Amazing Race 17 - 10 Teams - E4 -- Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

All the teams helped in renovating the school that they attended the day before for a task. They enjoyed the giving back and the children said thank you. It was a pleasant thing to view.

Then they were off to the arctic circle. They all had tickets waiting for them at the airport, but they didn’t have to use those tickets. Four of the teams decided to try to get tickets for an earlier flight. The teams were YouTube Asians, Woman Doctors, The Father/Daughter and the TV Women.

They had to make the connection flight within a certain amount of time or else this entire idea of getting head is a bust…eh they make it.

YouTube Asians hit their Speed Bump when they get to the awesome Ice Hotel. Nothing like frostbite sex. They had to sit on the ice chair for ten minutes. Son said it hurt and felt like needles in his bum because he was wearing gym shorts and Dad said that he had a plan by switching cheeks.

Clue in ice to go to a doggy camp. When they get there, they ride dogsleds to get flags, to get pelts to get the next clue. Since it’s the summer time this is how the dogs keep their muscle mass for when they pull sleds in the winter. Everyone enjoyed riding the sleds and had fun. Hahaha the Daughter had to do an extra lap because she missed a flag. She enjoyed the dog sled so much that when she gets home she said she’s going to take her Great Dane and Pug and hook them up to have her own doggy sled. Ha, can you imagine? I hope she does that. The picture alone would be hilarious.

These teams have to be the nicest teams ever on The Amazing Race. So much fun to watch, but so hard to find something snarky to say about this episode. That is until a guy (of course) gets all mad over not getting a task done fast enough.

Final flight comes in 2 hours later putting them all in, as the Glee Boys said a fight to NOT be in last place. This was very prophetic, because one of those teams did come in last.

The “Normal” Couple (because a decent nickname eludes me) went the wrong way because they followed the markers? Nope. They didn’t see any arrows, but still went down a path a mile in the wrong direction. This forced them to make a decision to use the express pass. Had they not gone the wrong direction they would have been able to place at the mat without having to waste it. They made a stupid mistake. Something I don’t really get. How do you go the wrong way? There are markers. They’re everywhere when you’re in the right place. So if you see no markers that means you’re in the wrong place.

The Detour is going down either in a mini motor sled or make a tent with beds and a fire.

The Doctors finish the sled correctly and end up at the mat first. They want to be the very first woman team to win the entire Amazing Race. I think that it’s. They got the steel uteruses to do it. The other women teams? Eh, the Blonds are too weak to make it to the end and the TV Women continue to make mistakes that’ll eventually catch up to them. Therefore, the Doctors have the ability to make it and be the first.

Then the Father/Daughter and the TV Women came to the mat. YouTube Asians couldn’t get the tent up fast enough (har har), but they came in fourth.

Haha…The Jock and Cheerleader were getting all caught up in the pissy stuff. He was as mad as he was in the first leg trying to cross that river on that turtle boat. He tends to go off and not understand what’s going on. I understand that it’s difficult to stop doing something you find easy, to do another task because your teammate can’t do it, but he’s just ridiculous. This getting mad when things get difficult needs to be worked out. Instead of just going to do the other one he wanted to waste a bit of time arguing about how she just needs to do it right. All the while she cries and says it’s impossible for her to do it, she’s afraid.

She kept falling off or flipping over the mesh fence. The same for the Glee Boys and the Blond Girls. They couldn’t turn well enough without flipping and being mounted by the sled.

The “Normal” Couple used their express pass and made fifth.

The Tattoo Couple went through the sled with ease because it’s easier to use their adventure side than their brains, as the girl said. Team number six.

Hahaha The Glee Boys used the term “pitching a tent”. Ha, and so when he said they were faster than Blond Girls they didn’t say they were faster putting up the tent or pitching it, but that they were faster with the getting the “thing” done. Funniest moment in the entire episode…well the Asian Dad on the dogsled was pretty funny with his random comments and cheering.

Awww the Blonds ended up beating the Glee Boys, making the Glee Boys last. They missed their graduation and they missed NOT coming in last. They sang of their last place. Goodbye Conner and Jonathan. They were among my favorites and sadly one of the many teams that come in first one leg and then drop to dead, dead, dead last in the next leg. I’m sad.

These people are in such good spirits it’s just Amazing. Aside from the pissed off moment of not getting done as fast as the Jock wanted, the show was high in good spirits. Conner and Jonathan (The Glee Boys) skipped as they left the mat and they sang about being last. It was a very positive episode, oddly. I’m sad because they were fun and now they’re gone. I’m going to be sad next week. They’re all happy contestants. They don’t want to quit like the Black Hypo from Survivor.

I don’t know what the theme was this season for The Amazing Race, but apparently it was happy or positive or something like that. It’s weird that there hasn’t been a big angry moment. There have been little ones, but nothing major like previous seasons. I like it, hopefully the ratings like it too. Makes me want to sing the Ren and Stimpy song “Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.”

And to make this entry fun and to add a bit of throwback I give you:

Sadly no actual video of the cartoon, because all the ones I found on YouTube were annoying.

Until next time…

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