The Apprentice E6 -- Men have a Virus and Women have too many Losers

Geez the women complained about how they sucked with the underwear ending on their catwalk and that the African “Princess” was wrong to say that it sucked. Uh, no. She was right to say they sucked.

Then the Madder said he had thick skin and could take any attack. Ha, ha….all he does every episode is whine about how people look at him with raised eyebrows. He’s the reason loser was created as an insult.

Blond Freakazoid stated she is polished in a way. Haha…yeah, that wasn’t seen when you did that whole underwear thing. Nor was it seen when she lied about picking the location for the task in the boardroom. She also had a hand in the creation of the word loser.

The task was to give petty cab tours. They had to take a driver’s test. The women didn’t past as well as the men did. Haha…and they were shocked that they sucked. That didn’t come up in the boardroom that Thing Two failed the driving test as well. Blond Freakazoid was quick to bring up those that did, but didn’t bring up Thing Two’s failure. Why? Because they are so in love with one another, that’s why.

The Madder is a total and utter mess. He’s like a terror on the task. He’s a social terrorist. His idea of sane is to ruin everything and then say he does it for fun. Because that’s what Trump wants in an Apprentice a psychopathic moron.

Thing Two made me laugh. She said, “Me and the three blonds...” Amusing. It sounded like the beginning of a fairy tale.

The men decided on dressing up as Romans pulling petty cabs. It’s a very creative idea along with the costumes and the swordplay.

Women decided to be Whores on Wheels or something like that….“sex sells” idea. They were really going for Babes on Bikes, but they dressed less like Babes and more like Whores. Dressing up like they were a cyclist would have been more apt, but they dressed up like a whores and they might get hit on. Oh, wait…that’s what happened to Poppy. She got hit on. Sex might sell, but standing on the corner selling sex isn’t really what actually wins in a Wall Street location. If only it was the red light district, idiots.

I’d hit on Poppy. She is hot no matter what she wears. Sex sells, just doesn’t win.

OMG Madder couldn’t give a tour. He gave a terror of a life story. Ha, Country Roll said where else do you put him? Might as well put him with the bike, maybe he’d be hit by a car. If only…

If the location is horrible, what will you have to do? Change locations. However, do they do that? Lunch rush came and it started to pick up. Pretty good, she was right…that silly Blond Freakazoid. Or so she thought, because the women lost and it was mainly because of location. Blond Freakazoid backed away from the location and lied saying she wasn’t part of location picking when she certainly was.

Thing Two was jealous of Poppy’s selling tactics and she got all whinny about it. They are so stupid. OMG then Thing Two said she doesn’t care about that after she complained about it. COME ON. In the boardroom if Thing Two and Blond Freakazoid sold more, they would have voiced that they sold more. Neither said they sold the most, meaning that someone else did. That only leaves Poppy, the one they were knocking as a loser. Typical jealous winches.

She-Hulk (who is the tallest) was the PM and she made a call to state that Poppy was the best. She stuck by that call and she is smart to have done so. Bright lady. She was not smart on the location matter. Though she didn’t choose the location, she had the choice of changing it. She should have.

In the boardroom Country Roll, Almond and DK all attacked Madder. Ooh wow Country Roll was on a roll with one-liner after one-liner about how incredibly horrible Madder is. Madder then pretends that he wants to work hard. Next week scenes show he doesn’t change. He’s such a waste of human space that it’s not even funny. Not one iota.

The women don’t have a Madder, but they are not as cohesive as they think. They always attack one another no matter if they win or lose. The default person they attack is the African “Princess”. However, the African “Princess” allows those attacks and when she has a chance to point out failures in those that attack her she doesn’t do it. Meaning she’s weak and not worth anyone’s time or breath. She might as well fade away and if she did, no one would ever notice.

Blond Freakazoid picked the location and defended it on the phone. Then in the boardroom, she flips like a whore on a dirty mattress and said she didn’t do it. That proves how she’s so polished. Who could be more polished than she? God, she’s a loser. These women cannot take responsibility for what they decide on. Oh, they’ll snatch up those wins even if they didn’t have much to do with it, but if there’s a loss…they step away and act as if they had no hand in it. If the women had won Blond Freakazoid would have taken credit for the location.

I think that Trump should flip this show and next time separate the boardrooms. Have one team in the boardroom at a time. Tell them they won and see what it is that they will take credit for or give credit for. If they are the actual losing team, then they will be told they lost a few moments after they glow in praise about what they accomplished. It’ll totally show who really is strong enough to agree with what praise they gave or took when they won--after being told they lost. I would love to see people squirm in that situation.

The Trumps asked questions toward She-Hulk about her PM ability and how she handed out task, Blond Freakazoid spouts out “Yeah” and stupid phrases like that to put her seal of approval on the questioning. I’m sorry, who are you? Are you someone important enough to decide who is fired and hired? No, no you’re not. And yet you think you have the right to make little noises as if your opinion matters in the hiring and firing of anyone that works for Trump. You are such a moron that I don’t even think your parents know how incredibly stupid you really are. The fact that they don’t know shows how stupid they are and proves the point that stupid breeds YOU.

Kelly is fired. This decision between PM and those that screw up the task is really retarded this season. It doesn’t seem to be making much sense. It goes back and forth and isn’t very consistent.

The African “Princess” is a total tool. She can’t pick the right person to blame for the failure of the task, ever. She’s afraid of the team that blames her for everything. Instead of pointing out the Blond Freakazoid was the person that vouched for the location, she had to pick the easy target. She’s a moron. A stupid, asinine, never going to win Apprentice MORON. Who else won’t win? Madder, Blond Freakazoid, Thing Two…they’re all idiots. They dug their own grave early on and they will not win this game.

Those that have the greatest chance of winning are Country Roll, DK, Poppy and Prim and Proper Blond. Everyone else plain sucks or is not good enough. Where do they find these people? Certainly not homeless people, they would know how to act better and I bet they’re far more polished than most of these pathetic humans.

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