn Chad and Stephanie because of a personal issue. They were going to U-Turn Chad and Stephanie because they were behind them. They understand how to play the game. Also Jill said she felt bad about the confrontation, not about the U-Turn. In one of their videos, they said even though Nat and Kat passed them this leg, they had no regrets about U-Turning Brook and Claire.

I think all your use of personal in this article, you're still not understanding what it means when someone has a personal issue with you. When Joe and Heidi got U-Turned, I think last season, the police officers said they didn't like Joe and wanted to knock him back. That's a personal issue. "I don't like you so I'm going to do something to you." That's what personal means. But no one wants to see their face on the U-Turn board. And if any U-Turn victims were to ever survive, I'm sure they would have asked "Why me?"

When Chad and Stephanie were U-Turned, Chad said he understood that Nat and Kat's decision to U-Turn him and Stephanie was not personal. It's a part of the game. It's a part of the game that they were ready and willing to use themselves.

In your research of the teams that U-Turned and were eliminated, when did they U-Turn? How far behind them were the teams they U-Turned? How far ahead of them were the other teams? How well had they done on the race? When were they eliminated? I think all these factors are more important as to why those teams used the U-Turns and why they may not have won at the end.

I wonder what your issue is with Nat and Kat. You said you didn't mention them because you didn't want them to win anymore. I hope it wasn't the U-Turn. If there has ever been a more respectful team on this show, it has been Nat and Kat. They don't argue with each other. They have always shown respect for the people when they travel. They respect their competition. They aren't bitchy on the show. And to be honest, I love a team with no drama. I have been behind Brook and Claire since day one but I really love the dynamic that Nat and Kat bring and I hope one of them wins.


J_Jammer said...

They presented themselves as good persons who would play the game straight. U-Turn is not playing straight. Playing by the rules doesn't mean you must do everything within the rules to win. It also doesn't mean you compromise who you say you are just to win. That is why I don't like them any more. I don't like people who lie about who they are and how they'll play the game.

I expected it from Thomas and Chad because they presented that mentality from the beginning.

If Kevin and Michael made it this far I would expected them not to use it either.

Whenever you do something to someone and you get emotional over doing it = personal. Meaning if Thomas and Jill did it out of need to win, then them seeing Claire and Brooke wouldn't have made a kink in their feelings on it at all. Zero. They wouldn't have even spoke about it.

Do you know why the U-Turn was created? Most likely because they needed a form of drama in the race that would pit people against one another. And every time a team uses it they play into that mentality of drama.

If you want to see the information then you can go To Wikepedia and look up Amazing Race by each season from 12 until now to see how they were used and what happened to the team.

And it's almost a dead giveaway who wins the leg prior to the final leg won't win the final leg.

We're not arguing...we are having a pleasant disagreement. :D

Anonymous said...

Well I am enjoying our pleasant disagreement. :)

Nat and Kat have never lied about the type of competitors they were going to be or are. They said they were going to run the race in a cool, calm, and collected way and they have. They also said they know it's a competition. They're not dumb enough to go that far and let it slip from their grasp. I bet if they didn't use it Chad and Stephanie might have put their pictures up on the board.

With your utter dislike of the U-Turn you can't turn around and justify using it based on a player's personality. Either you're okay with it or you're not.

Neither of us know what Kevin and Michael would have done. All we can do is assume. I'm sure if the circumstances warranted it's use, they would have used it. Kevin was all about making sure his dad was safe and he was just as competitive as they rest even if he didn't show it as much. If Michael would have had to put together that rickshaw I think Kevin might have used it.

Just because you justify your actions doesn't mean it's personal. Personal is about YOU. Jill said she didn't like the confrontation afterwards, Thomas didn't care. They said in an interview after this leg they don't regret using the U-Turn. Brook and Claire also said they understood it wasn't personal even though they didn't get why they were targeted.

I really don't care about why the U-Turn was created. The race has plenty of disadvantages and advantages for teams. It's really all about the team and their choice to use the U-Turn and whatever else the race throws their way. This is what Wikipedia doesn't give you. Unless you remember all the details of the race then checking Wikipedia is really a dead end.

And winning the prior leg doesn't have anything to do with anything. There's always a first time for everything. Anyone who makes it to the final three has a chance to win. Like I said if something is meant for you it will happen no matter what you do or don't do.


