The Apprentice E7 -- The Wicked Witch is DEAD!

As Stephanie and Mahsa’s mouths move to say stupid, asinine whorish things, I hear the Peanut’s teacher talking. I wanted the men to win and I wanted it so much guess what? I got what I wanted. The men did win. YAY.

Stephanie and Mahsa are two peas in a pod. Really, it should be two pees in a urinal, because just as no one chooses to stand next to a urinal for fun…no one would stand next to either of these women for fun.

The task was to sum up a musical for backers. Woohoo…a boring sounding task. Well, it sounded boring, but the actual musicals seem interesting enough to see.

Ohmy Kristin Chenoweth the hottest vertically challenged woman in the world.

Bleh, Lisa decided to be the PM. She’s annoying because she can’t seem to point out the real problem in her team for lack of backbone and mental acuity. Steuart was the PM for the men and one of the reasons they won. Revealing in that awesomeness. I am…it’s never ending how great this episode was because the Witch did die a horribly embarrassing death.

Stephanie opens her mouth talking about how awesome she is and how anyone who isn’t her is not worth the crap that she puts in the toilet irregularly. First, she complains about how she can’t do everything then turns around and complains about how she’s not doing everything because she’s the only one that can. She would show her balls if she had any, because she’d have to show how they are bigger than anyone’s.

David whines about how he’s not given task that have to do with creativity. Really? You screwed up the last few weeks turning into lunatic twit who couldn’t be left alone to pee in a toilet without arguing with the lid for not lifting itself. However, he has no idea why Steuart can’t trust him. Idiot.

Stephanie is a total trash idiot who complains no matter what. She’s a total kvetch. Worse to call a woman that because of what it sounds like when you say it aloud five times fast. Go on, waste your time…either verbally or mentally. She’s given a task to complete and does she do it? No. She has to whine about it, talk about how she is better doing something else and then screw up the task she was handed. She thought she and Masha could screw up to get rid of Lisa, who is only a tiny bit better. Didn’t work, but she tried.

David decided to take control of the creative process of what would be shown on stage with the actors and such. He was right and Steuart was wrong about how to show the musical. David wanted the performances to display the musical without taking the audience of three out of the world by explaining to them what they’re seeing, allow the musical to show what it’s about instead of tell. I wanted David to perform well and get praise, because his ideas were smart. He’s just socially retarded. Good thing he did great and got praise in the boardroom.

Even though David did great and came out with a fantastic creative genius idea…he won’t be the Apprentice. He’s tainted that and only has himself to blame.

When you, Mahsa, can’t say something good about someone…the problem is YOU. She sits in the boardroom complaining about how she helped Lisa with her words and couldn’t state, as Trump was explaining, that Lisa did great with the presentation. Mahsa had to turn it onto how fantastic Mahsa is and how everyone should bow to her, kiss her fingers, and pretend she’s the mob boss everyone else wished they could be.

The two musicals were Little Miss Fix-It for Octane and Darling for Fortitude. Based on how the men did, I wanted to see Little Miss Fix-It a lot. Darling looked good also.

Stephanie didn’t take the opportunity to be PM and proceeded to lie and state she didn’t know it was a musical task. Trump set her straight stating he did mention that it was a musical task and she didn’t step up and he did not appreciate her lying. She mentioned how she won a task and Trump said that was a great point and she should have led with that and only that. After this conversation, Stephanie didn’t even speak a single word the rest of the boardroom. Thank you, thank you, thank you Mr. Trump for shutting her up. Best gift on TV I got this night.

Random thought: Ivanka is hot.

Mahsa turns totally stupid when Brandy points out she spilled the numbers last task on how much the women made to the men. Mahsa continued as she had since the first episode and lied. She said that Clint told her what the men made and felt tricked into sharing what the women made. The men are in their room watching on the TV and Clint almost jumps through the TV and punches Mahsa in her big lying mouth. Well he wouldn’t do that because he’s more human than she is, but that’s the look he gave and I wouldn’t even think he was wrong if it were possible for him to jump through and break her face for that lie.

So instead he marches to the boardroom and goes in to defend his name. There was an all out word war and it was everyone vs. Mahsa. Really, it was Clint, Steuart and Brandy vs. Mahsa. It should have been Mahsa and Stephanie, but Stephanie got her ovaries pulled out and spat on and she wasn’t about to be fired too, so she shut her big trap. Trump listened to Clint explain how he did not do it. Watching Clint I can’t even see how he lied, because he didn’t. Mahsa tried to yell her way out by stating she didn’t lie and in mid lie yell she got fired. Ha, ha, ha the Wicked Witch is Dead. Sing the happy song that she who couldn’t win a single task or do anything that was worth praising over is gone. Oh and Stephanie didn’t even stand up for her. Not even one second.

This is the first time a team has ever come back into the boardroom. It was fantastic. Loved every second of this episode.

Mahsa sat in the cab and said how she made a stupid mistake, referring to her sharing the number with the men’s team, but didn’t mention that Clint told her anything. Why? Because she LIED. Liar, liar, liar, liar, liar. Mahsa is a liar. She didn’t lie, she IS a liar. Why would anyone work with that?

Next week Trump mixes up the teams. This ought to be interesting because Stephanie gets put in her place again. Ha, ha…love it.

Until next week…

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