The Apprentice E5 -- It Just Gets Worse and Worse

Thing Two runs into the room, after the boardroom, like a crazed lunatic. Look at me, I’m a failure as a PM, but was not fired as I should have been. Funny that there was a comment against her. Where was that comment in the boardroom. Scared little kitty that blond one who I’ve nicknamed Alchy. Why? Because she talks like she is controlling her speech a little too much, as if she drank a bit before speaking. On the other hand, I could be just running out of nicknames for these pathetic people.

Silent Pink is going to step up as PM. Yeah, I’ll believe that when I see it. Oh, he did. Silent Pink is PM for the men and Blond Freakazoid for the women. Ick. Two of the dumbest people on the show.

I now hate the name Tristan. Use to like it, but since Thing Two likes it…I cannot stomach it. Nothing she likes can be good any more. Tainted like a cockroach walking over your lunch.

These women act as if they should be taken seriously and then they turn juvenile. Men in underwear *giggle* ugh…later they pretend underwear are shorts. This is after Blond Freakazoid shouts at Poppy that she didn’t get enough UNDERWEAR. She’s an idiot.

Ohmygod these people. They could have been rid of the Madder a LOOOOONG time ago, but refused to do it. Now they’re worried that he’s a liability. Well, shouldn’t you have thought of that before? Yes.

From watching all these seasons of Apprentice, I could so do this blindfolded. I know what NOT to do. It’s as if these people have never seen a single episode. They just make the same stupid mistakes. Come on. Men in underwear? Not practicing before the show?

DK and Almond were to go about town shopping with the women models. Just like Slacks (opposite of Jeans--if you know who I’m talking about--also he has a laid-back way of talking--in other words boring.) said…wolves with the sheep. I could see it in their eyes and hear it in their whispers. Love the way the music plays behind them when they shop. So lazy sounding or maybe it was supposed to be flirty.

DK is all upset about the mention of his girlfriend. REALLY? What a man-ho. Question him as a favorite after that. Come on, as if any of them wanted you at the moment. You’re on TV. Hello…she can see you now with that edit.

The women took one man to dress like their own doll. The women also thought it a great idea to have the models walk out in boxer briefs. Yeah…that’s like a stripper scene. Not so bright, I don’t think. Also, the least creative part of the entire idea they had. And who stamped that with her approval? Blond Freakazoid who claimed she lacks creative thought. Go figure.

Blond Freakazoid does as a freakazoid does…freaked out over something that she could have calmly stated. She’s such a prick. How about YOU figure out how to fix it. Why? Because you’re the freakin’ PM.

Women have a great rehearsal. Men do not.

Slacks was not ready to rehearse. He’s the MC and he’s NOT ready. He teamed up with Madder to suck like a black hole. Terrible doesn’t even begin to describe the mess the men displayed on that catwalk.

The women do a fantastic job with their idea. Fantastic. They were so creative and smart. But then they end on the underwear….that’s not what the SHOES are about. SHOES. What is it again? SHOES….Alchy spoke very well. Amazingly well and the story they decided was genius. SHOES. Men shirtless doesn’t sell shoes to men, because those are men shoes they’re selling or supposed to be. Unless you’re selling bodies then some men and women would start buying, but not the shoes.

The men BOMB. Yes they did. They bombed like a mime at a screaming match.

Wow, Slacks was so terrible. I was begging for Madder to take over. However, all he could do was walk off the stage to hide. SO TERRIBLE. I dislike Madder, but Silent Pink should have given him the talking part….period. No questions asked. That’s that. Or, just make DK and Almond work twice as hard with the dressing and the MCing -- as Trump suggested.

That was so unbelievably terrible. I felt embarrassed.

Trump sends the women back. They were great, but the underwear idea was stupid. They were just being whores. They should have picked black shorts and shirts to show off the shoes. Instead, they wanted to touch men and giggle.

Slacks should be fired for being SOOOO BORING. The women’s commentary is boring-er. Except for the prophetic statement that Trump will fire two.

Funny that Madder isn’t even speaking at all. HAHA…DK slams Madder for his sucky speaking ability. Madder couldn’t handle the truth and said DK harassed women. Wow…that’s pushing a lie a little too far. He was shut down by Trump and rightfully so. And they wanted to keep him over the Lawyer. Idiots. That’s all they are.

Ooh…he fired TWO people. Silent Pink and Slacks. Slacks shouldn’t have said, “If you want to fire me…” because he did without hesitation.

There was a reason they showed the women saying “Two”. I still don’t see a woman winning this show at all. They all suck. No matter how many times they win, none of them are great enough to win the entire thing. They still act as if they have something to prove more than just doing the job they are given.

Gene (Slacks) got a job as a one person designing a technologically advanced assistant living center. Awesome.

Wade (Silent Pink) got more calls because his name got out there as a real estate agent. Awesome.

Next week’s episode the comment, “You couldn’t get a job as an Oompa Loompa making Gobstoppers.” came from Southern Roll to the Madder Lol….ooh…I died of laughing. They are still stupid, they KEPT him. They chose to keep him. Idiots beyond belief.

Well…until next time.

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MsCFaith said...

Eh, who said it could be any great? I used to watch The Apprentice, but I think that it's really not my interest. I enjoyed the first season but... woosh!

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