J_Jammer said...

In general replies are, at best, cop outs.

We are dealing with humans and emotions, not computers. Meaning each and every decision someone makes is based on emotion.

Why did Thomas and Jill pick them? They said it was based on performance. But the facts show if their decision was based on performance then Nat and Kat would have been U-Turned. More proof it was personal. If, by the way, it was NOT personal, then there's no need to state it. Saying it's not personal means it was.

That's like stating you're humble...guess what, no you're not. You are not humble if you say you are.

Randomness happens, but so do patterns. You have to be able to tell the difference.

Certain personalities to win don't have to do certain things to win. There's a reason why women teams have never won just as there's a reason why U-Turn users don't tend to win.

Anonymous said...

I believe that you get what is meant for you in life. Yeah people play the lottery, enter sweepstakes, go on game shows, compete on reality shows, all for money. But all that stuff doesn't matter if it's not meant for you to have. I wanna be back in law school right now but the path I chose was not the one for me. So here I am having a pleasant discussion with you. lol But there is a reason in life for everything.

People are emotional. However, every decision we make is not because of emotion. Logic has nothing to do with emotion. We have a brain and we have a heart. Some people let one lead them, some people let both lead them. You can make logical decisions that have nothing to do with emotions. If you go on a job interview and you don't get the job is it because the interviewer didn't like you? Or is it because there was a better candidate than you? Everything done to us is not personal. Sometimes things just are. That's life. It doesn't have to be fair but when has life ever been fair?

The doctors had three wins up until that point but Thomas said they ran hot and cold. Which means they could have gotten themselves eliminated that leg without a U-Turn from Chad and Stephanie. Brook and Claire are consistently a good team. A consistent team is better than a team that flops between the bottom and the top. Now it might not have been Nat and Kat's fault they were in the bottom but it suggests somewhere that Brook and Claire have an edge over them. Therefore it makes sense that Thomas and Jill would hit the team who is more likely to be in the top than the team who may not make it. Also Brook and Claire have been thrown up as being a good all female team while Nat and Kat fly under the radar.

I think it was strange that Chad and Stephanie said they would U-Turn Nat and Kat out the gate when two more consistent teams were still left in the playing field; Jill and Thomas and Brook and Claire. Chad and Stephanie were all about athletics so why not take out Thomas and Jill, a team with a guy on it? That way if Stephanie had to go up against someone in a Roadblock, it would be one of the women she claimed she was stronger than (which turned out to be untrue). Chad and Stephanie said they were for the couples and if they couldn't win, they would rather see Jill and Thomas win. This was said right before they were eliminated. So I partially question their motives. Also, while they were in the airport on the Bangladesh leg, Chad and Stephanie said they had been unintentionally rubbed the wrong way by Nat and Kat while Brook and Claire had been either in the top or bottom. Not true. Brook and Claire were in 6th when there were 9 teams and 5th when there were 8 teams, that time beating Chad and Stephanie. Other than that, Brook and Claire were 4th place and higher all throughout the race. So where was Chad and Stephanie’s reasoning? They wanted Nat and Kat gone and probably have for a while and they tables were turned on them.

I don't think it's about a personality that screams win. I think there are a sting of things that have to come together for you in the end. If it works out then it was meant to work out. Also think about all the f/f teams and compare them to Brook, Claire, Nat, and Kat. I don't think there have been many women on the race, regardless of if they are in a f/f or m/f team, that are as competitive, cunning, smart, willed, and focused as these women. People are saying Brook is probably the best The Amazing Race racer ever, male or female. So sometimes it takes a lot of wrong teams to get to the right ones.


J_Jammer said...

It is pleasant.

Nat and Kat

Average of 3.3

4 first places that happen recently more so than their close to last places that happened near the beginning.

Brooke and Claire

3.4 average only ONE win near the beginning. They had not won since then. They don't get why they were U-Turned and even after the comments that lacked logic explaining why they were still made zero sense. They were smart enough to drop. Jill and Thomas weren't smart enough to answer correctly.

It has to do with what they speak about they are near one another. Hence why I said U-Turns are personal. You don't know what they talk about and yes that does play a part in how they treat one another. Clearly Chad and Stephanie didn't speak to Jill and Thomas or know much about them like they did Nat and Kat.

