The Apprentice E4 -- The Women are just Vile

I can’t believe some of them are mother, sisters or daughters with how evil they are. Darth Vader has nothing on these dysfunctional dimwits. I wouldn’t want to have any relation with them. I’d prune them from my family tree.

OMG, seriously, Madder has the audacity to state he dislikes disrespect when he disrespects EVERYONE under the moon in the sky, and yes, I’m talking about 6.5 billion people. He’s a self-grown idiot. He disliked what DK said about him in the boardroom. Madder was a problem on the last task. How is that so hard to see? He needs a mirror, STAT.

Thing One starts off bad with the stinking humming when she agrees while on her interview. Then she gets all giddy in a selfish manner with the $10,000 gift card. There’s always a way to be happy without seeming selfish. She hasn’t found that. I thought it was nice to see her actually show she is human with the tears, even though they might have been selfish tears, over the gift card.

Ick, Thing Two is PM for the women and Southern Roll is the PM for the men. Last week Silent Pink said he’d step up. This week, he didn’t. Mark against him when he went into the boardroom this go around. All he did was sit in the background because that’s what he is, a wallflower no one notices.

Southern Roll states that they lost because of a terrible PM last week. Uh…what about the week before? Why did you lose? Terrible PM? Oh no because you can’t state Madder is a terrible person. Nope, even though you had trouble with him first task. Short-term memory loss, just like African “Princess”.

Their task was to produce a video that would go viral. This is something that Apprentice has done before, but for some reason these “smart” people always fail to understand what viral is. You’d think they’d search online to find the favorites and do something along those lines.

MmMM LOVE Kettlecorn…so good. *drool like Homer*

The women’s idea SUCKS. I don’t even think if they went BIG like the company man said they should have that it would have been better. It was just bleh. This isn’t funny. Thing Two sucks at being creative, that’s what I learned.

The ONLY one that had the ovaries to tell Thing Two she sucks and her ideas are stupid was Thing One, the woman she held hands with in the first episode after getting rid of a better woman than the both of them put together. Boring doesn’t even begin to explain how terrible Thing Two’s idea was. Think grass growing.

The men have come up with a fantastic idea, but Madder’s whining starts to drown out any creative thought because he’s a baby and can’t handle a toothache. Again, Survivor contestants have to deal with far worse and they don’t whine every three seconds. They get bug bits that look nasty and they don’t whine about it and ask to go home like this sore loser of a person. Where was he for the whole task? NOWHERE, which, like DK said, was a great gift. Then Silent Pink whines about the idea. He’s too sheltered and needs to lighten up. However, when the video is finished it looks a little violent with the hitting with the bag. Maybe if they stuck with tossing popcorn and acting like it was snow it would have been better.

The one thing I like about Thing One is she’s smart and figures what Thing Two was trying to do to pin her to the cross. Unfortunately what she did to pin her worked. Thing One grows. Thing Two is like a hangnail and smells like one.

WOOHOO the men won. There was no way they should have lost. Their idea was not boring and that alone was a step up. My respect for Thing One went tremendously this episode. She had guts to state that the idea sucked. She had guts to laugh at the men’s video. I like strong women who are not afraid to be strong when it might backfire. She has the ovaries. She had the opportunity to state that when she was PM they won. She is worth keeping, but Trump mistakenly fires her.

The African “Princess” is an idiot and I no longer like her…ever. Holding Thing Two’s hand while going back to the suit was a fatal flaw. I can never like her. Hypocrite, idiot, and someone that forgot what it felt like to be teamed up against and then does it herself like a stupid, asinine retarded sheep.

Thing One got fired and while in the boardroom she turned into a Butterfly. She dressed like a beautiful butterfly, so why not call her Butterfly. She should NOT have been fired. I see this as a mistake on Trump’s part. SHE WON the last task. Thing Two won what? NOTHING. She should have been fired. Thing Two lost and couldn’t accept responsibility. She lost because of her stupid idea, because of her stupid execution of the stupid idea. She is the definition of failure. Casework load doesn’t even back up her lack on this task.

After the firing Tyana got a job that she loves. That’s fantastic. I love hearing that and she smiled far more than she did this entire cruddy episode. Trump was very wrong.

A favorite for me has immerged. DK is my favorite out of both teams. The women’s team is too full of themselves. They are not good at their jobs and they all disgusting human beings who aren’t worthy of being an apprentice. The men’s team has weak-minded sheeple who’ll just follow without pointing out that Madder is a loose cannon that should be cut off at the knees.

Whatever….until next week…=)

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