Survivor Day 15-18 - E5 - The Old Switcher-roo

Let’s open with the two most conceded people on the show The Electrocuted Idiot and Black Hypo. The two idiots that are obnoxious more than stupid (via intelligence). They both think they’re in control of the entire game. Oops, sorry to throw a wrench in that idea. This is almost as good (but nothing could ever be as good) as Africa with Silas the Grinning Dimwit. So what ends up happening?

DROP THOSE BUFFS…because it’s time for a tribal shuffle. One of my favorite dances.

Crazy Carnation and Ursula pick pebbles that make them the new captains. They each got a clipboard with names on it and they had to pick whom they wanted from the other tribe. No longer will they be called Older and Younger. They’ll be addressed via their tribe names Espada (Blue) and La Flor (Yellow). The switch up totally jams the alliances that were made and makes those on the outs no longer on the outs. Love when that happens. This is what these two stupid tribes get. They start acting like buttheads with their ideas of how to vote people off and made mistake after mistake and now they have to pay for those stupid mistakes by having to align themselves with those that they wanted to vote off. It’s amusing to watch them silently pout about it all.

Unfortunately, Black Hypo said it best that they are going to have to deal with what they had. No point in complaining about what they can’t change.

Now the reward challenge is separate from the immunity challenge and there is no MoP. The reward challenge started right after the switch up and Espada won. They won the chickens. How did they win? By beating La Flor in a big Plinko game.

On Espada (that use to be the Older Tribe) Generic Blond and Ball-Less may get more screen time. Before they were overtaken by the more dominate personalities. Hence why I call him Generic Blond. He is so monotone when he speaks. He probably will emerge as my other favorite aside from Surfer and I then might even change his name. This episode he sort of won points toward that. He voices an opinion at Tribal council. Though it might have been because he felt he was in the majority, but still, he spoke up.

Ticking Time Bomb started telling the younger people what to do and where things go. This was only to set up how things are run. This mirrors what The Electrocuted Idiot asked the younger people about their tribe. He asked how they run things, but in a longer winded control freak fashion. On Espada this didn’t go over very well and Crazy Carnation took it upon herself to bite and inform the younger people that she was on the outs and she’d like to be with them as a voting block.

Ursula informed The Electrocuted Idiot that they just blow with the wind. What she meant to say was, “We’re lazy.” However, I believe there’s a middle ground between the two extremes. Acting like structure is bad is stupid. Acting too structured and mocking the laid back is stupid. I like to know what’s expected of me more than Oh do whatever.

Over on Espada Black Hypo starts to cry. Why? Because she doesn’t think she can do it any more. Woe is me. I don’t feel an ounce of sorry for her and her sad plight. Ball-Less comforts her by telling her a pretty rainbow story. I think he’s a nice guy, but he’s naïve. I can’t stand people who are blind to who is trying to control them and to what means. His balls are still with Ursula and I have yet to see him ask for them back. Actually he should demand them back. Maybe one episode soon. I guess I am looking forward to him getting them back. He just seems so great to be so stupid.

Black Hypo is crying because she wants to go home. She can’t hack it. She can’t be a big girl with two legs and hack what a girl with one leg can. Pity. Not really. I think it’s funny that she’s crying about getting wet. Why? Well is she helping herself stay dry with those tears? I think not.

Immunity challenge comes along and Espada loses immunity. What was the challenge? It was like a dunking contest. They won the dunking part, but did not win the breaking part. I really didn’t care who lost. Now that the tribes are shuffled no one I like is in trouble to go home.

On La Flor The Electrocuted Idiot decided to tell everyone that he had the hidden immunity and made a big deal that Black Hypo didn’t invite everyone to look for the idol with her. Ursula hated that he told everyone. She said it was stupid, but her real reason is that now she is not in control as she thought she was with him up in her game scaring her peeps with his immunity idol that he put up on a tree branch for all to look at with fear. She hates that he totally out did her. He’s a prick as well, but it’s always fun to watch two pricks duel. In this fight I go with The Electrocuted Idiot for the win. She doesn’t deserve to surf on the looks and the cruddy flirting. Been done…move along faker.

Black Hypo cried about wanting to go home. I don’t like her, but I don’t want her to just up and quit and go home. NEVER QUIT. They won’t invite you back for the All Star games and for the rest of the show’s history you’ll be noted as a quitter and that sucks. It sucks she got a divorce and she blamed herself and people were not nice to her as they should have been. It’s great that her tribe mates were able to help her get through a tough time without being too judgmental. I just can’t overly feel sorry for someone that’s a total winch.

Tribal Council addressed Ticking Time Bomb’s leadership and Black Hypo’s wanting to quit. I didn’t care who went. They both are obnoxious in their own way. However, it’s best to keep the strong and drop the weak. In addition, if Black Hypo goes who will I get to beat down with words? She didn’t go home and Tyrone did. He went home because they won three chickens for their reward. His idea was to keep them for eggs. But according to Generic Blond they only laid one egg a day. Before they went to tribal they wanted to eat, so they voted and everyone wanted to kill a chicken. Who ate the most? The one that didn’t want to kill the chicken but wanted to eat one egg a day…Tyrone. That is one of the main reasons he was voted off. He didn’t live as he preached and that kind of hypocrisy (not Black Hypo’s) is terrible.

Guess he’s no longer Ticking Time Bomb, more like Ticking Dud. Oops. He could be considered a Bomb in that he went up in flames.

I saw a website that said that Bear Grylls should be on Survivor. They stated he would own every challenge. I don’t think he’d own the challenges. What he’d own is the camp, but unfortunately stupid breeds at camp and he’d get voted off unless he’s on a tribe with a lot of love for him. However, most likely jealousy (as shown on this season with the Electrocuted Idiot) and the I can do it better attitude (as shown with the Jolly Mean Giant) would try to push him out. I’d be surprised if he’d survive the social structure of Survivor more so than the elements.

I love Survivor so much let me count the ways. Kidding…about counting the ways. Not kidding about loving it. I so want to be on it. That would be so awesome. I wonder how many days would pass before I am sitting on the makeshift cruddy community bed whining about how hard it is.

=) Until next time…The Caustic Survivor Fan has spoken.

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