The Apprentice E3 -- Too Many Idiots, Too Much Time

[I was in New York attending one of the Comic Cons. It was fun. I went as the Last Airbender Cartoon. I had to write about Amazing Race and The Apprentice, so that’s why they’re late.]

We start where we left off last week when African “Princess” couldn’t shut up and shouted at Poppy that she was a “B”. This week she continues going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on about how it was sooooo wrong to offend her sense of greatness that she isn’t. Woe is her and her lack that she has to yell and attack. It’s one thing to prove people wrong, it’s a totally different thing to say they’re wrong and be annoying about it. She has a family to provide for. That’s nice, so does everyone else. Single (as some are) people still provide for a family, even if it is just yourself. This isn’t a throw down. Show what you can do in moments of stress, and it’s not the time to show you’re retarded in moments of stress. Who wants to deal with a loose cannon?

I know how quick people are to turn on their teammates when they are on a full stomach and had a great night sleep on the easy as pie Apprentice compared to Survivor where they have no food and no sleep…shocker? The Subdued Lawyer said something like that…without mentioning Survivor. You are going about your trial run as an idiot, people. Pull up your pants and act like an adult. For the love of job seekers, be more than a pity party. Nothing should be below you, NOTHING, not even picking up poop… that was at you, Thing Two.

So it looks like African “Princess” and the Subdued Lawyer should stand up and be PM. Do they? The Subdued Lawyer does, but African “Princess” does not. Wow, big mouth couldn’t put her attitude where he pride was at the moment.

The Madder gets all pissy over Subdued Lawyer as the PM. Seriously, you’re a douche. That’s just that. HE IS A MORON…there’s just nothing in his head. Scream at him and an echo would bounce back. He wants to go to the boardroom on a loss to get rid of the Lawyer. Uhm…mmmm…who lost the last task? Who was that? Raise your stupid, big, fat obnoxious face if you did. Oh, that’s right…you lost the task. Who’s still here? Oh, right, you’re still here, unfortunately for the viewers and your children. God, you’re such a douchbag and proving every single episode how smart your ex was to leave your sorry self behind. How is anyone proud of you’re moronic attitude? Tell me. Email me. Please.

Not only that, the Madder gets all pissed off at the guy that looks like he could be related to the Kennedys. I’ll nickname him Doppelganger Kennedy or DK for short. So Madder gets pissed off at DK for saying he did something wrong last task in the boardroom. Ohnose you better be careful DK. He might set his demonistic persona on you and perform magical wonderment to get rid of you. God, he’s an idiot of the highest order. He’s the King of the Idiots. That’s for a fact.

The Subdued Lawyer is the worst project manager? Well maybe you, Madder, should have raised your hand and said you always want to be PM because you’re infinitely smart and everyone else is one of your stupid minions. Where do you have to graduate to be such a great idiot like him? When has he actually listen to when someone has told him to do something? He hasn’t. There’s no one time he actually did as he was told.

Thing One is the PM for the women. Thing Two gets mad because she doesn’t get what she wants from who? Thing One. Ha…this is great. Idiots can’t get along because one has pride that needs to be stroked. They were all happy to get rid of the one they didn’t like first episode and now they can’t get along. Why? Because idiots do annoy their own brethren. It’s amazing to watch. Discovery Channel should send out a team. It’ll be as great as the Planet Earth series.

Thing One said that she commands presence when she walks into a room, that’s why she is going to man the front desk while she sends Thing Two to the back to deal with the doggy poo and the dogs themselves. HAHA on two accounts. One, no she doesn’t. The only thing she commands is how she doesn’t have a job at the moment. If she was so good at presence then she would still have a job. Two, sending Thing Two back to deal with dogs is fantastic. Watching her whine about how unfair it is to not allow her to sit on her but doing what a monkey could do is funny.

When Trump’s son, Donald Jr., comes in to check on the women guess who runs up and whines about her job? Thing Two. She can’t help but be a tattletale on this task. She can’t help be a tattletale on all task. She is a bratty woman. Simple as that. Plus she always thinks she’s better than everyone else. Why? There’s NOTHING about her that I couldn’t find better made in China Town.

