Amazing Race 17 - 10 Teams - E3 -- COME ON!!! Oh and never give up…

The ten teams stayed in Ghana and travel to another town. The heat was brutal for all. Nothing that a little singing and positive spirit wouldn’t cure. The Glee Boys sang to their cabbie about going faster. They used the phrase “That’s music to our ears” and they even laughed at their inability to find Ghana on the map in front of school children who were learning African geography in a simple school sitting. But no matter what they were doing (like the code that they figured out fast) they did it with high spirits. Which is why they have become the favorite for me to win, or at least cheer for. They are so dorky I can’t help but cheer for their advancement. Especially when they state things like, “In Phil we trust.” Ha ha. Gotta love ‘em.

Everyone has a reason to cheer for them, because no one is totally vile in how they play, just yet. The Tattoo couple had their moment this episode. He got frustrated with how she was not reading the clue right. Instead of reading it after she did to make sure, he’d rather get all pissy. Really? That’s what you say to someone you love? “You have no common sense in your body.” Really? That’s synonymous with love? I can almost give leeway with that, because this isn’t the Apprentice where they have great food and sleep, but then again…if you are in love you would NEVER say that to someone. I don’t care how stressed you are over the situation. Hell no. That’s not worth forgiving.

Later he does say he’s sorry and it sounded sincere, but so does some sorries from abusive people. I hope it’s not him. It, as I mentioned, was hot so she had trouble with her asthma during part of the task. He calmed down enough to help her through her asthma. That was loving, but he needs to focus on being supportive than aggressively pushing her to get the task done. It was great to see him be encouraging. That was the happy go lucky like couple that I enjoyed a few episodes back.

Now the TV Women are also worth cheering for. They’re so fun with the “Kiss for good luck” thing. They were upbeat the first part of the episode, that was until they forgot one of the wheelbarrows. They had to go back and they did not tell the YouTube Asians they had it wrong either. I wouldn’t share that information. Not necessary to help another team do a part of the task better if I couldn’t do it right first.

Nevertheless, how do you miss the clue telling you to take TWO wheelbarrows? Pair of wheelbarrows…plain as day that’s what it said. Gosh, people. COME ON.

The African geography I wouldn’t have been able to complete at all. I know that for sure. Ha ha. It took the Glee Boys a while. The Father/Daughter team got it almost right off the bat. So did the Doctors and YouTube Asians. That was great to see so many know where they were. I’d be embarrassed like the Tattoo Couple was.

The Doctors had so much trouble this episode with not having a great cabbie who knew where to go, to not figuring out the code and then not finding where the mat was. Almost as much trouble as the Jock and Cheerleader had with the castle. They eventually found it to be second to last.

Who came in first? The team that had no trouble the entire time, the Glee Boys. They said they’re going to use their $5,000 to buy maps of Africa. Haha, how can you not love them?

Many of the teams went to decipher the code. What they didn’t do was what? They don’t read about what they need to do. They need to understand that reading the clue is important. Come on…COME ON. COME ON…people…read. READ. REEEEAD. I don’t’ get it. I SING YOU PEOPLE PRAISES when I bash The Apprentice. You’re making me feel dumb for doing that now. READ THE CLUE…gosh. Come on…it’s right there on the wall. The code is on the wall and all of them had to walk past it to do the other task. Ridiculous.

GET ME ON THE AMAZING RACE RIGHT NOW! So I can embarrass myself.

Awww, Youtube Asians had a tough time with task because of the heat. The dad had to get medical treatment. Yes, I agree with the dad whole-heartedly that you should finish what you start. “I’m ready to be eliminated,” the dad said, but you never, ever know…it was nice of editors of The Amazing Race to give me that hope that maybe Youtube Asians would make it and it was the Doctors would be last, but the Doctors beat them to the mat. It’s okay. I enjoyed them while it lasted…but it IS A NON-ELIMINATION ROUND!!! And as I said it, so did Kevin, “That’s why you never give up.” Never give up, you never know what’s around the corner.

The awesome thing about this episode was that they are going to help spiffy up some of the schools they were in doing the geography, give them a face lift of sorts. Give back to the place they stopped in on for the Amazing Race. That’s fantastic. I love the giving back aspect of some of these shows. Every little bit helps in the end.

As I said, The Amazing Race doesn’t get too dramatic until the episodes start winding down. There was a little bit of drama in this episode with the Tattoo Couple, but it cooled off. It’s only a matter of time before someone else explodes. That’s why people watch Reality TV. It’s not because they expect people to work hard together, but they expect the watermelon smashes, the lack of common sense comments and missing reading the clues creating drama. It’s the entertainment factor. Sad, but true. I’d watch the Amazing Race even if it was just a bunch of positive racers, but a rating of 1 isn’t what they look for in keeping shows like this on the air.

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