“Jackass 3D” Laughing all the way Over the Rainbow

Genres: Comedy, Documentary, Adaptation and Sequel
Release Date: October 15th, 2010 (wide)
Distributors: Paramount Pictures

Director: Jeff Tremaine

JJ Rating: B+
See it again: Ha, sure.
Own it: I have the first one, but I don’t have the second one. So probably not.
Recommend it to: Those that have seen the first and second and laughed. Those that didn’t, uh…why bother?

I’m J_Jammer and this is a review of Jackass 3D.

It made me laugh, not nearly as much as the first and not as much as the second, but I did laugh, gag and feel that ten years flew by like yesterday. Unfortunately it has been that long and most likely this is the last time I’ll see a new Jackass ever (unless I look in a mirror, I guess). That’s what the end made it feel like, and though that’s understandable, it was bittersweet. Oddly I felt sad, because even though I’d never, ever, ever do half the stunts they did in this movie (or in TV show), I still found the stunts amazingly ridiculous, entertaining and funny. Every scene I had a ritual of shaking my head first before I busted out laughing. It’s because most of them were just plain wrong. As the saying goes, it’s not funny until someone gets hurt.

How is it when someone gets hurt in 3D? Interesting. But that’s not the creative way they use the 3D. You don’t realize where the 3D is going to pop out at you until it already has and you can’t take back what your eyes just saw…kind of thing. Yes, very interesting.

At Boxofficemojo.com there are people that gave it a F. Uh…those people are idiots. So are the ones that gave it a C or D. They so didn’t enjoy the first one or the second one. They saw this one because….they thought it would be different? Geez…

Each person from Johnny Knoxville to Steve-O to Bam all have this sense of charm that surrounds them and connects to the fans who love watching each one of them endure a painful stunt for our humor’s sake. They get mad, they get annoyed, but it washes away when they know the stunt worked as they’ve planed and has a great chance of making the audience laugh.

They had a slow motion camera that slowed it down whenever someone got hit in the face. The way the face moves (as it replays in my head) is liken to a moving jello mold and a hula girl hybrid of sorts. It was nothing short of mesmerizing. The entire beginning people were busted in the head with something. One of the only people that wasn’t busted in the head was Bam and that’s because he was hit (according to IMDB) in the head with a bat by a woman and had a concussion. So no bam-baming Bam throughout the entire film. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t do anything…like running through a set up of cattle prods and tasers. Wow. That looked painful. I laughed so hard.

There are at least three times that Steve-O gagged and threw up. Each time I could hear people in the audience returning the sound. I even felt an exit plan outlined by my stomach. Oddly it was one of my favorite moments (yes, each time), because he’s funnier in a way. During one stunt, he was resistant and didn’t even want to say the famous line “I’m Steve-O and this is…” and instead said, “I’m Steve-O…why do I have to be Steve-O?” Being sober heightened his fear of what was to come. The ultimate favorite from him in this film had to be the porta-potty lift. Like a terrible accident caught on film, they replayed that gravity lifting retched reek of nasty one too many times, but that was why it was so awesome-possum.

I wanted the film to go on and on and on, but it had to end and at the end, after all my laughing and control of my stomach so I wouldn’t do anything that would require some form of clean up, I felt sad that this is the last time I’ll see new stuff from these guys who I have grown to admire over the many years. Others might take over and others might make me laugh, but the originals will never be outdone. The way they did it made it all seem effortless, even though they had pain on their face and a ‘What the hell was I thinking’ telegraphed to anyone that would pick up. They were the best at what they did.

On the MTV special they had last week, Jonny Knoxville laughed about how people would meet him now and say how old he looked because they just watched an episode of Jackass that was filmed ten years ago. Ha-ha. And Bam talked about how he had fun, but is now 30 and everything hurts. They literally sacrificed for humor and I’d like to thank them. They took the idea that boys like to roughhouse and pushed it to the extreme and what a viewing pleasure it has been to see history in the making, so-to-speak. I am honored to have witnessed the TV show and the films on first run. I’m going to be an awesome father/grandpa because of that, that’s for sure.

Thank-you Jackass team. You’ve given America some great TV that on the surface might look stupid and mediocre, but underneath all the juvenile penises, piss, throw up and nut cracking was a show that was built on the ingenuity of courageous minds that will be admired for years to come. Here’s to concused minds of greatness. *bow*

I write like: Cory Doctorow

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free movie said...

This movie is great. The jackass team re-unites for what seems to be the last one in the series. They are getting older, and after seeing this movie, I'm surprised they are still in somewhat good health. You will laugh, cringe, and stare in awe at the spectacle that is Jackass 3D.

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