She was stronger than those women. She got their last and caught up with the both of them and spent less time putting together the rickshaw than Brooke and Nat.

Nat and Kat have the higher win rate. Proven by the numbers making them the LOGICAL choice...unless you are doing it via emotion then you pick the others.

Cunning doesn't really come into Amazing Race that often. I don't think Brooke is the best. Probably most liked...but not best.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say average, I said consistent. Brook and Claire are more consistent than Nat and Kat. The lowest they have placed was 6th and that was because no one could find that decoder on the wall and they all had to figure out how to roll the bicycle rim. Nat and Kat have been closer to elimination than Brook and Claire; twice coming in second to last and once only coming in 7th because their cab driver put his foot on the pedal. When you think about that, you can figure they are going to slip up and get themselves eliminated. You can't count the last leg because it was after the U-Turn. You also can't count the U-Turn leg because no one would be able to average that. Going into leg 8, Nat and Kat averaged 3.6 while Brook and Claire a 3.4. Nat and Kat's average only moved up because they won in Hong Kong. So Brook and Claire were still the better team going into Bangladesh. Jill and Thomas were averaging the same thing as Nat and Kat with only two wins. They would have been a better choice for Chad and Stephanie.

Consistency and average don't lack logic. Consistency is always a good thing because it's more predictable. If someone leaves for work before 8:00 a.m. almost everyday, the chances of seeing that person outside before 8 is higher than seeing someone who sometimes leaves before 8 and sometimes leaves after.

You're right we don't know what these teams talk about when the camera is not on them. But when they get in front of the camera, they have a lot to say. Chad and Stephanie said they were close to Jill and Thomas. They did say they were rubbed the wrong way by Nat and Kat. I've always thought they had a slightly personal reason for wanting to U-Turn Nat and Kat. We don't know Nat and Kat's personal feelings about Chad and Stephanie because they've never said they had any spat or problem with that team. They have said if it came down to something physical, they know Chad would kick their butts. But I think if it were Jill and Thomas or Nick and Vicki that was behind them, they would have made the same choice.

I've never said people don't U-Turn for personal reasons. The U-Turn of Joe and Heidi was personal. But I don't think Nat and Kat personally wanted Chad and Stephanie out. They just wanted to buy themselves some time.

Now Stephanie was not the stronger player when against Brook, Claire, Nat, or Kat. When they rode the sleds, the sled fell on her and she cried and gave up. Kat had the same issue but she stuck it out. Nat, Brook, and Claire all got down the slope with no problem and Kat ran clean the second time around. When they had to plant potatoes, Stephanie got lost while Nat found her way with no problem. When they had to play gorodki, Kat was basically knocking everything down on her first or second try. Once Brook got the hang of it, which was very quick, she blew though the game. Stephanie took forever to get the hang of it. Also if you look at the boxing and bridge roadblocks, Stephanie didn't even do those. As far as the rickshaw, Nat was practically done when Chad and Stephanie got there. She was really only missing a part on the wheel. I'm also hard pressed to give Stephanie the rickshaw. It didn't seem like Brook and Claire were there that long before Chad and Stephanie showed up. So while Stephanie moved fast, she still may have spent the same amount of time putting the rickshaw together that Brook did. Also because Nat and Kat were stuck in traffic on the way to that roadblock, we don't know how much Stephanie bested Nat even though Nat admitted it took her some time.

I've never said Brook is the best racer ever but I have read a lot of people saying she is one of the best. On the like/dislike scale, she tips either way. I think depending on the task, cunning can come into play. Brook definitely has keen insight on how to sell something and we saw her use that skill in the sunglasses Roadblock.


J_Jammer said...

I would hope she could sale. That is her job. That is what she does for a living.

Brooke and Claire are doing worse now than they were doing toward the beginning and that's because Claire can't keep up with Brooke. And if Brooke would notice that as a good racer she'd help her more. I'm going to nitpick now. If you are not going to see the flaws in how they were the wrong choice...

Nat and Kat KNEW (as you already stated) that using the U-Turn is almost surely to remove someone from the game. Personal.

Nat and Kat also have been doing much better these last few legs than Brook and Claire.

