Amazing Race 17 - 8 Teams - E5 -- Taste Like Money and 1 Woman Team Down…2 to go

They cross over into Norway and the race is on, again. The Doctors get to the clue box first and get the first Fast Forward. The task? Eating a whole sheep’s head. They don’t know that, but as they head over there, clips are shown to explain how one of the Doctors has not eaten meat in over 22 years. Will they waste time and turn back when they get there?

Nope. They see what they have to do and they push through it and finish. The Veggie lover said, “Taste like money” -- great phrase. They munched on that sheep’s head like it was a celery stick or like it’s leafy greens that and smelled like a million dollars.

The Road Block is repealing down a bridge over the water, a boat comes and gives a clue, and then they have to climb back up using a lot of upper body strength. Realizing that this task needed strength, endurance and guts, because the clue said so, Youtube Dad said I got none. Ha-ha. Therefore, the Son did it.

The teams members that do the Road Block have to go slow and steady back up and it looks like that climb was so, so, so tiring. Their arms, as it seemed they were describing, were as if they turned to jelly because the Son said that his arm hurt when he opened the clue. Tearing off the opening to clue is as strenuous as tearing paper. Yeah, ha.

This is how they weed out the women teams…challenges with upper body strength or just strength in general. Somehow, it ruins women teams who can’t hack it. It could be because men are stronger than women…but that would be like saying women have better balance and that’s just wrong to suggest one sex has something over the other. Sacrilegious even. Eeek. Good thing the Doctors just passed it up, because I think they would have had trouble with it. Since the blond is afraid of heights. I’m sure there’s more ahead for them to deal with that will test their strength. Then they’ll pass it and be the first women team to ever win The Amazing Race.

Next time a woman decides to tell me there’s equality in the sexes and that women can do anything men can do, if not better…I’ll ask them, “How many women teams have won the Amazing Race?” Moreover, when they Google it and come back with zero as an answer, I’ll just smile and nod. That is…unless the Doctors ruin that…and they just might.

TV Women had trouble with the Road Block. The brunette stated that it was the hardest thing she’s ever done, climbing up the rope back to the bridge. She must have forgotten a melon to the face. Ha, oh that moment is classic. She ends up getting to the top, though. Very tough thing to do, she best be proud of that accomplishment.

Tattoo Couple tried to do the Fast Forward but they couldn’t because it was “taken” as the sign on the door stated. Since the word is as difficult as “is” for Clinton…they couldn’t explain the word clearly. I forgive them for being adorable, but it’s sort of getting old…sort of. Not understanding what Taken means in that context really shouldn’t be that difficult. Shouldn’t be, but what I do know. I’d probably be much worse on this race.

The Tattoo woman goes for the bridge thing. She owned that bridge. Best women to do it. Almost looked like she wasn’t even that tired when she got back to the top, meaning she was the best person probably to do it on the whole race. They went to do the bikes at the Detour and he had a bit of trouble after confessing how he loved biking. It’s what the editors do when you state you can do something…show how you couldn’t. I won’t say what I’m great at on TV just to be shown I’m wrong. Ha.

The Doctors were, of course, the first to arrive at the Pit Stop. They were happy, for now. That Veggie lover will have to poo big time later after eating meat for the first time in a long while.

The TV Women chose to do the boat where they had to ride on a boat and then climb up the side of rocky area and take two fish and a saw to a man that lived up a path. The blond wore a weird life vest that had to connect under her legs. It was funny, because as she ran to the boat it looked like she was a bright orange skipping beaver. Once they get to the top where the cabin is they have a cute little conversation with the man and kiss him. That’s how they roll.

Attitudes are starting to rear their ugly heads and teams are lookin’ ugly like the Blonds. They were saying some snide things to one another about the other teams. Nothing too outrageous, but it’s a start. From the beginning these teams have all been fun with few complaints among them, so it’s noticeable when small little snide comments come out. They push and push to try to catch up with the rest of the teams, but they couldn’t do it and ended up being the last to arrive at the mat. I like when teams talk about how happy they were to be on the Amazing Race with their teammate and the Blonds were no different.

Only two more women teams left before the curse of the no women’s team has ever one on Amazing Race is victorious. It’s funny, though, they tried to make it look like the Blonds and the Jock and Cheerleader were actually racing to the end, but I figured when they passed each other on the boat that the Jock and Cheerleader were at least 30 minutes ahead and there was no way they were going to lose out. Unless they got lost, which they sort of did, but not dramatically.

The Other Couple lost their way and had the Youtube Asians behind them. That was the first time I saw the guy on the Other Couple get frustrated. It wasn’t too bad, but it’s the first crack that had better not get any bigger.

I’ve said this before, but these contestants are just fun. The Tattoo Couple, Youtube Asians, Father/Daughter, Doctors and the TV Women. This season just has many amusing moments and not nearly as many dramatic ones. It’s just a fun show to watch, making it difficult to have too many snarky comments.

Congrats to Katie and Rachel for making it this far in the Amazing Race. They did a great job and should feel very proud of how far they went.

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