Weekend Box Office Recap

Pure, unappologetic stupidity reins supreme at the box office this weekend as Johnny Knoxville and his merry band of jackasses thouroughly trounce a senior citizen with a machine gun.

"Jackass 3D" blew away predictions to make $50 million in its opening bow, breaking the record for the largest opening in October. In one weekend it made close to what the previous two Jackass films grossed. I'm sure the over-inflated 3D ticket prices helped with the numbers, proving that there's still a little life left in the big 3D gimmick - at least for folks who enjoy projectile vomit and seeing guys getting hit in the balls.

Reading over the reviews, I was amused at how high-brow some of the critics were for such a low-brow film:

Cole Smithy called it "A fascinating aspect of their unique brand of perilous comedy is how effortlessly the team combine slapstick, Grand Guignol, Vaudeville, and circus sideshow elements."

Dana Stevens of Slate asserted that watching Jackass 3-D, "was like being plunged into a Hieronymous Bosch painting of hell, yet this very reaction attests to the franchise's primal, diabolical power."

And Dan Kois of the Washington Post said, "Indebted as director Jeff Tremaine is to Artaud's Theater of Cruelty and the works of Luis Buñuel, "Jackass 3D" remains surprisingly accessible."

Hieronymous Bosch? Luis Buñuel? Seriously folks, do you film school flunkies even know the audience this movie was intended for?  Short answer: if you were the type of individual that really enjoyed careening out of control riding a shopping cart at high speed and crashing in specacular fashion when you were a kid, this movie is for you.  Its silly, stupid, disgusting, painful and will probably make you laugh your ass off.  For the rest of the population that think all of this is just is gross, you may want to go see something else.

Meanwhile, the other newcomer "Red" made about half of what "Jackass 3D" did and came in at a distant second.
The biggest loser of the weekend appears to be Universal's horror flick "My Soul to Take" which fell 53% from its previous weekend numbers.

And leaving the list altogether was the Disney formula comedy "You Again"

Here's the top ten according to studio estimates released on Sunday:

1 (new) Jackass 3D  $50,000,000
2 (new) Red $22,500,000
3 (1) The Social Network $11,000,000
4 (3) Secretariat $9,503,000
5 (2) Life as We Know It  $9,200,000
6 (4) Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole 3D $4,235,000
7 (6) The Town $4,040,000
8 (5) My Soul to Take $3,161,250
9 (8) Easy A $2,650,000
10 (7) Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps $2,350,000

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