Jill and Thomas didn't U-Turn Chad and Stephanie...why? Personal reasons. They like them. Therefore based on logic and human existence...they like Brooke and Claire least. Also personal.

Everything can be personal. There is no time when emotion doesn't come into play. People don't react emotional because they've learned to socially stifle their feelings. But that doesn't mean that it's not happening.

Nat and Kat's personal feelings are shown in their U-Turn. You just got finished explaining why Stephanie is weaker and yet are still behind the U-Turn. If she was so weak why U-Turn her?

The Rickshaws she was the quickest. She got their last and almost finished before all of them. She finished a few moments after Brooke and Brooke got there faster than they did because she didn't even see them on the task yet with the Bricks.

Not even get into how Claire was dying because of the bricks.

Nat and Kat are the consistent ones. They don't complain about how tough something is...ever.

If Jill and Thomas listened they'd know that.

So lying about picking Brooke and Claire as a strategic move makes me laugh. They just wanted Chad and Stephanie to make it.

Anonymous said...

Okay everyone knows the U-Turn to survival ratio is zero. So don't try to make it seem like only Nat and Kat knew what would have happened if they U-Turned a team. We didn't have any conversation from Nat and Kat about who they would U-Turn. It doesn't mean they didn't say anything but it doesn't mean they did either. So all teams knew they had potential to eradicate a team. However, this was a Double U-Turn. Nat and Kat only wanted to slow down Chad and Stephanie just in case they got held up at the roadblock. Yes Stephanie was a weaker player compared to the women left but Chad is more physically strong. They didn't know what the roadblock was or who was going to do the roadblock. It was a risk they were not willing to take. Even Brook and Claire were ready to U-Turn Chad and Stephanie when they saw them behind them. We don't have anything with them voicing they were after Chad and Stephanie either.

While everything can be personal, everything is not personal. We as people just have a tendency to get our emotions in everything. It's what makes us human. But our problem is letting our emotions come into play when they shouldn't. You can't make an emotional decision about everything you do in life. The law states that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. A jury has to hear evidence that convicts a person not say oh well, forget the evidence I feel like this is a rapist. I feel like this is a killer. You can't convict based off emotion.

I didn't say Stephanie couldn't have the rickshaw, I just said I'd be hard pressed to give it to her. Even if she beat Brook and Nat by five minutes on total time spent doing the task, a win is a win.

Nat and Kat don't complain but when has not complaining or complaining kept you in or out of the top? Not complaining is not the consistency that mattered. Brook and Claire were the more consistent racers at that point because more often than not, they finished at 4th place and better. You can't use their whining against them because even with all of that they still were running well. Obviously all that complaining wasn't slowing them down. Yes Nat and Kat are tough. They don't fight, they just buckle down and get things done. But when had Chad and Stephanie really been witness to that? They've barely seen each other doing a task this whole race.

Thomas and Jill had a more logical reason for picking Brook and Claire. But I do think they wanted Chad and Stephanie to make it. They were friends. But in the case of Nat and Kat, I feel like they would have done the same thing regardless of who was behind them. I don't think they were targeting a specific team. They said that Chad and Stephanie were the only ones behind them; the only ones who had not been U-Turned. Nat and Kat said that if they came in hours ahead, the decision to U-Turn might have been different. Because at that point they wouldn't have been in the same situation they were in at the back of the pack. That's why I don't think their decision was based off a like or dislike. Anything can go wrong at anytime. Look how Nat and Kat had a bogus cab driver in Ghana. Look how long it took Kat to sell those sunglasses. Look how having a bogus map took them hours out of the way in Oman. So they know first hand how things can get bad very quickly. At this point it wasn't worth leaving it to chance.


J_Jammer said...

So you are excusing their weakness and then claim they are strong?

It's one or the other.

And using the U-Turn is not only personal it's weak.

If you are strong enough to win, you don't need the added help to win. So they doubted their owns strength and personally picked Chad and Stephanie. They didn't have to. They were going to make it anyway, but they decided to remove them for a personal reason. there's no logic.

Probability of placing was on their side and if they were using logic they would have realized that one U-Turn was safe enough and they didn't HAVE to do it.

That's the BIGGEST problem I have with them. Lying and saying they had no choice.

