The Social Network's Hype Machine

Sony is starting to screen "The Social Network."

The David Finchner-directed, Aaron Sorkin-scripted story of Facebook and the backstabbing that went on behind the scenes to make it the most popular social media site in the universe is scheduled to premiere on October 1st. However, select bloggers and critics that can help it move its word-of-mouth buzz forward are getting an early look at it.

Since Hollywood Dump's ranking in the social heirarchy of entertainment blogs is perhaps just a pubic hair higher than the stuff you scrape off the bottom of your shoe, we'll probably see it about the same time everyone else does, on opening day.

But as The Hollywood Reporter remarks, depending on where you look (and what age group you fit into) the target of the film changes:

"Sony wants it all: commercial results and artistic recognition. The studio declines to discuss the carefully orchestrated marketing campaign for the film, but clearly it's chasing the young audience, with spots on MTV emphasizing partying, bling and Justin Timberlake. For older audiences, it's being spun more as "Wall Street," with heavy reliance on quotes from positive reviews."
Sony is also positioning this film to generate Oscar buzz, which it may or may not fall flat on. Academy voting members are a tricky lot and if they think they are being pandered to, they may turn a cold shoulder to the entire project, which is why early buzz and word-of-mouth is so crucially important.

Early buzz seems to be very positive. Rolling Stone gives it 4 stars.

CHUD's Devin Faraci seemed to love it:
The Social Network is a big, chewy movie, one that is about so many things and has so many things to say. It's dense and deep and often delightful. It's a great film not just about the founding of Facebook, not just about living in the modern digital age, but also about the very impetus for creativity. In the end The Social Network is a movie about why we invent things.

Former Nine Inch Nails front man (god I hate that expression) Trent Reznor has scored the music for the film and has released five tracks for free on his website. "Musically, this all came out of our secret laboratory" Trent says. "Electronic in basis, but mostly organic sounding. Lots of experiments and emphasis on sound fraying around the edges while focusing on the proper emotional tone for the various scenes."  I've had a chance to listen to the tracks and it seems clear to me that they are definitely "Reznor-esque" if you are a fan of Trent's work, you can easily tell his influence on the score. The music is haunting, dark, slightly deconstructed - all trademarks of the Reznor sound. It will be interesting to see how they are applied in the film. To download and listen to the five free tracks, go here.

So come October 1st, I'll be throwing down my greenbacks with the rest of the unwashed masses and packing into the sticky floored theater near me and deciding for myself if the film is worth the hype or not. I've been interested in the project since I first heard about it last year and Im hoping for some serious greatness. But Im also not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking. Can it pack the punch it needs to knock over the Oscar voters?  I guess we'll all see soon enough.

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J_Jammer said...

I downloaded it. I'm going to be one of the first on Last.Fm to scrobble it. No, that doesn't matter...but I wanted to say it.

I am liking what I'm hearing...but then I think about is it better than Inspection's soundtrack? Then I think not quite, but maybe it'll grow on me.

I do like the trailers. I haven't seen the MTV ones, though. They trailers make me want to see it. I love those kind...especially when it's a movie I don't normally care to want to see. It could also be because I like the actor that is featured.

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