On the men’s team the owner wants to talk to the PM. The owner saw they were in a meeting. Waiting isn’t a difficult thing to do unless you feel entitled, and in this case the owner is of the nationality that would feel such entitlement. Wait until they are done. If you don’t have time to speak afterwards, then shorten it and say only a little bit, but acting like everything should stop for you is ridiculous. He is in the wrong. To state that as a reason to fire the Subdue Lawyer later on, isn’t good enough to me. It’s actually as pathetic as this task.

When Ivanka comes to check on the men, the Subdued Lawyer sucks all the fun out of communicating and bores her to tears. I believe that is a good reason to have fired him more so than not speaking to self important owner. It’s important to enjoy your work and if you can’t show your work with excitement, then whey should anyone else be excited about it?

I don’t agree with the idiot woman who are all on the African “Princess”. I think that she did a great job with what she had to do. Her task? The banner and the flyers. Why get pissed when she is trying to make it look as good as she believes it should for her team? Oh because Blond Freakaziod is an emotional demon. She doesn’t like the African “Princess”, that means African “Princess” is awesome, because the Blond Freakaziod is a loser. Blond Freakaziod attacks the African “Princess” for no reason but an emotional one and then uses that same idea against her in the boardroom like being emotional is a damning thing. Don’t attack something you always do yourself, idiot woman.

The Madder just gets all whinny because he doesn’t get to do what he wants with a binder clip. He wants to turn a binder clip into a nail. If that doesn’t scream idiot…what does? Again they get food and water and they act this stupid.

This episode has the BORINGEST task ever. They didn’t even have a lot to show about the task’s work. Too much over the emo contestants that have no reason to be so overly angry. Where’s the humanity in these people? They suck at being human. They really do….all of them. I don’t see a human in the bunch, they need to work on that. It’s like looking at a gaggle of morons. Where are these smart well read people that each show boasts of at the beginning?

Almond (and that’s not his name but he looks like one and he’s as smart as one) only cared about the owner because they look the same. It isn’t that big of a deal with the owner. It’s not a big deal because it just isn’t. If the owner doesn’t like being interrupted when he’s speaking to his employees, then he should have the same respect. Which. He. Did. Not. Judge or not, he should understand what is going on and get with the PM when he’s done. This mentality of self importance because of title instead of looking at situation is disgusting and Almond is an idiot for saying otherwise. He isn’t going to win. He better step up next.

The Silent Pink is all good with the dogs but didn’t speak up to state he was good with them enough. The respect thing shouldn’t be so hard. Someone is put in as the leader, you respect their position more than them as a person. That’s how I view it. It’s not that hard. I dislike Presidents or other political people, but I wouldn’t shout nasty things at them or go up to them and spit on them. I respect them and their position they hold. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you have the right to disrespect them. These people are stupid. Silent Pink should have said that he’s good with dogs with boldness instead of being timid Timmy and looking like an idiot, like they’re all good at. He opens his mouth and all that falls out is idiotic talk. “I can mange Madder”---liar. I’d like to see that. Step up. We’ll see.

As they walk out of the boardroom Silent Pink decided that they were on the football field and spewed out a stupid, immature comment. Who wants to hire this prick? Come ON…they don’t think.

THERE IS NO ONE ON THIS SHOW WORTH VIYING FOR. THEY ALL SUCK…ALL OF THEM . I hope they all lose. A homeless person would do 100x better than any of these contestants.

The Subdued Lawyer was FIRED. Shocker, since the men’s team is full of the dumbest people on the planet. Yay James (the Subdued Lawyer) got to work at the New York Attorney General’s Office. That’s awesome for him. I feel sorry for anyone that takes that stupid Madder. He’s acid. Who wants that? God, his children have to be squirming. Idiot. I can’t say it enough. He gets on my nerves. He’s almost more of a hypocrite than the Black Hypo…almost. Not to mention the rest of the idiots (best term for them) on this show. They just keep on showing that they are willing to say stupid things while at the same time pretend they are above any task that is handed to them.

PLEASE, Trump, use homeless people next time. PLEASE…I can’t stand another show with people as selfish, immature, waste of human skin people like these people are. They’re not even worth feeling sorry for. They’re just pathetic and not because they’re jobless, but because of how they handle being jobless. It’s disappointing that they are not humble enough to work hard to get a job that they so think they’re worthy of. The Apprentice show is a Business Boot Camp. Do the hard work to get the job. That’s all. Can’t hack it, why are you there?

As of right now, Trump should fire all of them and start over.

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