Anonymous said...

They have never said they were weak and I don't think they are. They are mentally and physically strong. But facts are facts, Chad is physically stronger than Nat and Kat. This is the truth. If the task was physical, they would have been overtaken by Chad if he chose to do the Roadblock. Then of course they would have had to fight with Brook and Claire. Their odds of placing were less. Also with the knowledge you can get lost or a bad cab can put you behind, like I said, why leave it to chance. Chad and Stephanie were right behind Brook and Claire and lost by 15 minutes. So somewhere, their directions to the pit stop were wrong or they went the wrong way.

Nat and Kat didn't say they didn't have a choice. They said Chad and Stephanie were the only non-U-Turned team behind them. They U-Turned to buy them some time.

If Jill and Thomas were so strong, why U-Turn someone 7 hours behind? You've been calling them liars as well but you've come down harder on Nat and Kat. Like I said, to use the U-Turn is up to the discretion of the team using it.There is no rule that says you have to use it for a particular reason. However, I'd be more satisfied to see someone use it in Nat and Kat's position than in Thomas and Jill's. Jill and Thomas wanted Brook and Claire out. Nat and Kat would have U-Turned Jill and Thomas or Nick and Vicki if it were them behind them instead of Chad and Stephanie. Therefore their decision was not based on if they liked Chad and Stephanie. If Chad and Stephanie were as strong as they thought they were, they could have still put Brook and Claire out. Like I said, even Brook and Claire wanted to U-Turn Chad and Stephanie. Why? Because you want to slow down the team behind you as a just in case. If Jill and Thomas did not U-Turn and Nat and Kat didn't U-Turn, Chad and Stephanie were still going to get U-Turned.


J_Jammer said...

Brooke and Claire U-Turning would make sense. Still personal. Wanting to win..U-Turn someone to win = personal.

Nat and Kat said sorry they HAD to. LIE, LIE, LIE...they didn't have to. Have to means logically that was their only choice. LIE again. Have to indicates NO other choice. LIE again. The other choice is to PROVE you are strong enough to be in this game. They showed they are not strong enough to be in this game.

From the get go I thought that they had the BIGGEST chance of being the FIRST woman team to win. Now I don't want that. I would rather see Brooke and Claire get it, because they actually put forth effort.

You are right, it's down to chance. Had Brooke and Claire U-Turned someone I'd have a different view. Because it matters.

Jill and Thomas wanted Brooke and Claire out. No question about it.

They made a HUGE mistake because they should have U-Turned Nat and Kat. Not only would they have gotten what they wanted, but Chad and Stephanie would still be in the race. Why? Because I highly doubt Nate and Kat could have carried the bricks as quickly and efficiently as Brooke and Claire.

Anonymous said...

Has someone ever apologized to you? Usually it is accompanied with a sorry. "I'm sorry you didn't get the job." "I'm sorry there's no room." "I'm sorry we're closed." Just because someone apologizes to you doesn't mean that they maliciously did something to you. It's more of a sign of politeness and having manners. Chad knew it wasn't malicious. He said he knew it was part of the game. Also the odds of a team being U-Turned this leg with only five teams left were extremely high. Everyone is trying to make it to the end.

Nat and Kat did have to U-Turn. They had to buy themselves time. Anything could have happened on the way to the roadblock, they got caught in traffic, and anything could have happened on the way to the pit stop. U-Turning Chad and Stephanie was their only choice. There was no one else to choose from. That U-Turn was not the kiss of death for Chad and Stephanie though, getting lost and not trying to get a better flight was.

Nat and Kat have proven they are strong enough to race but this is a game. I'll go back to my original question, why would Chad and Stephanie out of the gate say they wanted Nat and Kat? Nat and Kat only U-Turned because they were at the back of the pack. Like they've said, if they were hours ahead the decision may not have been the same. This wasn't the circumstance here. This is the part where I don't think you're getting. They wouldn't have needed a cushion because they would have had time in case of mistakes. Chad and Stephanie would have made U-Turned Nat and Kat if they were hours ahead or minutes ahead.

But once again you're justifying the U-Turn based on who uses it. Brook and Claire U-Turn the team behind them to buy them time, justifiable. If they weren't U-Turned, they could slow down the last team. It doesn't matter what the reason is if you think it's wrong.

