“Easy A” Witty Teenager Foray

Genres: Comedy
Running Time: 1 hr. 32 min.
Release Date: September 17th, 2010 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for mature thematic elements involving teen sexuality, language and some drug material.
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing

Director: Will Gluck

JJ Rating: A+

See Again: Yes!
Own It: YES!
Recommend It To: OHYES…sorry…those that like to say yes a lot and enjoy themselves will surely laugh while watching Easy A.

Olive (Emma Stone) is use to standing alone. Soon she stands completely alone with only an A as a friend and gossip forming the coattails she giggles as she rides day after day at school. Then the gossip bites back and she feels the without and soon realizes it’s not only un-easy but not fun any more. Easy A.

Easy A is a wonderfully played witty film with heart, fun and joy all wrapped up into one tight corset. Stone was the corner of the entire film. She held it up from beginning to end without a single problem. Her great timing, great smile, pretty face, witty demeanor, sarcastic tone, facial expressions wrapped all together with her great gestures made her perfect for this role. No other actress could have taken what she did and make it as fantastically great. Totally and utterly solid. *Whisper* and why not nominate her for an Oscar. Little ones get nominated for far smaller roles joke intended. /whisper. Sandra Bullock will stop doing films to do more behind the scenes things, I’m sure. She’s already started doing that and with her son and the unnecessary public demise of her relationship it will happen quicker. I’ll miss her, but Stone can take her place. She’s already wiggled her way into that spot a few movies ago.

I use to watch “Gossip Girl” and Penn Badgley was one of my favorite actors on that show mainly because he’s got a great presence and is an average looking cool guy. He has this entire persona of “that doesn’t bother me” that he wears like a really cool vest. In Easy A he is the fun, distracted guy that doesn’t allow the gossip to interfere with what he thinks of Olive. Amanda Bynes is the crazed Christian and she is crazed. She has that whacked out look with those wide eyes she used so often in her Nickelodeon days. For her last stint as an actress she left on a pretty high note. Her and Stone have great vs. chemistry. I knew every time they were in the same room together some witty exchange would happen, and I was never disappointed. Dan Byrd played the guy she fake-sexed to make people believe he’s not gay for a moment. He did good job with the begging…the whining or begging depending on how you look at it. Oh and their scene together to fake-sex was great. Haha.

Now I move on to the older actors. Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci played Olive’s parents. They were easily as witty as she with their roles and funny, funny pair. I loved them, though I cringed when Olive cringed when her mother went into sexual history, but that’s what children don’t want to hear…parent sex. They’ll hear about other parents’ sex, just not theirs. It’s hypocritical, sure, but totally understandable. Thomas Hayden Church and Lisa Kudrow both did a good job. Kudrows over exaggerated nature made the roll a bit funnier and Church’s overly calm and subdued delivery made his lines funnier. Director Gluck did a very good job and should be very proud, that’s for sure.

I love every single scene. EVERY single scene was witty, ingenious and totally a great throwback to 80’s, by bowing to the Master of Teenage films (Rob Reiner) of the time (or all time) a few times. I wanted to just leave and buy the film right away. What other movies have I done that with this year? Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Iron Man 2. Can’t think of any more…at this moment. Personally based on how well it was done it should have been number one this weekend. The story is way solid and more believable than The Town. I won’t get tired of doing that…ever.

Speaking of believable I read a bit of a review from someone online that said something about how there wouldn’t be a teenager like her. Do I need to post links to three year olds that can sing? To five year olds that can play the ukulele? To other five year olds that can play the piano so well they can make their OWN music? Why is it so believable that there are children that can do all that and idiot savant that can remember what they did ten years ago on this day verbatim, but so unbelievable that a teenager would be witty, wise and hilarious?

Easy A is easily one of the best films of the year and yes it stands head and shoulders times a billion over The Town. Don’t make me turn the stubborn on. So much complaining about how there is nothing that takes something old and puts a different spin on it. Easy A takes something old, spins it and makes it shine. The Town takes something old, makes it worse and it sells…why? So if you like to be told what movie to see, pay to see Easy A and sneak a peak at boring, but I’ve warned you twice now. How could you say no to a witty teenager foray? I couldn’t.

I write like: J. D. Salinger

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