Amazing Race 17 E2 - 10 Teams - Sunglasses

I’m really mean in thought when it comes to Amazing Race. I enjoy when they end up all on the same flight. It’s funny in a brutal Amazing Race way. I’ve always wanted to do Amazing Race and if I were in first and got to the airport and found out that we were all going to be together again, I’d have to laugh and cry later while in the bathroom alone without the cameras in my tears. The first place is always crushed and last is always upbeat that they got a shot to be first on the mat.

Where were they this episode? They end up in Ghana, Africa.

The road block they had to sell sunglasses to people in the market. Watermelon Women (cause one got smashed in the face by one) were the ones that won first because the blond did a fantastic job of selling them to men with a kiss. She said that people will do lots for a promise of a kiss. Kiss whores are not bad and she isn’t, because she kisses the cheek and gives an excited hug. Who would turn that down? I wouldn’t.

Not a lot of interesting things happened during this event. The most fascinating thing was the citizens and how enjoyable they were. They danced, laughed, made jokes and enjoyed the camera anyway they could and were not mean toward the players.

The Detour was between pushing a very awesome looking casket (that were in shapes like fish or a piano, something that matched the person who would use it’s life) to a specific destination or fixing up an antenna for a family to see a clear picture on their TV. Nothing really massive or of any drama interest happened here. There were a lot of nice people helping lift the casket to put into the place of business. The families were kind and not pushy with the placement of the antenna. It was a great show of how wonderful a place this is via personality.

Andie and Jenna (birth mother and daughter) came in last and were eliminated. They said that they’ll remain friends. That’s good. I found it interesting that when “your mom” was used, that she corrected Phil stating that she has a mom. I find it respectful that she corrected him.

It’s sad to see them go, but someone has to go and so far there’s really no one that I think shouldn’t be on this race. It’s only the second episode. It’ll get more easier to state who I really like, but right now it’s a good close tie with all of them, but the Glee Boys and the Doctor Girls are my favorites by a tiny bit. They have a positive attitude and try really hard to get alone without being bossy or pushy. I also like Youtube Asians.

The Amazing Race is a fantastic show, but this episode was just fun to see once and didn’t have much to discuss. Until next week….

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