Survivor E6 - The Young People are Stupid

(I dropped the days. Ha-ha, I’m just not going to put it in any more because I can’t get it right…ever.)

Crazy Carnation wanted to quit a while back, but Jimmy Johnson convinced her to stay. Now she’s saying don’t quit…it’s the easy way out Mister Bum-Knee. Who’ll later state that he didn’t say he wanted to quit.

Ursula believes she’s a helper. She’s more like a bossy queen bee that thinks she’s smarter than the wisdom of the older one’s. Oops. She doesn’t do much outside of try and look like she don’t have bed head. Her wonderful idea, that goes to complete waste, is that she wants to split the vote to flush out the idol. THAT NEVER WORKS and OMG this time it didn’t work either. Shocker among shockers.

I don’t really pay attention to what Jeff wears, but at the individual immunity/reward challenge, he wore a blue shirt with HUGE pockets. They could be children sized shirts by themselves.

Only two from each tribe could win individual immunity and then those that won competed to win food for the tribe. Crazy Carnation won and I cheered for either Electrocuted Idiot or Phoenix to win on their side. Phoenix won. It was the battle of the older women and it came close, but Phoenix ended up winning for La Flor and they were ecstatic. Crazy Carnation was crushed like sand in the palm of my hand. I felt for her, but after the way she voted, I could careless she felt crushed.

Ursula is a whore. That’s just it. She can’t be a better human and it’s terrible to see someone so trashy. She’s an idiot and locked in step with her as a moron in tow is Pop Collar. They make the mentally retarded the mark for smart. She pushes to get rid of Electrocuted Idiot and Peg-Leg in a stupid scheme that never, ever works and acts as if she’s a genius composer. More like a genius stupid person with out the genius.
No problem in wanting to get rid of anyone. No problem that with the two she decided on. The problem is why she wants to get rid of Peg-Leg. It’s not because she’s a great competitor and could kick her skinny no talent whore-self into oblivion. Nope, it’s because Peg-Leg might get the sympathy vote. I would ask Ursula where in Survivor history has anyone ever won Survivor via the sympathy vote. Oops, can’t find one. There isn’t one.

Electrocuted Idiot tries to reel in Surfer who is mesmerized by his chess prowess. It might be true that he is a chess smarty, but he’s not a chess master as he claimed. I knew that before he confessed to the camera. Especially when he excessively stated he won as a child and I was born after the seventies. This episode showed that Surfer is a little denser than one might have thought. Though I still bank on him being mostly dense because of it’s his way of playing the game.
Bum-Knee wants out because of his bum-knee. He kept complaining about it. That is until he gets to Tribal where he lies and says he didn’t say that.

What is up with this “[insert name here] we’ll do whatever to get further into the game.” DUH, isn’t that what you’re doing Ball-less? You still have zero balls and that’s way less than a newborn. He doesn’t think. There’s proof he has a brain. He’s moving around, but is he using it more so than a starfish does?

Black Hypo is right (ugh) about whom to vote off. If there is one more challenge, Bum-Knee should be removed. Then she sort of retracts that with stating she can’t be bothered to think, tell her what to think. She’s an idiot too, but less obnoxious on this new tribe.

They’re putting a lot of faith into a person they say don’t put a lot of faith in…Surfer. It paid off for the first vote. Didn’t pay off so well for the second vote. Oh, wait, sorry, that would be Pop Collar and Ursula’s failure on not getting rid of who they said they wanted gone. Idiots.

The votes come in and it’s between Peg-Leg vs. Electrocuted Idiot. Almost Ursula if stupid Country Woman voted for her when Electrocuted Idiot mouthed who she should vote for. She made a HUGE mistake…huge. The bigger problem is Ursula. Moreover, they didn’t even stick to voting out Electrocuted Idiot in the second vote.

Kelly B. is gone because Ursula and Pop Collar are just douchebags. That’s the main reason. I really wanted Jeff to state, “…and the first member of our jury” but he didn’t. He also looked visibly upset that she was voted off. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.

La Flor eating was funny with the burping and the cracking ice and Jeff mentioning it all just to rub it in.

Bum-Knee lied stating that he did not say he wanted to go home. He did state it. Yve saying she would play hard, but these morons continue (since day one) to think of the merge. They can’t possibly think too far ahead. This is why Survivor has decided to put in those switch-a-roos in the game. Because people get so dead set on thinking about a merge, that doesn’t happen for a while, that it ruins the game as a whole. They bring it upon themselves.

When they merge I’ll be using their real names. Promise. I continue to delete and replace the real names with the nicknames. I’m starting to learn their names, except for Ball-Less. He just sucks and I don’t want to bother remembering his name.

Every single person on this game is a moron. All that space for a brain and they can’t even be bothered to use ten percent of it. Where are the smart people? The ones that actually can be smart without being dirty, stupid, filthy losers. They do exist. Richard was smart, he won, and he wasn’t a terrible human being. Sandra won and she wasn’t a terrible human. Name any winner (except Brian and Vecrapia) that won by having to be a terrible human being that hates on people who have disabilities. They can‘t even treat her with an ounce of respect. Even the only one that shouldn’t have ever won, Bob, was a human being. He’s the only winner I stick by that shouldn’t have won based on actual doing in the game. He didn’t do anything that deserved him to be there. He won based on jury and that’s always fair. There’s no argument there, but he didn’t win based on talent in the game, that’s for sure. The only thing he did that was smart (but not unique) is make an immunity idol. That and he was terrible at reading people.

Next week shows a funny moment by a peeing Surfer. Ursula lacked the ovaries to vote out the man she should have and it’s going to come full circle and bite her on the no butt that she has.

Until next time…The caustic Survivor Fan has spoken.

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