“Devil” A Quick Thrill

Genres: Suspense/Horror and Thriller
Release Date: September 17th, 2010
MPAA Rating: PG-13 for violence and disturbing images, thematic material and some language including sexual references.
Distributors: Universal Pictures

Director: John Erick Dowdle, Drew Dowdle

JJ Rating: B+

See It Again: Maybe.
Own It: Most likely not.
Recommend It To: Those willing to take a chance on him again and most won’t be disappointed.

There’s some sort of story about the Devil and how he comes to Earth after a suicide and judges people for their wrongs. He just so happens to pick an elevator with five people in it and starts to bring about a bloody hell of a slaughter of persons via weapons and secrets. Devil.

OHNOSE it’s M. Night Shyamalan run, hide and whine. Personally his creative mind intrigues me. I love people who don’t produce and direct films like The Town and at least try to think outside the box. Yes he doesn’t seem to have that flare that people loved about him with The Six Sense, but to me I think he still has the same mentality, just not the right trigger. Things like Inception should be embraced. Things like The Town shouldn’t. There’s no need to retell stories in a more boring way that have already been told before in a less boring, but still boring way.

I love that the people in the elevator didn’t even have names. Mechanic, Old Woman, Young Woman, Salesman, Guard…it’s fun. They could just die and there wouldn’t be any care, and yet there is because the actors did a great job. Horror films are hard to gauge on acting, so when someone said there was no outstanding acting I rolled my eyes. There is a scene when two of the people on the elevator are going try and get rid of the other to live. That scene is very powerful because of the acting, the camera angle, the tension and the suspense. It was very gritty. Eighty minutes is very, very short for a film, but it moved. It moved from the moment the credits started to the very end when the reveal happened. It did not stop. Though I figured most of the deaths out and how it might end (a little late on the ending…just mere moments before I was told) I still had fun because the story was entertaining.

Going into seeing Devil I didn’t think much of it. With the RottonTomatoes vote putting it at half and half and the bad mouthing he was getting from every direction from those that probably like The Town (totally discrediting them) I didn’t have high hopes. I don’t really have high hopes for many films. It was good I didn’t have a set standard that was set so high I’d be disappointed in God himself.

The stand out actor to me was Logan Marshall-Green. He has that look that you want to trust him, but he has that sparkle in his eye that warns you that it might not be a smart idea. He did a great job with his role. I couldn’t imagine being in a square of an elevator for a duration of 95% of filming. I’m not claustrophobic, but thinking about it makes me feel that way. I understand that it isn’t really boxed-in, but as an actor there’s not a lot of movement allowed within that small space and you’re confined. You have to make due. That is what made me interested in seeing Devil from the get go.

I go to a writing group once a week. We read pages from our work and people sit there and say what they like and don’t like. Of course my problems stem from grammar more than content. I think that M. Night Shyamalan needs his own writing group that reads what he writes and tells him what’s good and what’s not. Even though I don’t take everything they tell me about what I write and use it, I do see a lot of new ways of writing what I have in a more interesting manner that will appeal to more people. I go to a writing group with older people than me. My book is YA (young adult) and they don’t always get what’s going on, but they have good suggestions. I think that all writers should have a group of friends or acquaintances that read what they write and go…WHAT THE HELL? And WOW that was good. He is very creative and I would hate for him to go away because no one wants to take a chance on him any more. So if he just got a group like together I think he’ll be even more successful.

Devil was a very good thriller. I jumped a few times, mainly because of a girl that was screaming in the audience. I slightly sat on the edge of my seat. It was an enjoyable time because the thrilling aspect and the smarts that the ending had. It held a moral that many people hardly ever grasp and I loved it. I already hate elevators because of human proximity and fear I’ll get stuck. It hasn’t happened yet…but maybe it will and it won’t be as thrilling as Devil.

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