Survivor Day 7-10 - Episode 3 - Black Hypo is Striving to be the Worst Human In Reality TV

Why, Survivor, do you have to open the show with one of your dumbest players in your history? She rivals Omawhorsa from Apprentice of weave and old.

Excuse me Black Hypo you’re such a HUGE hypocrite. It cannot be said enough. It will NEVER be said enough. You’re the faker. Knock on her head you’d hear a ghetto echo. Don’t think I should have to be nice to you cause you black. She’s an idiot. She goes on and on about Peg-Leg’s no leg. Seriously? Is she that much of a threat to you that you can’t stop talking about her? You’re like an atheist broken record. YES, thank you I know you don’t believe in God. Move along small one.

I use to think that being on the older tribe would be better, but after tonight, I take it back. I’d rather be on the younger tribe and the only reason is Surfer. He’s so weird and funny. Reminds me of Britney from Glee. Who doesn’t like him? Black Hypo. Why? Because she’s a negative woman who apparently didn’t get any before she showed up on that island.

I’m going to call the guy that pushes up his hair with the buff the Electrocuted Idiot. SHUT UP…you’re just jealous that Jimmy’s awesome cool and a far better leader than you will ever, ever, ever be. Haha. The Electrocuted Idiot looks like he has anime hair. He also looks like he’d have his own Dragon Balls hidden somewhere on his person, but that would mean he was powerful enough to have found all the Dragon Balls or be in possession of some. As far as I can see, he doesn’t seem like someone that has any balls. However, the balls he does have were fabricated by the pride he’s inflated with the hot air that travels out of that big hole in his face. That’s if I ignore the bigger hole leaking brain matter.

All the Electrocuted Idiot could do was talk about how he’s awesome and that anyone not listening to him was not awesome, but stupid for not listening to him. He and the Jolly Mean Giant are two terrible hypocrites. Redundant as that might be, it’s true. They have nothing on the Black Hypo, though. Nothing.

The Electrocuted Idiot decided to share he has the hidden immunity idol. Smart? Maybe…maybe that’s why people agreed to vote with him later on. I, personally, wouldn’t have done that.

At the challenge No Personality/Generic Blond Guy, who has no spine and would have been in the majority had he voted correctly, single handedly won the challenge for the younger tribe making me eat my words from last week when I said they wouldn’t win. Though the dynamic of the tribe got worse because they voted out Shannon, they still won and I was wrong. Who was useless on this challenge? Ball-less couldn’t toss a bag to save his life. His manhood is still in the grasp of Ursula and he might as well just use a jagged rock and turn eunuch, probably be more valuable after that.

The older tribe was ahead for a while. However, because Ticking Time Bomb (there’s something up with that man…he’s a threat that no one realizes yet) continued to miss one barrel over and over again and refused to jump out and let the Jolly Mean Giant try, they lost. Then they go back to camp and Jolly Mean Giant whines about not getting a chance to play. “I got talent” oh really? Toot your own horn more and more, please. Your self-interest is beautiful.

The younger tribe wins immunity and award and still has the MoP because they refused to use it. There was a hidden immunity clue in the fruit that they won. Peg-Leg saw it and so did Black Hypo. When they get back to their camp they practically fought over it, but Black Hypo totally turned ghetto monster on the white girl and yanked the clue out crushing the bananas. She acted as if she won the game by getting the clue. She doesn’t have enough synapses left in that chemical ridden head of hers to spark a unique thought that would actually give her the ability to solve that clue. That’s why she had to pull Ursula to the side and show her, cause she’s Asian and smarter and not ghetto.

Oh and this is good. Black Hypo takes the clue and puts it where? IN THE SOCKS THAT ARE NOT HERS. If I were Surfer, I’d be ganking those socks off her corn speckled feet and state that anything that touched it was mine. Making that clue, mine, but I’d allow her to keep her unattractive feet to herself. I’m that nice.

Before tribal council, the older people creaked around camp. I’d say run, but they don’t really run. Some of them would fall apart and turn to ash if they did. Who will we vote off? The guy that’s the best leader we have or the guy that has a bum knee? Oh we’ll vote off the best leader so that Jolly Mean Giant and the Electrocuted Idiot can fight over who’s the better leader. Yeah, great idea.

The Mob Boss, who has the bum knee, continued (toward the end) to stress how he was not weak. Not that he was strong, but he was not weak. Then they showed him sitting down and what happened? It took him half the day to sit. Not voting him off is as dumb as the time the tribe kept James after he injured his leg. Uh…so stupid.

During tribal, Jolly Mean Giant said that he was just getting real when he stated a number of who were the weakest. Nevertheless, he wasn’t real enough to call out the names of the people that are the weakest. Then he talks a big game to the camera but is afraid to say it out right. Where’s that bluntness you claim to have? You don’t even state the same thing to the camera as you state to the person you whine about. Now that Jimmy’s gone you and The Electrocuted Idiot are going to fight over who is the leader. It won’t bring anyone together. The two of you would come up short in brain cells in forming an idiot via IQ.

These people are so stupid. I would love to be on Survivor. I would love to see how far I could get. I’d be so sad if I didn’t make it to the merge, at least. I watched Jimmy this episode and he said it was the hardest thing he’s ever done including everything he’s done with football. Listening to these comments makes me wonder if I could even muster the strength to do it. I think I could, but I have a bit of doubt hearing what they state on the show. Just a little bit of doubt.

I like what Jimmy said after he was voted off about how he hopes they win a million dollars. He’s a nice guy. They screwed up so bad voting him out. Because as I said before, use them up before you get rid of them, and he had a lot of use left over. A lot.

The preview for next week has Black Hypo getting all up in the face of Peg-Leg and saying things that were just ridiculous. She even stated that she’d toss her leg in the fire. WHAT? If you tossed my leg in the fire, I’d take that rat nest off your head, toss it in the fire, and enjoy the explosion of chemicals like fireworks. No one, I don’t care what color you are, is protected from words if they go around being like this troll of an inhuman-being.

I hate people who think they’re entitled and this dumb carbon dioxide leaking idiot is one of them.


=) Until next time…The Caustic Survivor Fan has spoken.

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