Nat and Kat's profession deals with what ifs. What if this happens or what if that happens? How can I make this work? You can be the best whatever in the world but you should always think about what if Plan A fails. Do you have a Plan B, a Plan C, and maybe even a Plan D? My best friend isn't a doctor but she says this all the time. I've heard her go as far as a Plan F. You never know what is going to happen.

Wanting to win is personal, but it's personal to each of us on our own not in accord to each other. If you U-Turn me to win, what does that have to do with me? Think about it. If you don't like me, that's personal to you. That doesn't have to do with me; it's your problem not mine. It only has to do with me if you've come out and said, you don't like me or you have issues with me and you make decisions based on that.

If you want the better team out, you chose the team that is consistently doing well. The odds of them doing better than you are higher. Wins don't matter if your average is worse than mine and I've barely won. That means I'm still doing better than you. But in the case of Chad and Stephanie, I can't feel bad they are gone. They wanted Nat and Kat out. They didn't have any reason but a dislike for the team which they voiced. Plus all that bickering, I get tired of it season after season with couples like this.

I always feel like I am giving a closing argument. lol


J_Jammer said...
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J_Jammer said...


I HATE "it's a game" to excuse people's behavior as okay. If it's not acceptable within the context of "off game" self then how and why should it be acceptable for your "in game" self?

Preach a great integrity mentality about how awesome you are and then flip and say well it's the and utter BS. You can't be both. It's one or the other. They are either great women or they are great women because they say they're great women.

If you can't be who you claim you are in the most difficult of situations then you're not only lying to everyone're lying to yourself.

If I were Chad and Stephanie or Brooke and Claire...yes I would forgive not because they deserve it and sure the hell not for them....but for myself because I would go insane over being mad that they were that intent on winning that they went out of their way to remove me.

You can say they have to, but you'll have to take the personal route and drop the logical one. Because they lack logic with this decision. There's no way around it. One team was already U-Turned. Meaning that that team had the HIGHEST chance of bing removed and it was illogical to make another team U-Turn...especially since it's so remote that a team would make it past the mat to the next leg being U-Turned.

They didn't have to choose. Nick and Vicki...didn't choose. Whether or not they were ahead doesn't really much matter. It's proof that a team didn't HAVE to do it. They could opt out. This isn't the TSA.

Because Nat and Kat are strong to them and they wanted them out of the game to get further themselves...personal.

When you get down to the nitty gritty you start to act emotional. More reason for it to be personal.

Brooke and Claire U-Turning would also be personal. They don't want to leave. It's all personal. If you don't like someone it's easier to use the U-Turn on them. If you had an ounce of care as to why everyone was there you wouldn't ever use the U-Turn.

In every game there is something in the game to create drama. Survivor has something similar with a hidden immunity idol. You have to WORK to get it. U-Turn isn't much work to get. You just get their first which is, as you already said, based more on chance than ability. Because had Chad and Stephanie not got lost so many times that episode they would have made it to the U-Turn first and Nat and Kat would have cried and complained. Yes they would have. They would NOT have liked it. They would also be mad. If you can't see how much of their heart is in this then you wait...these last couple of episodes will show that they are an emotional ball of wanting to win and if they lose they will cry.

How is a U-Turn not personal or any part of the game not personal if you cry over losing?

So what if the very high chance of an already U-Turn team fails what will we do? You leave, because you suck so bad you couldn't beat a U-Turned team.

They weren't bickering that much. made it personal. Just like Nat and Kat. There's no way they didn't make it personal. No way...because if you can see it so could they and what reason do they have that's logical? None. Proven time and time again that one U-Turned team doesn't make it and yet they U-Turned another.

HAHAHA...that is a good one. Closing arguments. I went to school for a law like job as well. Not lawyer. Paralegal.

Anonymous said...

My BFF helped me realize something that was on my mind. We can go back and forth making our points on why the U-Turn was personal and why it wasn't. But the fact is, that's all we're doing is going back and forth. Neither one of us is willing to budge in our stance. And it's not about giving up because I have a great counter argument. However it's just going to be the same thing over and over again. You feel the way you feel and I feel the way I feel. But it's still cool reading what you're saying and giving my opinion of it.


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